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  1. 5 Ideal Promotional Products for Summer

    Summer is a great time to grab some promotional items. People are out of the house more and the social calendar is busier than ever with Christmas parties, Holidays and New Year celebrations. Whether you’re hosting an event this summer or just attending the many invites you’ve received, this is a great opportunity to get your brand out there and there’s no better time than the present so get your orders in now! If you need some inspiration, look no further, these are all amazing items for the summer!

    Best Selling Summer Promotional Products

    Promotional Products for Summer

    Personalised Stubby Holders: essential at any bbqs, picnics and festivals. Not only do these keep your can cool, they also keep you looking cool. There’s so many great printing options available for these from a basic 1 colour logo, to a fully customised colour print.

    Promotional Cooler Bags: these are sure to turn heads at beaches and parks this summer! Great for drinks and food and always handy to have in the house. Pick a premium, durable style to maximise the reuse potential of these!

    Logo Printed Bucket Hats: simple, useful and effective. Perfect to hand out at large events they are always appreciated. Get creative by choosing a fun Straw Hat design to add some novelty and fun to whatever event you’re hosting!

    Corporate Diaries for 2019: the start of summer means the new year is on its way! Promotional diaries make a great Christmas present and will, in turn, benefit your business by keeping staff organised throughout the new year. And on weekends they’ll be used for scheduling catch-ups with old friends over a few drinks in the garden.

    Cheap Custom Event Sunglasses: essential protection and a bold fashion statement. No one should be leaving the house with their skinnies this summer so why not take it as an opportunity to get some great brand promotion out of them! Make it a bold statement with bright colours and prints available, as always, the sales team are on hand to help make your design a reality. Hand them out at festivals and events for those silly people who forgot theirs and you’ll be deemed a life saver!


    Author: Samantha Rodwell

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  2. My Top 5 Beverages for Promotional Stubbies

    My Top 5 Beverages for Promotional Stubbies

    Thirst. What better way to refresh that thirst than an ice-cold beverage. This is no problem when you have a promotional stubby holder. Promotional stubby holders, keep your drink cool and prevent you from getting the dreaded icy and wet hand that can occur with this.

    So you have your perfect Promotional Stubby Holder, and now you need a drink, no problem!

    My Top 5 Beverages for Stubbies

    1. Sparkling Water. Yes, posh water is on my top list. It’s refreshing, natural, sugar-free and with the bonus of being calorie free. I like it best really cold, which is where my promotional stubby comes in. My favourite combination is sparkling water and avocado on toast from a local café.

    2. Kombucha. I am a newbie to Australia and have seen Kombucha everywhere. My first sip and I was hooked. It has great benefits for the body, and I love how popular it is, not only in cafes but in almost every supermarket that I have been in. I love this in the morning before I head to work to start my day.

    3. Guinness. Being Irish, I love a Guinness, and we all know that the best Guinness can only be bought in Ireland. They have studied this, I read the research paper, and Guinness doesn’t travel that well. However, when I need an iron boost or a taste of home, I like a can of Guinness, nice and cold in my promotional stubby holder. This is perfect when I am at a gig or festival along with a big veggie burger

    4. San Pellegrino. This is my go-to drink when I need a sugar kick and want to sit back relax on my balcony with my favourite sarnie. It’s Italian and has an original taste that I love.

    5. Iced coffee. Coffee gets me through the day. Every. Day. When the days are hot, I like to go for an iced coffee, while walking along the beach or a local park. The caffeine hits the spot and being iced, cools me instantly.

    If you want more ideas related to stubby coolers or any other product, contact our sales team for more information.

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  3. Promotional Product Essentials for the Office

    Promotional Product Essentials for the Office

    What do you think of when you think of office essentials? The three items that spring to mind for me are the USB drive, the pen, and the notebook.

    Logo Emblazoned Pens

    Just imagine your office life without a pen. It’s unfathomable. A promotional pen with your logo on it is a staple. We print your logo on any pen of your choice, whether it be a classic like our Metal Barrel Pens or something a little bit more special like our Colourful Modern Pens which you can laser engrave onto. This is the ideal item to give to your clients who will constantly be reminded of your company through your logo of choice. Our The Gates Executive Pen is a great choice if you need something a little bit more memorable than the ever popular plastic pen. It comes in several premium colours so you will not be stuck for a choice that works with your logo. If you haven’t already got a promotional pen for your company, now is the time to take action and call our Sydney based office to receive a free quote within the hour.

    Personalised Notebooks

    If you thought office life without a pen was hard, imagine it without the notebook. With countless phone-calls, we can’t expect our minds to remember everything so with our Leather Look A5 notebooks, you will be receiving a great value notebook that can be used for all your notetaking or even doodling when your mind drifts off the odd time. We won’t tell! The best thing about getting your notebook from us is that we can brand it with your logo or any words of your choice by pad printing, screen printing and 4CP digital printing. The choice is yours and we know that your clients and employees will be extremely impressed.

