Buy Promotional Accessories for Cars

We supply a broad range of quality car accessories, printed or engraved with your graphics. From simple air fresheners to life-saving car emergency kits, if you are looking for a promotional item that people can use in the car, you can find it here.

We Put Your Graphics on Budget Car Accessories

Whether you have a logo, a slogan, or any other image, Promotional Items will print or engrave it onto a quality car accessory for your marketing and brand exposure needs. We use the latest digital printing techniques and printing methods such as, direct digital print, sublimation print, screen printing and laser engraving. 

Artwork Format for Branding

To brand your graphics, we require your artwork to be supplied in a vectorized PDF, vectorized EPS or high-resolution JPEG files.

Bulk Car Accessories Printed in Australia, Fast Turnaround

After finalising your order, your chosen car accessories will be branded right here in Australia and delivered to you anywhere in Australia. For most areas, this whole process takes less than a week.

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  1. Logo Printed Tyre Tread Gauge
    Logo Printed Tyre Tread Gauge
    From $ 1.34

    A smart little gift idea

    Learn More
  2. Pen Holders for Cars
    Pen Holders for Cars
    From $ 1.62
    Buy with your logo branded Learn More
  3. Promotional Car Air Freshners
    Promotional Car Air Freshners
    From $ 1.77
    Your recipients will love these. Learn More
  4. Vehicle Tyre Gauge
    Vehicle Tyre Gauge
    From $ 2.19
    Look no further if you need a quality product at a low price. Learn More
  5. Custom Printed Air Fresheners
    Custom Printed Air Fresheners
    From $ 1.76
    Get fantastic marketing exposure with this neat product. Learn More
  6. Visor Note Jotter
    Visor Note Jotter
    From $ 2.53
    Combine your orders and save money. Learn More
  7. Fan Support Car Flags
    Fan Support Car Flags
    From $ 1.62
    For a product that is unique and functional we reckon this one is hard to beat. Learn More
  8. Pen and Clips   Perfect for Taxis
    Pen and Clips Perfect for Taxis
    From $ 2.56
    Kids and adults will all love this product. Learn More
  9. Body Towel in Zipper Bag
    Body Towel in Zipper Bag
    From $ 3.52
    Kids and adults will all love this product. Learn More
  10. Personalised Chamois or Body Towels
    Personalised Chamois or Body Towels
    From $ 4.09
    Use these for events or as a fund raising product. Learn More
  11. Custom Aluminium Sign
    Custom Aluminium Sign
    From $ 4.32
    Customise with your graphics Learn More
  12. Architect Alumin Number Plate
    Architect Alumin Number Plate
    From $ 4.15

    Great for awards or gifts

    Learn More
  13. Tyre Pressure Gauge
    Tyre Pressure Gauge
    From $ 7.36
    For a product that is unique and functional we reckon this one is hard to beat. Learn More
  14. Branded Car Shades
    Branded Car Shades
    From $ 8.49
    Car sunshades custom printed with logo Learn More
  15. Cigarette Charger for Smartphones
    Cigarette Charger for Smartphones
    From $ 10.44
    Buy Printed with your logo Learn More
  16. Custom Branded Car Wash Gift Set
    Custom Branded Car Wash Gift Set
    From $ 21.57
    Quick Ship Australia Wide Learn More
  17. Car Urgent Emergency Sets
    Car Urgent Emergency Sets
    From $ 48.00
    With this promotional emergency sets you will survive when your car breaks down. Learn More
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What Are Car Accessories?

A car accessory is defined as a product that enhances your car by cleaning, or increasing your amount of enjoyment with your vehicle. Car accessories include items for keeping the interior of your car clean and tidy, items for cleaning the exterior, items for adorning the car, car maintenance equipment and car safety gear. As you can see, there are a lot of options!

Who Needs Customised Car Accessories in Australia?

Anyone who has a car needs them – and there are a lot of cars in Australia. There are over 18 million registered vehicles in this country, and we spend an average of an hour a day behind the wheel. Perhaps this is why car accessories are such popular promotional items. Businesses that utilize vehicles to provide a service, will find the huge marketing potential of vehcile promotional items appealing. Organisations that rely on vehicles include:

  • Taxis, Buses
  • Ride Sharing Services (Uber etc)
  • Couriers,
  • Food delivery services

Auto Industry Promotions, Print Quality Guaranteed

Customised promotional car accessories make wonderful giveaways or promotional sales items for businesses across the automotive industry. Used effectively, they improve brand recognition and visibility for car dealers, auto mechanics, tire fitters, panel beaters, parking garages, car washes, car clubs, vehicle upholsterers, automotive painters, taxi companies, raceways and many others.

Car Accessories for All Businesses Delivered Across Australia

But you don’t need to be in the car industry to benefit from car accessories. Any business that relies on car-traffic will benefit from printed car accessories. Branded car accessories put your business name right in the driver seat, reminding commuters where to stop on the way home. If your business has a parking lot, then printed car accessories can help keep it full.

How We Can Help For Bulk Purchases

Just have a look through our list of car accessories. We have a range of items from budget to premium, so you can easily find the one that fits your promotional needs. We supply all our products in bulk quantities at wholesale prices. This means you will save money when you purchase car related marketing merchandise from Promotional Items Australia.

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