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  1. Why We Love Promotional Beanies?

    Promotional beanies are fantastic products. We love them because they are extremely comfortable, easy to customise, and great for marketing your brand. Here are the reasons why we love promotional beanies!


    Beanies are incredibly comfortable headwear. Our beanies are made from cotton and polyester to ensure optimal wearability. You can wear our beanies on your head for extended periods of time and remain warm and snug. The beanies have a soft feel even after multiple washes. Get yourself a beanie for any occasion and keep cosy. 

    Easy to Customise

    Beanies are incredibly easy to customise with your brand or logo. Decoration occurs through screen printing or embossing. This means we can embed your logo into the beanie, so it is always visible to people passing by. Choose a beanie colour that contrasts with your brand to get the be the best visibility. Get our staff to help you choose the best decoration method to get the best promotional effect. 

    Great for Marketing

    Promotional beanies are excellent marketing products. Whenever someone wears your beanie, they are showcasing your brand. This means that every time they go out for a walk in the cool autumn weather wearing your beanie, they are displaying your brand. Anyone that crosses the wearer will see your brand name! Talk about easy promotion.

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  2. Unique Personalised Gifts for Autumn

    Autumn is right around the corner so why not get your clients, employees, friends, and family a new gift! Here are our unique personalised gift recommendations for Autumn.

    Light Show Promotional Bulk Umbrellas

    Autumn can oftentimes be a rainy season. So why not get a light show promotional bulk umbrella. These umbrellas feature a rigid frame and a unique LED light-up system. Even during the night or in the darkness you will always be able to see the way with this umbrella. More importantly, everyone will see your brand name! Emblazon this umbrella today and gift it to all.

    Striped Custom Beanies

    To prepare your clients, employees, friends, and family for the Autumn season, get them striped custom beanies. These cute beanies are casual, comfortable, and will keep your head warm. They come in a variety of colours that will certainly complement your brand or logo. The beanies also feature a rollback design making them extra stylish. Who wouldn’t want a beanie this slick as a gift?

    Double Wall Atlantic Mug

    Keep your drinks hot in Autumn with these double-wall Atlantic mugs. These premium mugs feature an insulated wall that regulates the temperature of drinks. The brands only come in silver and can hold 443ml of fluid. Decorate these mugs with your brand or logo and benefit your organisation's marketing. But more importantly, get these mugs as a gift. People will literally be holding your brand!

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  3. Promotional Products for Mail Outs

    Promotional Products for Mail Outs

    Mail out gifts are a great way to get your brand known. Especially in light of COVID, send out a nice present to your clients, staff, friends, or family and have your brand shine. Here are our top promotional products for mail outs.

    Letter Mailer Printed Vases

    These premium letter mailer printed vases are perfect to ship out to clients, staff, friends, or family. These vases are made from soft PVC shatterproof material and come in a white envelope. This is the perfect alternative for an expensive fragile glass vase. You can easily decorate the vase itself with your brand or logo. Get this emblazoned today!

    Custom Printed Air Fresheners

    Send out these custom printed air fresheners in your next mail campaign. These air fresheners can be used in the office, at home, or even in a car! These items come in a variety of designs and can be decorated via digital sublimation to ensure your brand or logo pops. Get this as a gift for your next promotional campaign.

    Cheap Printed Stubby Coolers

    To make sure your staff, clients, friends, and family enjoy a cold beverage, mail out these cheap printed stubby coolers. These stubby coolers easily fold and can be sent out in an envelope. This is a thoughtful and useful gift that can be appreciated by all. Coupled with your brand name, this is a fantastic means of promotion!

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  4. Custom Beach Gifts for Summer

    Custom Beach Gifts for Summer

    Beach summer gifts are an easy way to give back to your staff, clients, friends, and family whilst getting your brand name out there. Here are great custom beach gift options for summer.

    Personalised Nylon Mesh Caps

    One summer essential is this personalised nylon mesh cap. This sweet hat is made from 100% polyester meaning it is extremely breathable and comfortable. You can wear this out in the summer sun for many hours whilst protecting your face. Get this cap as a present for your staff, clients, friends, and family. Coupled with your unique brand or logo, you will get easy promotion this summer!

    Promotional Lazy Beach Chairs

    Kick back on the beach or in the park in summer with these promotional lazy beach chairs. This is essential for any summer activity and is one that will be loved by all. The chairs are made from nylon and a sturdy metal frame. The chairs are easily portable to any location! These chairs can also be emblazoned with your brand name. Grab a set for your staff, clients, friends, and family this summer!

