Australian Made Promotional Items

Being an Australian company means we are keen to use locally made products whenever possible. Not only do we like to support local manufacturing jobs, but we also like to stock high-quality products -- something Aussies are known for producing. Using Australian made products means transport costs are lowered, and overall production is more environmentally friendly than overseas production processes.

Australian Made

For your reference, here are some of the vital products and services that we offer right here in Australia.

What Promotional Item Services Do We Perform in Australia?

  • Pad printing for branding on stocked products
  • Screen printing for branding on stocked products
  • Laser engraving on stocked products
  • Embroidery on caps and shirts
  • Digital transfer print on stocked products
  • Graphic design services

What Products Are Designed and Manufactured Australia?

  • Printed Water Bottles
  • Eco Coffee Cups
  • Promotional Water
  • Promotional Mousepads
  • Frisbees
  • Magnets
  • Chocolates

Why Should I Buy Australian Promotional Products?

Because it can sometimes be difficult to determine exactly where we make a product based on the website description, we recommend you contact our friendly team directly so that they can advise you if a product is locally manufactured or if there is an Australian made equivalent you may prefer instead.

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