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Simple, high-quality lanyards are our business. We supply lanyard products that are at home at any tradeshow, expo or office. The great thing about these lanyards is that we custom print them with your design right around the length of the product for excellent visibility when worn at eye level. Lanyards are perfect for showcasing identification tags alongside your branding.

Branding Options on Lanyards

Your logo, slogan or other artwork will be printed or embroidered on these handy, helpful lanyards. We supply a huge range of lanyards from basic ones to novelty ones to others which can be used to hold items like pens. Give our friendly sales team a call to learn more about how we can customise lanyards to suit your needs. Ask about our choice of clips and attachments, and don't forget to check out our range of badges and pass holders.

Lanyards as Giveaway Products

Promotional lanyards make great tools for staff and customer identification -- but did you know they also make wonderful gifts? Hand them out at trade shows or open days for a memorable but low-cost promotion. Potential clients and customers will find them useful as a badge, key or pen holder, keeping your logo in their sight. They also can be put to use long after your event is over, so they'll continue seeing your logo for some time to come.

Customised Lanyards Delivered Across Australia

With our fast two-week turnaround time and to-the-door delivery right across Australia, you can have your personalised lanyards ready to go fast. If you require lanyards for an urgent event in under two weeks, let our friendly sales staff know, and we will advise you on products for your deadline.

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  1. Mijo Silicone Lanyards
    Mijo Silicone Lanyards
    From $ 0.03

    Value-for-money products

    Learn More
  2. Lanyard Pouch 8x13cm
    Lanyard Pouch 8x13cm
    From $ 0.69
    Definitely will attract a lot of positive attention. Learn More
  3. Tradeshow Badge Holder
    Tradeshow Badge Holder
    From $ 0.74
    Get fantastic marketing exposure with this neat product. Learn More
  4. Cheap Imprinted Lanyards
    General Use Lanyards
    From $ 0.49

    Budget custom branded lanyards.

    Learn More
  5. Lanyard Pouch 13x12cm
    Lanyard Pouch 13x12cm
    From $ 0.82
    Stocked right here in Australia for fast turnaround. Learn More
  6. Lanyard Pouch 11x16cm
    Lanyard Pouch 11x16cm
    From $ 0.88
    Amazing low price. Check it out. Learn More
  7. Pen Holder Lanyards
    Pen Holder Lanyards
    From $ 1.05
    Use these for events or as a fund raising product. Learn More
  8. Colourful Lanyard Pockets
    Colourful Lanyard Pockets
    From $ 1.42
    Ask for a free mock up Learn More
  9. Event Badge holder
    Event Badge holder
    From $ 1.45
    Amazing product for the low price. Learn More
  10. Lanyard and Bottle Holder
    Lanyard and Bottle Holder
    From $ 1.48
    Great value promotional product. Learn More
  11. Thin Unbranded Lanyards
    1.2cm Lanyard with Breakaway
    From $ 1.11

    Popular Choice

    Learn More
  12. Custom Twister Lanyards
    Colour Twist Lanyards
    From $ 1.72
    This unique lanyard that has a two colour twist running through the cord. The slider can be branded in full colour with a resin coated finish. Learn More
  13. Premium Lanyard and Bottle Holder
    Premium Lanyard and Bottle Holder
    From $ 2.24
    Order in bulk and save. Learn More
  14. Branded Retractable Holder Lanyards
    Conference Lanyards
    From $ 2.12
    This is a 16 mm wide lanyard fitted with a retractable ID holder and safety clip Learn More
  15. Budget Printed Lanyards
    Woven Printed Lanyards 12mm
    From $ 1.15
    Many colour to choose from including silver, white, yellow, orange, pink, red, bright green, green, light blue, dark blue, purple and black. Learn More
  16. Pool Side Branded Pouch and Cord
    Pool Side Branded Pouch and Cord
    From $ 2.66

    The displayed price of the Pool Side Branded Pouch and Cord includes your logo emblazoned on the item. Buy in bulk to save money.

    Learn More
  17. Printed Lanyards 16mm
    Woven Printed Lanyard 16mm
    From $ 1.24
    Full colour printing is available on this lanyard. Learn More
  18. Badge Holder and Lanyard Combo
    Badge Holder and Lanyard Combo
    From $ 3.07
    Look at this product if you want to see value. Learn More
  19. Carabiner and Lanyard
    Carabiner and Lanyard
    From $ 2.84
    Order in bulk and save. Learn More
  20. Foldable Promo Lanyards
    Utility Lanyard With Attachments
    From $ 2.28

    Branded multi attachment lanyards.

    Learn More
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What is a Promotional Lanyard?

Promotional lanyards are a lightweight cord or strap worn around the neck to securely carry items such as ID cards, pens, and keys. Lanyards are useful promotional products as they can be handed out to tradeshow attendees, office staff, or simply to giveaway recipients as a gift. Our lanyards come beautifully decorated with your logo or text ensuring your brand exposure is at its best when they are worn.

Why Use Branded Lanyards?

Branded lanyards are extremely useful items that are indispensable in secure offices or at large-scale events. Custom lanyards allow recipient identification to be displayed quickly and easily, as well as giving your brand a boost from exposure on the lanyards themselves. Logo printed lanyards are also very cheap items to produce, making them the ideal promotional item that won't break the bank.

Where to Use Personalised Lanyards?

We have supplied personalised lanyards to all kinds of exciting Australian events and businesses, including:

  • Corporate trade shows
  • Local festivals
  • Australian businesses
  • Industry Expos
  • Pop culture conventions
  • Charity events
  • Sports functions
  • and more!

Advantages of Promotional Lanyards

Promotional lanyards are cheap, so they suit almost any business or community group - even those on a strict budget. Lanyards can also be completed fast if you have an urgent event within Australia. Custom lanyards are reusable, so they don't need to be thrown out and replaced unless you're looking for a change. Lanyards are also items that people will frequently use either at an event or in the office afterwards ensure great brand exposure for your printed design.

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