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  1. Why Branded Promotional Products are the Perfect Subliminal Advertising Solution

    In an era where consumers are bombarded with countless advertisements daily, standing out in a saturated market is a huge challenge for brands. Amidst various advertising tactics, branded promotional products emerge as a uniquely subtle yet profoundly impactful strategy. 

    This approach intertwines with the concept of subliminal messaging, a technique that, when executed correctly, can significantly influence consumer behaviour. This article will discuss subliminal messaging, how it works with real-life examples, and tips for using these strategies within promotional products.

    What Is Subliminal Messaging?

    Subliminal messaging is a concept that might seem plucked from the pages of a sci-fi novel. But it’s very real in the world of advertising. It refers to subtly influence people's thoughts, feelings, or behaviours, like sending secret messages to the brain without you noticing. 

    These messages are too quiet or quick for you to see or hear on purpose, but your brain still catches them. People use this advertising technique to make you like or want something without realising why.

    Examples in Everyday Life:

    Movie Theatres Flashing Images: Quick images of snacks flashed on the screen during movies to make viewers crave popcorn or drinks.

    Background Music in Stores: Playing certain types of music to make customers feel happy and relaxed, encouraging them to shop more.

    Hidden Words in Ads: Sometimes, ads subtly include words or images within a picture that the brain can pick up on without you noticing.

    Logo Designs with Double Meanings: Some company logos are designed to have hidden symbols or meanings that subconsciously communicate a message.

    Scent Marketing: Using specific scents in stores or hotels to create a pleasant atmosphere, influencing customers' perceptions and behaviours without their conscious awareness. 

    The Mechanics of Subliminal Messaging

    Subliminal messaging works by bypassing the conscious mind and directly influencing the subconscious. This part of our brain controls feelings, desires, and decisions without us being fully aware of it. 

    When subliminal messages are used, they're presented in such a subtle way—either too quick or too hidden for conscious recognition—that our deeper mind absorbs them without our immediate knowledge. Over time, this can shape our preferences, choices, and actions. Here's how it operates in practice:

    Below Conscious Awareness: Messages are crafted to be perceived without conscious realisation, like a whisper that's too soft to hear but still somehow understood.

    Repetition for Effectiveness: Repeated exposure increases their influence, quietly shaping our preferences and behaviours over time.

    Emotional and Cognitive Influence: These messages can affect both how we feel and how we think about certain products, brands, or ideas, gradually altering our attitudes towards them.

    Integration into Daily Life: By integrating seamlessly into media and environments we frequently engage with, subliminal messages can continuously work on our subconscious.

    The Power of Branded Promotional Products

    Promotional products are not just gifts or freebies but also potent vehicles for subliminal messaging. These items, ranging from pens and mugs to tech accessories and eco-friendly totes, serve as physical embodiments of a brand within the consumer's daily environment.

    Creating a Tangible Presence: In contrast to the fleeting nature of digital ads, promotional products, like tote bags, provide a constant physical reminder of a brand, enhancing brand recall.

    Emotional Engagement: Thoughtfully selected items that align with the recipient's preferences and needs, like a customised mug, can foster a deeper emotional bond with the brand.

    Implementing Subliminal Messaging in Your Promotional Products

    To leverage the full potential of promotional products as tools for subliminal advertising, consider the following tips:

    Product Selection with Purpose: Choose items that not only appeal to your target audience's tastes but also resonate with their lifestyle or values. This alignment enhances the subconscious positive association with your brand.

    Subtlety in Branding: Instead of overt and intrusive logos, use more subtle branding methods. This could mean integrating the logo to complement the product's design or using it in an innovative, less conspicuous manner.

    The Psychology of Colours: Colours evoke different emotions and associations. Selecting the right colour for your promotional product can subliminally convey your brand's message or values.

    Prioritise Quality: High-quality promotional products reflect positively on your brand's image and are likely to be used for longer periods, ensuring sustained subliminal messaging.


    In today's marketing world, branded promotional products really stand out. They work by reaching into our subconscious, shaping how we see and feel about things in a way that regular ads just can't do. The secret is all about knowing how subliminal messages work and using them smartly when making and giving out promotional products. 

    By choosing high-quality items that reflect the brand well, companies can build stronger relationships with their customers. This leads to loyal customers and a better overall experience with the brand. It's a subtle way of marketing, but it's very powerful in making a brand more visible and connecting with customers and clients on a deeper level.