    Customised Products Summer Kit

    Go the extra mile this summer and gift your staff, clients, friends, and family this customised products summer kit. Why get one gift when you can give three. This summer kit features a large cotton tote bag, a 600ml water bottle with mister spray, and a sleek pair of sunglasses. This is the perfect summer set that can be enjoyed by all. Coupled with your brand name this is a great gift to have your brand remembered. 

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  5. Personalised Picnic Products

    Personalised Picnic Products

    Picnics are great for enjoying the nice weather with friends and family. But you know what else is better, getting your brand the recognition it deserves! Here are our favourite personalised picnic products.

    Colourful Logo Decorated Picnic Blankets

    A picnic is not quite right unless you have a comfy blanket. Our colourful logo decorated picnic blankets are perfect for sitting or laying on. They can fit multiple people and provide great protection from the ground. You can carry these blankets around anywhere as they can be folded up into a bag. We feature a variety of colours and patterns so make sure you choose a blanket that complements your brand!

    Promotional Florida Picnic Coolers

    On your next picnic, bring along this promotional Florida picnic cooler. This portable esky is great for moving your drinks whilst keeping them cold. It is made of 600D polyester and has a metal handle for easy carrying. Once it is empty, it can also be folded down to conserve space. Decorate this product with your brand and stand out at your next picnic.

    Folding Outdoor Stool with Logo Decoration

    If you are picnicking on rough terrain, you will need this folding outdoor stool with logo decoration. This simple yet effective chair is a must for all picnics and adventures. The chair is foldable and portable so you can take it with you wherever you go. It can withstand 100KG and is manufactured from 600D polyester. Coupled with your unique brand or logo, everyone will remember your name at the picnic!

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  6. Branded Gifts for the Great Outdoors

    Branded Gifts for the Great Outdoors

    Everyone knows that marketing is best achieved when you can wear your product outdoors. Take this one step further and offer branded gifts to your clients, staff, friends, and family. Here are our top branded gifts for the great outdoors

    Logo Emblazoned Outdoorsman Backpacks

    These logo emblazoned outdoorsman backpacks are perfect for any adventure. They are made from high-quality polyester and feature a front zippered pocket with two inside compartments. This outdoorsman backpack even has space for a laptop or tablet! This means you can go for an outdoor adventure before heading off to the office. Get this bag emblazoned with your brand for endless promotion!

    600ml Logo Branded Delaney Bottles

    Nothing is more important when you are outside than this 600ml logo branded Delaney bottle. Keeping hydrated is essential throughout the day and you can easily ensure this with this spectacular drink bottle. This item is made from aluminium with a sleek and modern feel. It also has a secure lid to prevent slips. Decorate this bottle with your unique brand or logo for effective mobile marketing.

    Promotional Polarised Sport Sunglasses

    Keep the sun out of your eyes with these hip promotional polarised sport sunglasses. This designer eyewear has a tinted lens with UV 400 protection. These glasses are portable and can be worn on many occasions with various outfits. The product comes in a rubber-coated poach for protection with a cleaning cloth. Get your name printed on these glasses and turn heads when you walk the corner!

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  7. Budget Promotional Product Ideas

    Budget Promotional Product Ideas

    Finding a promotional product can be difficult when on a budget. Fortunately for you, we offer a variety of premium products for a fraction of the price to ensure your brand gets the attention it deserves. Here are our favourite budget promotional product ideas.

    Customised Budget Power Banks

    These customised budget power banks are perfect to help elevate your marketing campaign. They are smart, portable, and useful for anyone with a phone! They have a micro-USB cable to directly charge your phone. They also hold 2200 mAh to ensure your phone is juiced to the max whilst you are out and about. Get the body of the charger decorated with your brand name to remind people of your lending hand.

    Budget Promotional Tote Bag

    Budget promotional tote bags are an easy and affordable way of marketing your brand. These basic cotton tote bags are eco-friendly and can be used for a variety of occasions like shopping or doing the groceries. They are made from natural materials and can be easily decorated to showcase your brand and logo. The handles are also comfortable, and the bag is durable for long trips. Get this emblazoned today for easy promotion.

