Buy a Variety of Promotional Stationery

We supply a wide range of high-quality, promotional stationery items all over Australia for an affordable price, personalised with your company’s unique logo or design. With quirky, original items that can bring some much-needed inspiration into the home or office, you can be confident that our fantastic assortment of custom-branded stationery will help you effectively promote your organisation, create valuable brand loyalty, and establish your brand’s reputation for superior quality without breaking the bank.

Not only do our promotional stationery items feature rock-solid constructions with imaginative designs, but provide your clients and potential customers with consistent functionality that will hold up to the test of time, with ease of use and a genuine impression of practicality that will make your target audience sincerely appreciate your brand. With such a large variety of affordable, personalised stationery in our collection, it has never been easier to select the branded item you need to suit your marketing needs and budget, no matter what product or service you provide.

Fast Delivery for Bulk Purchases

We stock our promotional stationery locally and brand them right here in Australia, so that you can look forward to professional service, quick turnaround times and consistently fast delivery to all states and territories. Give our friendly staff a call to receive an affordable deal on these fantastic custom-branded stationery items for your next marketing event or campaign, and have them promptly delivered to your location wherever you are in Australia.

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  1. Promotional Fluro Erasers
    Promotional Fluro Erasers
    From $ 0.59
    Brand your logo onto this product for amazing brand exposure. Learn More
  2. Cheap Promotional Erasers
    Cheap Promotional Erasers
    From $ 0.60
    Kids and adults will all love this product. Learn More
  3. Compact Card Magnifier
    Compact Card Magnifier
    From $ 1.12
    A smart little gift idea Learn More
  4. Branded Letter Opener and Cutter
    Branded Letter Opener and Cutter
    From $ 1.28
    Amazing product Learn More
  5. Permanent Logo Branded Markers
    Permanent Logo Branded Markers
    From $ 1.23
    Get yours printed with your logo today. Learn More
  6. Breeda Polyester Ribbons 15mm
    Breeda Polyester Ribbons 15mm
    From $ 1.56

    Ideal for trade shows

    Learn More
  7. Breeda Polyester Ribbons 20mm
    Breeda Polyester Ribbons 20mm
    From $ 1.60

    Great for events

    Learn More
  8. Breeda Polyester Ribbons 25mm
    Breeda Polyester Ribbons 25mm
    From $ 1.66

    Perfect for business conferences

    Learn More
  9. Micro Permanent Markers
    Micro Permanent Markers
    From $ 1.46
    Branded with your corporate logo these will look great. Learn More
  10. Erasable Branded Markers
    Erasable Branded Markers
    From $ 1.40
    Awesome product that you will love. Learn More
  11. Amie Full Colour Ribbons 15mm
    Amie Full Colour Ribbons 15mm
    From $ 1.72

    Promo items for events

    Learn More
  12. Amie Full Colour Ribbons 20mm
    Amie Full Colour Ribbons 20mm
    From $ 1.76

    Promo gifts at company events

    Learn More
  13. White Board and Marker Set
    White Board and Marker Set
    From $ 1.58
    Promotional items at a terrific price Learn More
  14. Amie Full Colour Ribbons 25mm
    Amie Full Colour Ribbons 25mm
    From $ 1.82

    Promo gifts at campaigns

    Learn More
  15. Letter Opener Oval
    Letter Opener Oval
    From $ 1.74
    Look at this product if you want to see value. Learn More
  16. Breeda Polyester Ribbons 50mm
    Breeda Polyester Ribbons 50mm
    From $ 2.09

    Ideal for events

    Learn More
  17. Coloured Rubber bands 500 in Bag
    Coloured Rubber bands 500 in Bag
    From $ 1.89
    The hottest kids product today Learn More
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Items 1-24 of 47

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Personalised Stationery Quality Branded

Our range of promotional stationery has something for everyone, whether it’s a letter opener, set of markers, pack of rubber bands, colourful erasers, or pencil sharpeners. This impressive variety of customised stationery is manufactured with your brand in mind, aiming to effortlessly grab the attention of your potential customers with eye-catching designs and vibrant colours, while offering amazing value for money that you’ll have trouble finding elsewhere.

With years of experience and many satisfied customers, the team at Promotional Items has ascertained its place in the printing industry, and remain the acknowledged experts for imprinting, embroidering or engraving your customised graphics onto the promotional stationery item of your choice. Because we use the highest possible standard of production combined with premium, high-quality materials to manufacture these items, we can assertively guarantee the quality of our products to be exceptional, so you can be confident to receive a well-branded, superior product to help spread your brand’s message in any situation.

How Can Promotional Stationery Help Your Brand?

There’s no denying that stationery of all kinds is used in schools, offices and homes every day, yet the similarities between common promotional items mean that it’s gradually becoming more and more difficult to effectively differentiate multiple brands from each other.

Our charming personalised stationery collection provides the perfect solution to help you stand out from your competition, and really give your recipients something unique, interesting, and highly desirable that will make them think of your brand whenever they use it. With a resourceful combination of these custom-printed stationery items, your clients, staff, and potential customers will truly enjoy enhancing their home or office desks with vibrant erasers, markers, calculators, and staplers to revitalise and refresh their workspace.

What Is Custom-Branded Stationery Made From? 

Depending on the promotional stationery item you order, we use synthetic rubber, high-quality inks, durable thermoplastics, heavy-duty tin and aluminium, or a combination of these materials to construct our products using the latest in manufacturing techniques and technologies.

Every item from our range of customised stationery comes with exceptional durability, and is guaranteed to last years on end. Increase the validity of your brand’s message, and show your recipients that you only want the best for them with these superior, practical products which will provide only the best kind of exposure for your organisation.

Use Customised Stationery Anywhere

When we decorate these amazing personalised stationery items with your custom logo, design, or artwork, they can be used in a vast number of ways, in numerous places. Due to the small sizes of many of these items, relocation is a breeze and the sheer versatility of these products proves to be a significant advantage during distribution, time and time again.

With these added benefits, you’re able to disperse these promotional stationery items to your valuable customers wherever and whenever you want, whether it’s a corporate event such as a business conference, seminar, tradeshow or expo, or a social event like a local festival, party, reunion, or just a simple get-together. To get your brand’s personalised message out there, the promotional possibilities are virtually endless – contact our friendly staff today, and allow them to help you select one of our amazing offers within our assortment of custom-branded stationery items, so that you can begin your campaign straight away.

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