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  2. Statistics Don’t Lie: The Impact of Promotional Products on Your Brand

    While online marketing dominates, the impact of promotional products shouldn't be overlooked. Items like pens and customised apparel offer tangible reminders of your brand, sticking in people's minds because they're physical. Even with digital ads everywhere, custom-made products still have an 85% recall rate.

    Highlights: Promotional Products Statistics

    • 8 out of 10 consumers own between 1 and 10 promotional products.

    • 89% of consumers have received a promotional product in the last six months.

    • 91% of consumers keep at least one promotional product in their kitchen.

    • The most popular category for promotional items is wearables, accounting for 35%.

    We also listed the reasons why they offer a straightforward yet powerful method to leave a lasting impression on your audience. Read on: 

    Introduces Your Business

    Promotional products are a fantastic way to present your business to potential customers. They're more memorable than flyers, emails or business cards. Unlike traditional business cards, they offer added value by featuring your business details, logo and slogan.

    Moreover, these are perfect for social media campaigns, helping to generate interest across platforms. For example, printing QR codes on notebooks or adding hashtags to bags and shirts can increase your business's visibility online.

    Builds Trust and Reputation

    Building a positive reputation is key. Offering customers useful items portrays your business as friendly and helpful, fostering trust. Satisfied customers spread the word, leading to repeat purchases and long-term growth.

    Cost-Effective Marketing

    Maximise your advertising budget with promotional giveaways, offering a higher return on each compared to traditional methods. A single branded item can reach dozens or even hundreds of people, extending the reach of your campaign. With some products costing less than a quarter each, it's a smart investment for boosting marketing effectiveness.

    Improves Engagement

    Promotional products generate more customer interest than other ads, leading to increased contacts, referrals and purchases. This helps you track the success of your campaign easily and make adjustments for more business growth.

    Enhances Brand Recognition

    Custom branded products play an important role in enhancing brand recognition. When consumers receive these items, they instantly recognize the brand behind them. Leveraging promotional products helps businesses stand out from competitors. These products are often kept and used by consumers for extended periods, continually exposing the brand to a wider audience.

    Wider Audiences

    To reach a wide and diverse audience effectively, it's important to invest in different advertising tools, including promotional items. These should reflect your business's purpose and brand message, and it's essential to consider your customer base when selecting them.

    For instance, basic home and office items are great for marketing to specific audiences, while specialised items like branded USB drives are better suited for groups like IT professionals. By tailoring your advertising efforts to your audience, you make them feel understood, which can lead to more sales opportunities down the line.


    Promotional products are important for marketing your business and making a lasting impact on customers. Don't wait to include them in your marketing plan to increase brand recognition and engagement. Take action now and incorporate promotional products to see your business upgrade!

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  3. Power Banks as Sustainable Promotional Products

    Power Banks as Sustainable Promotional Products

    We’re becoming more conscious about our environment as time passes.

    How we choose our everyday items shifts day to day. Power banks are sustainable and eco-friendly. In fact, they’re good promotional products for charging on the go.

    powerbank with wooden exterior

    How Power Banks Help

    Power banks are popular because they’re handy and store a lot of electrical energy. They work with different devices. Also, they’re easy to carry. You can charge anywhere, at any time. Plus, they’re rechargeable and useable for a huge number of times.

    What Makes Power Banks Different?

    Unlike traditional charging methods, power banks have fewer advantages:

    Energy Efficiency

    Traditional charging releases greenhouse gases that are bad for our climate. Power banks reduce energy use. It uses stored energy, so you can charge it anytime you want.

    Renewable Energy

    Power banks can be charged using energy from the sun. You can charge all the devices you want from that power.

    Raises Awareness

    Power banks as promotional products support being eco-friendly. People can be environmentally responsible.


    Giving out power banks is what people can use every day. These items are not only likable, but they’re also regularly used.

    Customizable and Versatile

    You can put your logos, messages, and slogans onto these products. Customised budget power banks appeal to a lot of people. As they use it, they remember you. By smartly using power banks in promotions, you can improve your marketing. But as they fit for sustainability, you encourage an eco-friendly culture among your customers.

