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  1. Top Promotional Trends for 2020

    Top Promotional Trends for 2020

    Trends in promotion change every year. It is crucial that your brand stays on top of these shifts and markets your brand in the best way possible. Luckily for you, we know how these trends will change, so, we’ve compiled a list of the top three promotional methods to look out for this year!

    Eco-Friendly and Environmentally Positive Items

    Climate change has begun to shift the way society operates. From major businesses to your local supermarket, everyone is actively trying to change their habits to benefit the environment. So,

    what are you waiting for? Make a difference through our eco-friendly promotional items to send a positive message about your brand and inspire a trend of environmental protection and conservation in 2020!

    Product Ideas: Bamboo Coffee Cups; Portable Metal Straws; Recycled Paper Notebooks; Cotton Tote Bags.

    Durable and Long-Lasting Items

    Everyone loves a useful item and especially one that you can use over and over again. More importantly, such items sustain your name for a longer period of time, meaning more people will see and be reminded of your brand. Investing in a durable item will pay dividends for your brand and shows you care about your clients or employees.

    Product Ideas: Silver Metal Ruler; Leather Custom Card Holders; Gel Mousepads; Skyfall Power Bank.

    Quirky and Fun Items

    Take promotion to the next level in 2020 and stray away from traditional marketing goods. Research shows that unique products actually leave a greater impression on your clients, meaning your brand will be fondly remembered for its distinctive nature. These types of items are guaranteed to lift the mood of the room and take your brand to new heights.

    Product Ideas: Promotional Cow Spring; Soccer Maracas; Mini Basketball Game; Large Cow Bell.

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  2. Personalised Gifts for Christmas 2019

    Personalised Gifts for Christmas 2019

    Now is the time for festivities and celebration. Christmas is just a few weeks away meaning you need to get your presents sorted now! People often find Christmas shopping difficult for co-workers, employees and clients, but it doesn’t need to be. Below we’ve listed our top recommendations of types of gifts you can give out this Christmas.

    Useful and Practical Branded Items

    Novel gifts are great but have you ever considered getting your customers, clients, friends or family something they can use in their daily life. An item that provides some real benefit goes a long way. We recommend getting something that not only benefits the recipient but also your brand, and through our decoration techniques, this can still be Christmas themed!

    Product Ideas: Charles Dickens Swarovski Crystal Pens, Corporate Branded Brass Letter Openers, Customised Tea Glass Gift Sets.

    Sustainable Goods to Help the Environment

    Make a difference this Christmas and shift to gifting eco-friendly products. Environmental concern is always at the backs of people’s minds and this time of year is a great way to bring awareness to this global issue. A large portion of our products are ethically sourced, produced with longevity in mind and designed to be biodegradable. People really respect your effort in helping the environment and this can pay dividends for your brand image.

    Product Ideas: Bamboo Coffee Cups, Essence Bamboo Desk Buddy, Portable Metal Straws.

    Technological Products are the Future

    Technology has become increasingly important in our lives. We use it virtually 24-7, making it the perfect promotional gift. It appeals to everyone and is valued by all ages. Whether it be some headphones to listen to music, a power bank to keep your phone alive, or a USB to transfer data, these tech products will always come in handy. Consider going digital this Christmas!

    Product Ideas: Angel Bluetooth Printed Speakers, Logo Branded Tablet Case, Digital Silicon Watch.

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  3. Spring and Summer Promotional Swag Trends

    Spring and Summer Promotional Swag Trends

    Australia is heating up, which means it's time to start getting your marketing merchandise organised for spring and summer events, campaigns, and giveaways. Not sure where to start? Don't worry; we've got some tips for selecting the right custom products for your warm-weather campaign.

    Lightweight Items are Winners

    Nobody wants to carry around cumbersome products at the best of times, but during spring and summer, there's nothing worse than lugging something heavy around -- even if it's a useful item. That's why we suggest looking at lightweight promotional products that are easy to carry, feature breathable material where possible, and feel like a treat to have with you rather than a burden.