    Custom Branded USB Flash Drives

    If storing vital information on a USB drive is more your game, we have got you covered. These days everything is in the cloud, but nothing will work more systematically and feel more secure than having your information stored on the USB drive and we have 100’s of different styles to choose from.

    Our simple swivel USB flash drive is a classic and our most popular as favoured by our customers. It has a simple design that can come in a colour of your choice and personalised with your logo. Your clients and employees will be sure to think of your company every time they use it.

    Have a look on our website to check out our range as we have so many to choose from such as wooden, slim or classic plus many more and they also come in a range of capacities to suit your needs.

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  4. Conferences? You Are Going to Need These

    Conferences? You Are Going to Need These

    If you’re planning your next conference and unsure of what promotional products you need read on to find out products every conference should have.

    Customised Lanyards

    Customised lanyards are simple items but so effective! They enable you to easily identify guests, staff, security and much more while showcasing your company. They are extremely useful as they also allow you to carry things like pass cards, tickets, pens and keys. Everyone loves this concept as nobody wants to risk these things falling out of their pockets at a conference, people would struggle to find them ever again!

    Logo Emblazoned Notebooks

    Everyone needs to take notes and write down ideas, hence why logo emblazoned notebooks are a must have at your conference. Having them from the get-go at your expo or conference encourages your customers to use them there and then. This consequently means they will continue to use the notebook, branded with your company’s logo, once they have left.

    Cheap Promotional Pens

    Cheap promotional pens are a must for every conference regardless of the industry. Everyone uses pens daily making them a great way to promote your business. You can have them as a giveaway gifts as they do not break the bank then you have automatically given your company a huge boost. Customers will take these pens everywhere. Therefore a wide variety of people will end up seeing your brand. They are a no-brainer!

     Branded Confectionery

     Who does not love candy?! Promotional confectionery is a great way to get customers attention. Personalise them with your company logo and your guests will be sure to appreciate them! You can get our branded confectionery in a range of packaging such as cello bags, plastic tubes and glass jars plus many more options, so there is a product to suit everyone’s requirements.

     Custom Printed Toys

     Lastly, but not least, is promotional toys. It doesn’t matter what age you are targeting there are fun toys adults and kids will love. Toys are perfect for marketing use as they are well shared meaning your branding is exposed, not just to your customer but to anyone else that wants to share a good time with them. This, therefore, doubles your marketing exposure! Another no-brainer!

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  5. Promotional Products for Around The House

    Promotional Products for Around The House

    Read on for more information about three of our favourite promotional products which can be used around the house.

    Pen and Tape Measure Combo

    This Pen and Tape Measure Combo item is brilliant for around the house. You don’t realise how many things you use a tape measure for and you’re always sure to need a pen at the same time. It is an ideal size and isn’t going to take up tonnes of room in the kitchen drawer which is always handy! You can get this in four colours and of course, it can be customised with your logo.

    Roma Pizza Cutter

    Who doesn’t love pizza? The Roma Pizza Cutter is a classic item that is used in nearly every household! Whether your vegetarian, vegan or an omnivore you can eat pizza so what better promotional item to have… This product also suits people of all ages so will be a huge hit all round. The branding area of this product is a perfect size enabling you to showcase your company logo.

    Compact Promotional First Aid Kit

    The Compact Promotional First Aid Kit is an essential item in any household. which makes it an ideal promotional gift. It is practical and bound to be used. You can even take this on holiday with you as it is compact and does not take up a lot of room! It contains everything you would need for everyday accidents which is why it is one of our favourite promotional items. It can be custom branded with your company logo and are perfect for companies in the medical field and travel industry.

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  6. Types of Promotional Mugs

    Types of Promotional Mugs

    Whatever type of promotional mug you are after there is sure to be a type that will meet your requirements. Check out the different types of mugs you can customise with your brand.

    Logo Printed Plastic Mugs

    Practical plastic… It is precisely what you think! Plastic mugs are brilliant, especially for outdoor events. They are lightweight, durable and are available in a variety of colours. Also, you don’t have the added stress of them smashing if they are accidentally dropped. It’s always nice to know your brand's merchandise is going to survive surprise accidents and last for many years.

    Branded Stainless Steel Cups

    You then have the option of stainless steel mugs. Similarly, to the plastic mugs, they are exceptionally good for outdoor events. They can be used for hot and cold drinks alike and are very durable as well as shatter-proof. They are smooth and comfortable to hold and look super classy once your logo has been laser engraved! Stainless steel promotional mugs are the kind of smart promo gift that can be used any time of the year.

    Promotional Ceramic Mugs

    Thirdly you have your regular ceramic mugs which are the most commonly used mugs. As these are made from clay, they are one of the most cost-effective mugs but aren’t as refined as other types. They are fairly durable and won’t break easily but are slightly heavier than the other types of mugs.

    Personalised Porcelain Mugs

    Lastly but not least, there are porcelain mugs. These are excellent premium quality and have a smooth, shiny surface unlike the duller surface of a ceramic mug. Too many people surprise, porcelain is remarkably strong therefore they do not need to be as thick as a ceramic, making them lightweight and look more refined.