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  4. 10 Must-Have Promotional Gifts This Christmas Season

    With the festive season just around the corner, businesses are gearing up to spread cheer and make their brand resonate with their audience. One of the time-tested strategies to achieve this is by using promotional items. Not only do these items serve as a reminder of your brand, but they can also bring a smile to your clients' faces. So, what are the top promotional gifts that can elevate your brand this Christmas? Here's a curated list of the top 10.

    Christmas Gifts

    1. Branded Christmas Baubles: Nothing says Christmas quite like a tree adorned with glistening baubles. Customising these baubles with your company's logo ensures that your brand shines bright throughout the festive period. They’re both decorative and memorable.

    2. Custom Advent Calendars: Transform the exciting Christmas countdown into a branded experience. Whether they’re filled with delectable chocolates or miniature trinkets, these calendars are a daily reminder of your brand right up to Christmas Day.

    3. Promotional Christmas Jumpers: Australia's love for Christmas jumpers is undeniable. Design festive jumpers that seamlessly integrate your company’s logo. They're perfect for corporate gatherings or as heartfelt giveaways.

    4. Logo-Embossed Mugs: Winter calls for warm beverages. What better way to have your clients remember you than with a cosy mug embossed with your brand? Pair it with some hot cocoa or tea sachets for that extra touch.

    5. Customised Eco-friendly Shopping Bags: In an era of conscious consumption, eco-friendly promotional items are a hit. Design shopping bags with festive prints and your logo, making Christmas shopping both stylish and environmentally-friendly.

    6. Branded Snow Globes: The whimsy and magic of snow globes capture the Christmas spirit beautifully. By embedding your company’s logo or even a model of one of your products inside, you can craft a delightful and enchanting promotional gift.

    7. Personalised Christmas Crackers: A mainstay at many Christmas dinners, why not add a branded touch to the festivities? Fill them with unique tiny treasures and your brand will be at the centre of celebration.

    8. Printed Desk Calendars for the New Year: As December winds down, January is on everyone's mind. Provide your clients with beautifully designed desk calendars, ensuring your brand stays on their minds throughout the coming year.

    9. Branded Winter Accessories: Scarves, beanies, gloves – winter essentials that everyone appreciates. With your logo on them, they not only keep your clients warm but also radiate brand warmth.

    10. Custom USB Drives: Merge festivity with functionality. USB drives, fashioned like Christmas motifs, are both seasonally apt and immensely useful, ensuring they’ll be used long after the festive season.

    In Conclusion

    Christmas promotional items can be a powerful way to strengthen your brand's relationship with its clients. By ensuring your promotional gifts are both thoughtful and of high quality, you’ll ensure that your brand not only stands out during the festive season but is also remembered and cherished long after.

    So, deck the halls with branded goodies, and watch your business relationships flourish!

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  5. Promotional Bags: A Travel Company's Best Promotional Companion

    As a travel company, you want your customers to remember their amazing vacation and rave about the great services that you offer. But how can you achieve these goals? One effective way is by offering branded bags as promotional items.

    Why Promotional Bags Work for Travel Companies

    Promotional bags are an excellent choice for travel companies because they serve multiple purposes. First, when customers carry around branded bags featuring your logo and imagery, they become walking advertisements for your business. This helps increase brand awareness and exposure.

    Secondly, having practical items like passports, maps, sunscreen or water bottles in one spot makes it easier on travelers who don't have to worry about juggling different things in their hands. Custom branded bags ensure easy access to essential items while keeping the brand's imagery visible.

    Choosing the Right Design

    When designing branded bags as promotional items, it's important to choose elements that resonate with potential clients - such as beach umbrellas or sunsets for tropical destinations or mountain peaks for winter getaways. The colors used should match existing branding efforts so there is consistency across all materials promoting tours/activities etc...

    It is also crucial that these branded props include sturdy handles and durable material able to handle typical wear-and-tear of traveling. Your bag may look good but what happens when it comes apart within days of purchase?

    Ways To Use Them Effectively

    Besides putting them up in stores at tourist spots near Point-A-to-Point-B occasions,such as renting cars; using social media such Facebook,Twitter & Instagram accounts; giving those away when necessary (i.e mall booths during peak season/holidays) is also a very effective strategy.