    Product Ideas: Promotional calico bags, custom mesh caps, colourful sports drink bottles.

    Single Colour Logos Are All The Rage

    The trend we're seeing in promotional products this season is that a lot of businesses are ditching the full-colour digital prints and opting for simple, one-colour designs instead. While a lot of this depends on your logo and the message you want to convey, we think there's going to be a lot of stylish single colour designs at expos and conferences through spring and summer.

    Product Ideas: Promotional flying discs, non-woven tote bags, logo printed squishy stress toys.

    You Can't Beat Eco-Friendly Gifts

    One trend we're not seeing change at all in the past 12-18 months is the increased demand for eco-friendly promotional products. Eco-friendly can mean items made from recycled or ethically sourced materials, reusable long-term use goods, products made to biodegrade in the right conditions, and gifts made from natural fibres like calico or wood. We all want to lessen our impact on the planet, so these items and your organisation will do its bit by investing in eco-friendly products rather than single-use objects.

    Product Ideas: Recycled Paper Logo Notepads, bamboo blend eco mugs, bamboo pens and pencils.

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  4. The Best Ways to Wear Your Brand

    The Best Ways to Wear Your Brand

    Promoting your brand can often be a difficult task. Practical items may be too small or not noticeable enough. For this reason, we believe wearing your brand is the number one way of getting people to consciously and subconsciously take note of your name. Here are the best ways to wear your brand.

    1. Promotional Caps and Visors

    Logo branded caps and visors are the staples for brand recognition. Headwear is worn throughout virtually every season of the year, meaning it is a regular form of marketing. More importantly, when talking with someone, your face/head is the first thing that people see meaning your brand or logo will instantly come to their attention!

    2. Custom Branded Sunglasses and Eyewear

    What better way to complement your promotional cap than with some branded eyeglasses? Eyewear has the same applicability as headwear but is lightweight and puts a trendy tweak on promotion. These are great for indoor, outdoor, sporting and work-related activities. You would be remised if you did not pair your promotional caps with sunglasses.

    3. Casual and Workwear Apparel

    The last and most obvious means of promotion is through shirts and jackets. Strapping your name across a jacket is a great way to get noticed. Similarly, neatly placing your logo on a business shirt is also bound to get people talking. One of our most popular options is a classically embroidered promotional polo shirt. The permutations here are endless and wearing your brand is certainly the most effective means of promotion.

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  5. Top 4 Promotional Stationery Items

    Top 4 Promotional Stationery Items

    Stationery items are often an overlooked yet fantastic means of promotion. As these products are used by people on a daily basis, this is the best way of literally getting your brand into the hands of people. Depending on your place of business or education, our top 4 promotional stationery items will get you the best marketing for your brand!

    Custom Branded Highlighters

    In a business, education or domestic context, promotional highlighters are an essential tool for note-taking or emphasis. A popular choice is the Triangle Printed Highlighter which offers 3-in-1 functionality. Don’t worry about needing different colours with this nifty product. By emblazoning your name on these versatile markers, multiple individuals will be exposed to your brand on a daily basis.

    Premium Corporate Promotional Pens

    Pens are a staple advertising product due to their universal use. No one can say that they do not need a pen! We use pens every day so there is no better item to bear your name on it. The Diplomat Ballpoint Pen is a sophisticated take on a corporate pen which emphasises your professionalism. The carbon fibre and lacquered barrel create a crisp finish that is just asking for your logo. Such pens are also great as a gift at corporate events or presents for staff, clients, friends or family.

    Personalised Folders

    Even though paper is slowly being phased out by society, important documents still require hard copies and accordingly a secure housing. Our A4 Matt or Glossy Presentation Folders are the ideal method of securing documents. With the ability for full-colour print on the front or back, and vertical or horizontal business card slits, this highly customisable folder is a fantastic way of getting your brand out there.

