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We supply a wide range of high-quality promotional earphones and phone accessories in bulk all over Australia for an affordable price, imprinted with your brand’s unique logo or design. Technology all around the world has had a revolutionary impact on how we live our lives, and it’s no different in Australia, which has been a central hub for new gadgets and devices.

If you’re looking to enhance your customers’ multimedia experience, we have the promotional tools you need to boost the exposure of your company’s message and increase brand recognition amongst clients. Give your clients and potential customers something useful and convenient which they can use regularly, and effectively promote your brand simultaneously. With such a large variety of affordable, brandable earphones and mobile accessories available in our catalogue, it’s easy to be spoilt for choice when promoting your company to your target audience, no matter what product or service you provide.

Quality Mobile Accessories With Your Logo Branding

The team at Promotional Items are the acknowledged experts in Australia for printing or engraving your custom logo or graphics onto the earphones or mobile accessory of your choice. Whether you select the custom-branded Phone Power Bank, the personalised Retro Handset, any of our promotional earphones or headphones, or the trendy InSync Bluetooth Speaker, we will supply the imprinted accessory that you need for an affordable price, to help you promote your brand and appeal to your potential customers and clients.

We guarantee the quality of all our promotional mobile accessories and earphones, so you can be certain that you will receive a superior customised product to suit your marketing needs.

Australian Orders Enjoy Fast Delivery

We stock our promotional earphones and mobile accessories locally and brand them with your custom logo here in Australia, so you can expect professional service, rapid turnaround time, and fast delivery to all states and territories. Contact our friendly staff today to find an affordable deal on these appealing customised earphones and accessories for your next corporate event or marketing campaign, and have them promptly delivered to your location wherever you are in Australia.

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  1. Printed Cable Manager
    Printed Cable Manager
    From $ 2.92
    Really useful Learn More
  2. Silicone Sound smart phone Sound Amplifier
    Silicone Sound smart phone Sound Amplifier
    From $ 3.80
    Promotional items at a terrific price Learn More
  3. USB smart phone Charger
    USB smart phone Charger
    From $ 4.05
    Fun and economical. Learn More
  4. Smartphone Personalised Car Charger
    Smartphone Personalised Car Charger
    From $ 4.48
    Suitable product for events on the go Learn More
  5. Car USB Charger
    Car USB Charger
    From $ 4.54
    Bulk orders custom branded with your logo will be cheaper. Learn More
  6. Based Extender Earphone Set
    Based Extender Earphone Set
    From $ 4.68
    Order in bulk and save. Learn More
  7. Rotating Phone Line Adaptor
    Rotating Phone Line Adaptor
    From $ 6.40
    Really useful Learn More
  8. Funky branded cables Samsung or smart phone 4S
    Funky branded cables Samsung or smart phone 4S
    From $ 4.89
    Want a promotional gift that is a little different. Check out these amazing looking cables. Learn More
  9. Logo Branded Earbuds
    Logo Branded Earbuds
    From $ 5.84
    Terrific Gift Idea Learn More
  10. Unique Promotional Item-smart phone 5 Cable
    Unique Promotional Item-smart phone 5 Cable
    From $ 8.04
    For the 8 pin Cable for the fabulous smart phone 5 this is a head turning different promotional gift. Learn More
  11. Branded Stereo Earphones
    Branded Stereo Earphones
    From $ 6.79
    Crystal Clear Sound Learn More
  12. Iam Loud Portable Speakers
    Iam Loud Portable Speakers
    From $ 8.58
    Get fantastic marketing exposure with this neat product. Learn More
  13. Student Audio Splitter Gift
    Student Audio Splitter Gift
    From $ 7.96
    Kids will love this promotional item Learn More
  14. Noodles of Earphones
    Noodles of Earphones
    From $ 9.40
    Simply awesome value for money. Learn More
  15. Office Tidy 3 Port Retracting USB Connector
    Office Tidy 3 Port Retracting USB Connector
    From $ 7.96
    Keep your technology tidy Learn More
  16. Matthew Branded Techno Kits
    Matthew Branded Techno Kits
    From $ 8.90
    Big on features, low on price Learn More
  17. Branded Smartphone Cable Set
    Branded Smartphone Cable Set
    From $ 11.34
    Great gift for traveling recipients. Learn More
  18. Collapsible Cardboard Speakers
    Collapsible Cardboard Speakers
    From $ 11.43
    Amazing portability Learn More
  19. Folding Promotional Music Speakers
    Folding Promotional Music Speakers
    From $ 12.01
    Stunning Clarity Learn More
  20. Cable Operated Selfie Stick
    Cable Operated Selfie Stick
    From $ 11.34
    Wonderful promotional prize item. Learn More
  21. Custom Branded Phone Power Bank
    Custom Branded Phone Power Bank
    From $ 13.80
    Power on the Go Learn More
  22. Custom Music Zip Bag
    Custom Music Zip Bag
    From $ 15.72
    Music on the go Learn More
  23. Branded Earphone Cans
    Branded Earphone Cans
    From $ 18.92
    Super Sound Learn More
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Why Use Promotional Earphones or Imprinted Phone Accessories?

These days, it’s very hard to find someone without a mobile phone, a music player, or a computer of some sort. Our cheap but superior-quality promotional earphones and mobile accessories feature a generous amount of branding space, so your customised graphics or logo will have ample room to shine and get noticed by your target audience every time they use any of these convenient personalised accessories.

Because all our promotional accessories are constructed from the highest quality, lightest materials and manufactured to the greatest possible standard using the latest techniques and technologies, you can be confident that you are giving your clients and potential customers a superior, portable custom-branded product that they will genuinely appreciate you for. Not only do our range of personalised mobile additions look aesthetically pleasing and trendy with any device, but they also function exceptionally and sound amazing, so you can wow your audience and attract positive attention from your potential customers at your next big event.

Where to Use Personalised Mobile Accessories or Headphones?

When we decorate these high-tech products with your custom logo or graphics, our wide range of promotional earphones or customised mobile accessories can be used in many ways as a high-quality, functional incentive. Reward your potential customers for showing interest in your brand by distributing these useful personalised accessories as corporate gifts, adding them in trade show gift bags, or gifting them at job fairs, business expos or local festivals, and help your company gain exposure to possible clients.

Alternatively, give these custom-branded earphones and phone accessories to your clients and colleagues as complimentary gifts, to show them the appreciation they deserve, and help them revitalise their multimedia experience on every device they possess. The sky’s the limit when it comes to distributing these personalised items, and it’s hard to go wrong with a promotional earphone or mobile accessory giveaway no matter what your situation is.

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