    These can be incorporated into "welcome kits" offered upon arrival providing information regarding local activity options, tour guides. Creating loyalty before they even step foot inside whatever facility which will not only make retention more likely post trip but will also give them a positive impression on your brand.


    Promotional bags offer excellent promotional opportunities for travel companies. They can enhance branding visibility/loyalty and serve a practical purpose - offering easy access to essential travel items while on-the-go. Travel companies must choose the right design for their brand knowing considerations such as customer base / location features are key-and offering them in creative ways not just at airports but through social media will encourage client advocacy keeping you top-of-mind next time around!

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  6. Red Hot Gifts for Lunar New Year

    Chinese New Year, also known as Lunar New Year, is celebrated in numerous countries across the world. Most of the time, the celebration starts at the end of January or the first few weeks of February, lasting sixteen days. For Asian countries, this festival is considered one of the most significant. Schools and businesses are closed. People return to their provinces to see their families and celebrate there for a week. Lunar New Year is a festival that symbolizes new luck, fortune, and a fresh start.

    Is there a gift-giving activity in the Lunar New Year? Definitely, Yes! There are actually plenty of gifts being handed out during this time of the year. Gifts that are given in this festival centers in ensuring good fortune and prosperity throughout the year. They also signify respect and love.

    Gifts To Give This Lunar New Year

    Several gifts hold great significance this Lunar New Year. Here are some gift ideas that you can choose from.

    Red Envelopes

    The most famous gift in the Lunar New Year is the Lucky Red Packet which contains money. New fresh and crisp bills are given to unmarried adults and children or adults to their parents. This gift shows appreciation to the receiver and well wishes too.

    Red Scarf

    Red is considered an auspicious colour, and wearing it during Lunar New Year is highly encouraged. Your giftee can stay cozy with a red scarf as they celebrate the festive season. This red scarf can also be custom branded with special messages to warm the hearts of your receiver.

    Money Tree Plant

    Since gifts in the Lunar New Year center on wishing for fortune and abundance, a money tree plant is something that will spread good luck when placed in a living space. Money trees are said to bring luck and prosperity to the one who has them. Aside from that, money trees are known to generate positive energy. You’ll especially have good luck if you find seven leaves on their stem.


    Nobody dislikes homeware especially if your receiver is transferring to a new home this Lunar New Year. They are handy and easy to find. Even simple, customised red mugs will surely leave a good impression on the receiver.

    Food Hampers

    A food hamper containing different delicious food is considered a good gift for this festival. You can purchase a food hamper from your local store or customise it on your own. If you give it to your family and relatives, you can add foods that they like, something that they can enjoy in the coming days and weeks.

    If you are looking for customised gifts this Lunar New Year, Promotional Items provide you with an array of options to choose from. We are one of Australia’s most reliable suppliers of personalised items perfect for all occasions. We give value to your money. Contact us today!

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  7. How to Promote Your Brand This Winter With Personalised Gifts

    The plunging temperatures and icy weather should never halt your quest to search for winter promotional product ideas. People may be on winter vacation, but you can take advantage of this by giving away useful branded things that make them feel warm and fuzzy about your brand. However, keep in mind that the promotional products you should acquire should be something your customers would keep at their homes and utilise during the winter.

    Here is our list of the valuable winter promotional products your customers would truly appreciate:

    Custom Thermal Mugs

    Who among us could say no to a piping hot mug of chocolate or coffee on a brisk winter morning? Custom thermal mugs are one promotional product for the winter that your recipients won't be able to resist. We have thermal drink gift sets consisting of two mugs and a thermal flask packaged in a trendy bag. These are specially made for the outdoors to keep your drinks hot as you travel with the family early on a winter holiday.

    Promotional Hand Mitten Ice Scrapers

    Snowfall is a beautiful sight, but only until you are stranded in the bitter cold trying to scrape the ice off your car. In situations like these, promotional ice scrapers with mittens are essential and provide the ideal space for showing your brand. They have four heavy-duty ice scraper blades with ice chippers and pile lining that keeps hands warm and dry.

    Logo Decorated Beanies

    Custom beanies are affordable apparel items that can keep your recipients extra warm. It also offers a highly visible branding space for your logo or message. These are also universally worn by young and older people, so giving them away for free or as gifts wouldn't be a problem. Moreover, beanies can be fashioned in a variety of ways because of the type of styles and colours available.