    Logo Emblazoned Paper Clips

    Paper clips are a quirky and fun yet essential organisational tool for an effective work environment. These items pair well with our personalised folders to leave an everlasting impression of promotion for your brand. The House Memo Clip is a unique way of note-taking whilst structuring your documents. Labelling or grouping your documents can often be difficult so this special memo paper clip might just be your answer! More importantly, its mobility and widespread use will ensure your brand gets the recognition it deserves.

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  6. 5 Best Promotional Products for Winter

    5 Best Promotional Products for Winter

    With winter just a week away, it is prime time to huddle around the fire and sip on some hot chocolate. People typically favour the summertime as they do not have the appropriate clothing or items to get them through this chilly season. But you should take this opportunity to change their opinion and get your name out there at the same time. Here are our top picked items for promotional branding this winter!

    Winter Corporate Gift Ideas

    Branded Thermal Mugs: are perfect to keep your drinks warm when you decide to brave the crisp winter day. More importantly, the mobility to take these thermal mugs wherever you go offers a fantastic means of marketing.

    Personalised Hoodies and Jumpers: are the best option to keep your body warm not only during winter but all year round! This custom apparel is not only useful but also stylish. These hoodies and jumpers are great for a marketing campaign or just offer as a gift to your employees, clients, friends or family.

    Promotional Beanies: are a great way to ensure your head is warm whilst also offering a means of constant promotion. Our beanies are designed to be durable so you will definitely be able to wear these beanies for many years to come. And let’s not forget these beanies are a great fashion statement.

    Custom Printed Scarves and Gloves: are a less common clothing item as the hands and neck are often overlooked. However, gloves and scarves are essential for the upcoming winter to protect you from the cold as well as sickness. We even offer gloves that are compatible with your touchphones so you can still take great pictures in your stylish scarves and gloves.

    Logo Printed Hand Sanitizer: is necessary for the wintertime due to the number of people bunching in up in public places. To keep yourself germ-free why not carry around a convenient custom hand sanitizer. Be sure to gift this to people in your office as well as friends and family as no one likes to get sick, especially not in winter!

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  7. Guide to Promotional Gift Giving

    Guide to Promotional Gift Giving

    Receiving a gift or freebie is always nice. It makes you feel special and gives that “something for nothing” triumphant feeling. But what can make that gift go from nice to fantastic?

    Selecting a Promotional Gift

    When selecting the type of merchandise to provide you should first think about what is valued and meaningful to your receivers.

    Product Value

    Value doesn’t just mean the price of the product; it includes both intrinsic and extrinsic value. A good understanding of your target market can be used to brainstorm ideas for what is important here. One example would be the perceived value of merchandise branded with a company that is important or relatable to the individual; think about the amount of money spent on a famous sports team’s merchandise every season. This could mean being selective of who receives customised merchandise and identifying those who value your brand for deepening loyalty.  Another approach to increasing value is to customise merchandise to the individual as well as your brand. This could be their name, their team, the team’s moto; anything that enhances the intrinsic value for the receiver. These are just two examples, but every brand and promotional strategy is different so think specific.

    Meaningful Gifts

    Giving meaningful gifts is vital for the effectiveness of personalised merchandise. Consider general concepts like if it is useful for the individual and if it aligns to their self-perception. Looking broadly at millennials as an example, reusable eco-friendly coffee cups made from recyclable materials are a good example of a truly meaningful gift. This can be used every day (possibly many times) and align to the ethical views and therefore self-perception of many in this generation. Looking to go the extra mile? Deliver merchandise individually with a personalized note; everyone likes to feel special, and these positive feelings will be attached to the merchandise and thus your brand.

    The Effects of Giving Personalised Gifts

    The thought may have crossed your mind; why are we doing this anyway? You see companies giving out branded merchandise on a regular basis but what are the benefits of doing this? Gift giving promotes positive feelings towards your brand, increases liking, triggers the desire to reciprocate and, if your merchandise is used, encourages receivers to commit to your brand over others when there is a purchase choice.