    Personally, I don’t think you can beat a good old classic ceramic mug as they tend to have big comfortable handles as well as a large capacity so being a big tea lover they are great for me! That’s not to say I wouldn’t love to have a classier porcelain mug! But whatever option you are after we have it all.

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  7. Should I Buy Metal or Plastic Promotional Pens?

    Should I Buy Metal or Plastic Promotional Pens?

    The importance of having the right pen is something that is widely overlooked until you get given a pen that just doesn’t compare and feels wrong to use. If you want to find out all the little details and which promotional pen suits you then read on.

    Promotional Plastic Pens

    Plastic promotional pens are, of course, the cheaper option so are great for people who have a tight budget. But don’t be put off and believe they are plain and simple because of this! You can customise them in many ways including pad printing, screen printing and full-colour digital print making them eye-catching and exciting. These pens are lightweight and come in a variety of colours making them perfect for your next business event. Our Coloured Parky Pens are a great example of promotional plastic pens.

    Logo Branded Metal Pens

    You then have the option of metal promotional pens. Due to them being made of a higher quality material they are obviously more expensive. However, spending that extra bit of money really can be worth it! Metal pens are often more reused as they look incredibly pleasing to the eye making them great promotional gifts. They are a brilliant way to promote your business without having to do much more than offering them to your clients. You can pad print these pens, like the plastic pens, but you are also able to have them laser engraved which achieves a classier premium finish. Our Martin Premium Metal Pens are a brilliant example of customised metal pens.

    Have you picked a favourite? Whether you’re after premium corporate pens or expo items, the friendly team at Promo Planet can assist you. Contact our sales team for more information on pen decoration and delivery options.

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  8. Promotional Stubby Coolers - One Colour vs. Full Colour

    Promotional Stubby Coolers - One Colour vs. Full Colour

    Are you struggling to decide on how to brand your promotional stubby holders? Hopefully this helps you decide as we offer different types of branding to suit everyone’s needs.

    Single Colour Printing

    Your first, lower costing, option is to have your logo pad printed or screen printed in a single colour. If you have a tight budget but still want an effective and eye-catching stubby then this is what you’re after! Sometimes keeping it classy and simple is the best way to grasp people’s attention. Our Cheap Printed Stubby Coolers are a perfect example of this type of branding.

    Full-Colour Branding

    Your other option is to go all out with a full colour print. This is extremely popular however more expensive. This type of branding enables you to fully customise your stubby holder therefore, showcasing your corporate image. Our Stubbies Full Colour Printed are brilliant example of this form of branding.

    Whether you want to go for something simple yet effective or a striking design we are sure to meet your requirements. Contact our sales team today for more information on custom branded drink holders.

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  9. Non-Woven vs. Cotton Calico Bags

    Non-Woven vs. Cotton Calico Bags

    Both of these bags are extremely popular and for many reasons but which side will you take?

    Promotional cotton calico bags are firstly naturally grown and biodegradable which of course is a huge bonus! They are durable, lightweight, washable and have a large branding area. What more could you want from a promotional bag? Honestly, this bag suits everyone’s needs from a business perspective and the receiving client’s viewpoint. They are tremendously useful as you can carry practically anything in them making them a huge marketing opportunity as your brand will be seen in a wide variety of places. These are available in a variety of sizes with the natural cotton colour or pre-dyed fabric, so they don’t have to be plain and boring like you may think!

    Now for non-woven promotional bags, these are unfortunately not biodegradable as they are made from fabric that is derived from plastic, but this does have a bonus! It makes them more rigid than the cotton calico bags, therefore, making them more popular for business use as they retain their shape and consequently appear smarter. Although these bags are not biodegradable do not be fooled, they are still environmentally friendly as they are always reused reducing the amount of standard plastic bags that are in circulation. Unlike the cotton calico bags, our non-woven bags are available in a wide range of colours and come in a variety of sizes.

    Picked a favourite? No matter which style of bag you're after for your next event, the friendly team at Promo Planet can assist you. Contact our sales team for more information on bag decoration and delivery options.

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  10. Differences Between Plastic Drink Bottles

    Differences Between Plastic Drink Bottles

    Have you ever looked at plastic bottles and wondered what makes them different to one another? To many peoples’ surprise there are a lot of differences which makes them a promotional item that can be tricky to decide on.

    Firstly, there are polycarbonate bottles which are made from a clear and extremely strong plastic. These are more long lasting and durable therefore making them a popular option all round. You can get these in a range of sizes, colours and with different lid options. The Translucent Premium Bottle is a perfect example of this type of plastic bottle and look amazing when customised.

    Then there are our soft squeezy bottles which are solid in colour and made from a softer plastic enabling you to squeezy the liquid out. Again, like the polycarbonate bottles, you can get these in a range of sizes and colours as well as different lid options. Our Promotional Sports Drink Bottles 500ml are a great example of this type of bottle. This type of promotional plastic bottle is ideal for schools, colleges and sporting events as they are very lightweight. They are also more appealing to people who have a lower end budget making them extremely popular.

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