    Personalised Jackets

    Let's throw some promotional jackets on the list to complete the winter outfit. With a logo-printed jacket as a final touch, your employees are making a striking statement about your company's image. If you want to quickly alter your staff's winter attire, jackets personalised with your company logo could make a huge difference.

    Custom Branded Hand Sanitisers

    Coughs and colds are also more common in the winter. So provide your customers or employees with personalised hand sanitisers that they can always take with them. Today, sanitisers are not only kept on desks. Additionally, there are tiny hand sanitisers with spray pumps that you can keep in your pocket or purse and antibacterial sprays with keychains. No matter how mundane the product is, hand sanitisers that bear your logo will leave a lasting impression on people who use them.

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  8. Why We Love Promotional Beanies?

    Promotional beanies are fantastic products. We love them because they are extremely comfortable, easy to customise, and great for marketing your brand. Here are the reasons why we love promotional beanies!


    Beanies are incredibly comfortable headwear. Our beanies are made from cotton and polyester to ensure optimal wearability. You can wear our beanies on your head for extended periods of time and remain warm and snug. The beanies have a soft feel even after multiple washes. Get yourself a beanie for any occasion and keep cosy. 

    Easy to Customise

    Beanies are incredibly easy to customise with your brand or logo. Decoration occurs through screen printing or embossing. This means we can embed your logo into the beanie, so it is always visible to people passing by. Choose a beanie colour that contrasts with your brand to get the be the best visibility. Get our staff to help you choose the best decoration method to get the best promotional effect. 

    Great for Marketing

    Promotional beanies are excellent marketing products. Whenever someone wears your beanie, they are showcasing your brand. This means that every time they go out for a walk in the cool autumn weather wearing your beanie, they are displaying your brand. Anyone that crosses the wearer will see your brand name! Talk about easy promotion.

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  9. Unique Personalised Gifts for Autumn

    Autumn is right around the corner so why not get your clients, employees, friends, and family a new gift! Here are our unique personalised gift recommendations for Autumn.

    Light Show Promotional Bulk Umbrellas

    Autumn can oftentimes be a rainy season. So why not get a light show promotional bulk umbrella. These umbrellas feature a rigid frame and a unique LED light-up system. Even during the night or in the darkness you will always be able to see the way with this umbrella. More importantly, everyone will see your brand name! Emblazon this umbrella today and gift it to all.

    Striped Custom Beanies

    To prepare your clients, employees, friends, and family for the Autumn season, get them striped custom beanies. These cute beanies are casual, comfortable, and will keep your head warm. They come in a variety of colours that will certainly complement your brand or logo. The beanies also feature a rollback design making them extra stylish. Who wouldn’t want a beanie this slick as a gift?

    Double Wall Atlantic Mug

    Keep your drinks hot in Autumn with these double-wall Atlantic mugs. These premium mugs feature an insulated wall that regulates the temperature of drinks. The brands only come in silver and can hold 443ml of fluid. Decorate these mugs with your brand or logo and benefit your organisation's marketing. But more importantly, get these mugs as a gift. People will literally be holding your brand!

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  10. Promotional Products for Mail Outs

    Promotional Products for Mail Outs

    Mail out gifts are a great way to get your brand known. Especially in light of COVID, send out a nice present to your clients, staff, friends, or family and have your brand shine. Here are our top promotional products for mail outs.

    Letter Mailer Printed Vases

    These premium letter mailer printed vases are perfect to ship out to clients, staff, friends, or family. These vases are made from soft PVC shatterproof material and come in a white envelope. This is the perfect alternative for an expensive fragile glass vase. You can easily decorate the vase itself with your brand or logo. Get this emblazoned today!

    Custom Printed Air Fresheners

    Send out these custom printed air fresheners in your next mail campaign. These air fresheners can be used in the office, at home, or even in a car! These items come in a variety of designs and can be decorated via digital sublimation to ensure your brand or logo pops. Get this as a gift for your next promotional campaign.

    Cheap Printed Stubby Coolers

    To make sure your staff, clients, friends, and family enjoy a cold beverage, mail out these cheap printed stubby coolers. These stubby coolers easily fold and can be sent out in an envelope. This is a thoughtful and useful gift that can be appreciated by all. Coupled with your brand name, this is a fantastic means of promotion!

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