    Happiness in Gift Giving

    There are many effects of gift giving which cumulate in positive emotions such as happiness. Okay, but why do we need happy customers? Happy customers are more receptive to recommendations and more likely to say “yes” to signing up to a newsletter, making a purchase, committing to a subscription, and more. Simply, they will associate happiness with your brand.

    Enhancing Your Image

    Receiving a gift increases your liking for the giver. This is the same for merchandise; free stuff equals liking of the person and the company you receive items from. This liking increases the desire to agree and say “yes” to proposals. The receiver is likely to feel friendly and good-natured towards the person or brand and wants that feeling to be mutual. It is good to remember that people are hardwired to build friendships and social connections which come from liking.


    The best way to understand the phenomenon of reciprocity is to think of an example when you have consciously or unconsciously been subject to it (and trust me, it’s all of us!). Think of a time when someone has bought you something, whether you wanted it or not, and you have nothing to give back. It feels awkward and, even if you try to turn down the gift, they will often insist meaning you feel even worse. This often ends with the conscious or unconscious desire to give or do something in return, even if you didn’t want the gift. Weird right? Society dictates the correct response to receiving is giving, and for most of us, this is hard to ignore. For merchandise this means that if you give, say a free pen, the receiver will feel motivated to do something in return; in this case sign up, make a purchase, or at very least smile at you!


    People like to identify with a brand or group and commit to this choice to appear consistent. Consistency is a cornerstone of social interaction as it affects others’ perceptions of you. If you can get a potential customer using branded merchandise daily, they are more likely to choose your brand over others. Even better, if this product is seen by others, this reinforces the desire to appear consistent in front of work colleagues and/or friends. Nobody likes a flake!

    So, what does this all mean to you?

    Pick the right branded merchandise, and your business can capitalise on all the benefits of gift giving. Want to increase customer loyalty? Merchandise! Want to develop your employees’ identification with their team and leadership? Merchandise! Want to reach out to a new customer base? Merchandise!

    We all love a freebie, and now you know how that helps you!

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  8. Best Promotional Products for 2019

    Best Promotional Products for 2019

    We're already a month into 2019 which means here at Promotional Items we're starting to get a good idea about trending products for the year. So far, it looks like a lot of classic products are drawing attention with modern looks. Start your next round of marketing right with our range of best-selling custom merchandise featuring your logo branding.

    Custom Products Australians Love

    Branded Calico Bags: Aussies can't get enough of these bags which are just as sturdy as non-woven products, but made from eco-friendly calico material which is produced naturally. As a country, we're starting to do away with products that aren't great for the environment, which means we've seen a surge in calico bag interest from companies wanting to improve the sustainability of their marketing range. See the Westfield branded bag to your left -- this is the future of shopping bags in Australia!

    Promotional Drink Bottles: We've been in the grip of a terrible heat wave here Down Under this month, which means that staying hydrated has become a real priority for people across the country. Our range of reusable, BPA-free drink bottles is ideal for handing out at sporting events, tradeshows, or expos because recipients can use them straight away and ensure they stay healthy and hydrated.

    Logo Sticky Note Sets: If you're after a cheap promotional product that will actually get used, you can't go past our custom stick note sets. Hand them out in show bags or to conference attendees; they'll find new homes on desks across the country and be within eyeshot for straightforward marketing exposure. Best of all, we make sticky notes in Australia, so you're helping to support local industry.

    Yummy Expo Mints: There's nothing worse than bad breath in the office or when you're meeting new people. Our expo mints come in pocket-sized tins meaning they can be carried anywhere, and they are manufactured to Australia's high food safety standards. We print your logo on the case, or directly onto our special range of mints. Perfect for o-weeks and large-scale events, everyone loves keeping their breath fresh!

