Latest Australian Promotional Item Trends

Promotional products have taken off in Australia and are now considered key to the success of marketing campaigns across the nation. More than ever, Aussie companies are seeing the benefits of distributing marketing merchandise featuring their unique logo design.

Why Buy Promotional Products?

  • They provide long-lasting exposure - A promotional gift lasts a lot longer than any TV commercial or newspaper advertisement and will be reused by your recipients long after your event/campaign is over.

  • Reciprocity - When a company or individual gives, there's simply a higher chance of receiving return business as others seek to reciprocate your generosity.

  • Goodwill and Perception - When you give a gift to clients or peers you will present yourself as more memorable and generous than your competition. This also helps increase the likelihood of having good things said about your business in the broader community.

Changing Promotional Industry Trends

What Are Thye Promotional Merchandise Trends in Australia?

Australian companies and organisations understand the value of promotional products, and this shows in increasing industry sales statistics. Here are some key trends we've noticed that will likely impact how you use promotional products in the future.

Trend #1 - Cheaper Prices

Probably the best trend for those seeking to purchase promotional goods! Because of demand and improvement in production methods, many promotional items are coming down in price. Five years ago an order of 1000 ballpoint pens with your logo on them would have been considerably more than the same order placed today.

Trend #2 - Better Quality

Increased demand combined with refining technology means quality improvements across the board for promotional goods. Not only are automated processes become more articulate and precise, but our professional print team now have access to a variety of new techniques that make the human side of production even better than before.

Trend #3 - Fast Turnaround

One of the most important factors we've noticed over the years is that you, our clients, require faster turnaround time options. We've listened to feedback and have adapted to meet your needs. Our responses as a team are some of the fastest in the industry, and our production speeds are second-to-none. While many of our typical turnaround times are a standard two weeks, we can produce a considerable portion of our range in 3-5 days or even 24 hours if necessary.

Trend #4 - Eco-Friendly Products

It has been a slow process for recycled and eco-friendly products to become accepted by the Australian public. One reason for this is the higher cost of recycled products in many cases, as is the often muted look of eco-friendly goods. Over time we have refined our production techniques and reduced costs to ensure our eco-friendly products are competitively priced while still being kind to the environment. Although not as popular as our standard range of merchandise, with companies becoming more aware of their carbon footprint we don't doubt that demand will continue to increase for environmental products with logo branding.

Making the Most of Promotional Products

Most of the trends in our industry at present heavily favour the end client, which is why you should take advantage of these positive trends and order your next batch of promotional merchandise today. Contact our sales team to learn more about available items, production times, and merchandise recommendations.

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