    Summit Branded Multi Tool

    If you are truly looking to get your brand known check out this quirky summit branded multi tool. Think outside the box and get your patrons and clients a promotional gift that anyone can use. This multi tool features 13 functioning stainless steel accessories that can be used in a variety of situations. More importantly, this item can be branded through laser engraving and will be kept with the receiver wherever they go. This means constant mobile branding. Get it decorated with your name today!

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  8. Why Choose Custom Calico Bags?

    Why Choose Custom Calico Bags?

    Custom calico bags are an ideal means of promoting your brand. They are lightweight, comfortable, customisable, and inexpensive. Carry your brand with you wherever you go. Here are the reasons why you should custom calico bags.

    Lightweight and Comfortable

    Calico bags are made from an airy fabric making them lightweight and comfortable when carrying. This material makes these bags great for grocery shopping and carriage. It is important to have a bag with you that does not strain your arms and shoulders. So, reward your clients, staff, friends, and family with these great bags.

    Popular options include: Brandable Folding Calico Bags and Short Handle Promotional Cotton Bag

    Highly Customisable and Inexpensive

    Our calico bags are easily customisable to ensure that your bag reflects your brand. We offer several means of decoration, from the way it is printed, colours used and much more. Our bags are also inexpensive making them an economical purchase!

    Favourite products include: Custom Branded Library Bags and Bulk Buy Printed Library Satchels

    Great Means of Marketing

    Calico bags are a great means of promotion and marketing since your patrons will carry these bags and your brand with them wherever they go. Every passer-by on the street will see your brand and remember it. This is why calico bags are also fantastic items to giveaway at festivals and conventions.

    Trendy options include: Logo Emblazoned Cotton Backsacks Paros and Natural Colour Custom Printed Bags

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  9. Promotional Gift Ideas for Winter

    Promotional Gift Ideas for Winter

    Winter has just started so it is essential that your brand is equipped with the right tools for effective marketing. Take this opportunity to get some promotional gifts to give back to your staff, clients, friends, and family. Here are our favourite promotional gift ideas for winter.

    Winter Silver Custom Flasks

    During the cold season, having a thermal bottle is key. Check out these winter silver custom flasks to solve all your hydration problems. This stainless-steel bottle is made for everyday use. It is odour free, stain resistant and easy to wash. It also features an insulated wall to regulate the temperature of your drinks as well as push-button to create a portable cup. Decorate this with your brand and hand it out during the winter season for endless promotion.

    Fleecy Branded Blankets

    Everyone loves to cosy up the night-time, especially during winter. So, get these fleecy branded blankets to ensure that everyone stays warm. These blankets are great for indoor and outdoor occasions. They are made from nylon and are 1.5x1.2m wide! You can easily decorate this quilt with your unique brand or logo. This would make a great gift for picnics, outdoor outings, or vacations to winter resorts.

    Bogut Lambswool Blend Scarf

    Scarves are a staple during the winter season. Our Bogut lambswool blend scarves are your saviour during that arctic wind. This scarf is made from a blend of lambswool and acrylic. It features a traditional herringbone combination to ensure it is stylish yet effective. It comes in a variety of colours that can all be easily customised with your brand or logo. This scarf is a fantastic gift for all and is guaranteed to benefit your brand. It even comes in a smart gift box!

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  10. Why Choose Promotional Winter Apparel

    Why Choose Promotional Winter Apparel

    Winter is a great time to give your marketing campaign a boost. Clothes and stylish apparel are perfect to showcase your brand so here are the top three reasons why you should choose promotional winter apparel this year.

    Warm and Comfortable

    It comes as no surprise that during the winter period you want to stay warm and comfortable. Our promotional winter apparel is guaranteed to keep you cosy without being a burden. We offer a wide variety of jackets, hoodies, jumpers, sweatshirt, fleeces, beanies, and gloves, to ensure that you stay warm in the chilly season.

    Stylish and Trendy

    Despite being promotional apparel, our winter range is very stylish. We offer modern and in-fashion clothes that can be worn on various occasions. Feel free to scroll through the endless garments (like best-selling branded hoodies) to see what suits you and your winter events. We are sure that there will be something that you can’t stay away from!

    Great for Marketing

    People say apparel is fantastic for promotion because it acts as a mobile form of marketing. Your customers, clients, friends, and family will all be literally wearing your brand. It does not get much better than that! Moreover, if onlookers see the warm and stylish clothes, plus your brand, they may be more inclined to remember your name or even pick up a piece themselves. Perfect for this time of year we recommend trying promotional jackets!

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