    Personalised Reusable Cups: Our reusable cups have been increasing in popularity over recent years as Aussies try to minimise the impact of their daily coffee, but in 2019 it's all about the glass reusable coffee cups. Rather than using a plastic cup body, these exquisite cups are manufactured from shatter-resistant glass and come with printing on the silicone bands. Join the eco-friendly revolution with these great products in the new year!

    None of these speaking to you? Don't worry, our team of sales professionals can guide you to selecting the promotional products that best suit your campaign goals. Contact us today for more information!

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  9. 5 Ideal Promotional Products for Summer

    Summer is a great time to grab some promotional items. People are out of the house more and the social calendar is busier than ever with Christmas parties, Holidays and New Year celebrations. Whether you’re hosting an event this summer or just attending the many invites you’ve received, this is a great opportunity to get your brand out there and there’s no better time than the present so get your orders in now! If you need some inspiration, look no further, these are all amazing items for the summer!

    Best Selling Summer Promotional Products

    Promotional Products for Summer

    Personalised Stubby Holders: essential at any bbqs, picnics and festivals. Not only do these keep your can cool, they also keep you looking cool. There’s so many great printing options available for these from a basic 1 colour logo, to a fully customised colour print.

    Promotional Cooler Bags: these are sure to turn heads at beaches and parks this summer! Great for drinks and food and always handy to have in the house. Pick a premium, durable style to maximise the reuse potential of these!

    Logo Printed Bucket Hats: simple, useful and effective. Perfect to hand out at large events they are always appreciated. Get creative by choosing a fun Straw Hat design to add some novelty and fun to whatever event you’re hosting!

    Corporate Diaries for 2019: the start of summer means the new year is on its way! Promotional diaries make a great Christmas present and will, in turn, benefit your business by keeping staff organised throughout the new year. And on weekends they’ll be used for scheduling catch-ups with old friends over a few drinks in the garden.

    Cheap Custom Event Sunglasses: essential protection and a bold fashion statement. No one should be leaving the house with their skinnies this summer so why not take it as an opportunity to get some great brand promotion out of them! Make it a bold statement with bright colours and prints available, as always, the sales team are on hand to help make your design a reality. Hand them out at festivals and events for those silly people who forgot theirs and you’ll be deemed a life saver!


    Author: Samantha Rodwell

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  10. My Top 5 Beverages for Promotional Stubbies

    My Top 5 Beverages for Promotional Stubbies

    Thirst. What better way to refresh that thirst than an ice-cold beverage. This is no problem when you have a promotional stubby holder. Promotional stubby holders, keep your drink cool and prevent you from getting the dreaded icy and wet hand that can occur with this.

    So you have your perfect Promotional Stubby Holder, and now you need a drink, no problem!

    My Top 5 Beverages for Stubbies

    1. Sparkling Water. Yes, posh water is on my top list. It’s refreshing, natural, sugar-free and with the bonus of being calorie free. I like it best really cold, which is where my promotional stubby comes in. My favourite combination is sparkling water and avocado on toast from a local café.

    2. Kombucha. I am a newbie to Australia and have seen Kombucha everywhere. My first sip and I was hooked. It has great benefits for the body, and I love how popular it is, not only in cafes but in almost every supermarket that I have been in. I love this in the morning before I head to work to start my day.

    3. Guinness. Being Irish, I love a Guinness, and we all know that the best Guinness can only be bought in Ireland. They have studied this, I read the research paper, and Guinness doesn’t travel that well. However, when I need an iron boost or a taste of home, I like a can of Guinness, nice and cold in my promotional stubby holder. This is perfect when I am at a gig or festival along with a big veggie burger

    4. San Pellegrino. This is my go-to drink when I need a sugar kick and want to sit back relax on my balcony with my favourite sarnie. It’s Italian and has an original taste that I love.

    5. Iced coffee. Coffee gets me through the day. Every. Day. When the days are hot, I like to go for an iced coffee, while walking along the beach or a local park. The caffeine hits the spot and being iced, cools me instantly.

    If you want more ideas related to stubby coolers or any other product, contact our sales team for more information.

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