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Promotional aprons are an essential piece of workwear for staff such as chefs, kitchen hands, sandwich hands, salad hands, baristas, food prep staff, or anyone working with food or drink for an even. They are also ideal for retail staff who may need aprons -- people in the hardware business, meat and butchery, kitchen tools and paint sales, to name but a few. Aprons prevent spillage on uniforms, but more than that they're also a fantastic opportunity to promote your organisation. Because aprons have a large, wide branding area extensive branding for promotion is possible. Here at Promo Planet, we are experts in workwear decoration, so you can rely on our team to provide quality, practical aprons printed with your logo or graphics.

We Bulk Brand Aprons With Your Logo

With a wide branding area suitable for screen printing or embroidering, our huge range of half-length and full-length aprons will give you the perfect spot to put your logo. We offer single, multi and full-colour printing as options, as well as exquisite embroidery for when you require a premium look. Best of all, because Promo Planet supplies these aprons in bulk, we offer extremely low pricing on all large quantity orders. 

Fast Delivery to Australian Locations

We brand your aprons within a fast, two-week turnaround time and despatch them to any street address in Australia. We deliver to all states and territories of Australia including NSW, ACT, VIC, NT, QLD, TAS, SA and WA, so that you can have your quality branded aprons quickly and with a minimum of fuss. Call now to find out exact delivery costs and time frames to your location.

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  1. Promotional Kitchen Aprons Bulk
    Promotional Kitchen Aprons Bulk
    From $ 9.53

    Perfect gift option

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  2. Customised Short Waist Aprons
    Customised Short Waist Aprons
    From $ 9.87

    Printed in bulk

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  3. Full Length Logo Printed Aprons
    Full Length Logo Printed Aprons
    From $ 9.97

    Great for uniforms

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  4. Branded Full Apon no Pocket
    Branded Full Apon no Pocket
    From $ 8.79
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  5. Waist Customised Aprons
    Waist Customised Aprons
    From $ 12.22
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  6. Branded Bib Catering Aprons
    Branded Bib Catering Aprons
    From $ 12.64
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  7. Striped Bib Embroidered Aprons No Pocket
    Striped Bib Embroidered Aprons No Pocket
    From $ 13.94
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  8. Striped Full Length Personalised Aprons
    Striped Full Length Personalised Aprons
    From $ 13.94
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  9. Belt Tie Custom Printed Aprons
    Belt Tie Custom Printed Aprons
    From $ 13.05
    Stylish Apron with a difference Learn More
  10. Striped Bib Embroidered Aprons
    Striped Bib Embroidered Aprons
    From $ 15.14
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  11. Vinyl Full Length Printed Aprons
    Vinyl Full Length Printed Aprons
    From $ 16.08
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  12. Custom Branded Smock
    Custom Branded Smock
    From $ 18.57
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What is a Promotional Apron?

An apron is an item of protective clothing worn over regular clothes. It is designed to protect the clothes against spills, splashes and splatters. Aprons are available in a range of configurations, with some designed to go around the waist to protect the trousers only and others designed to protect the front of the shirt as well. They are available in a range of colours.

Why Order Bulk Branded Aprons?

Aprons present an ideal space for targeted promotions. With a wide, flat, outward-facing branding area, an apron is the ideal canvas for your logo. Whether you want a discrete embroidered image or a splashy colour print, promotional aprons will help make your band visible.

How do we Brand Aprons in Australia?

We have several options for branding your aprons, right here in Australia. Screen printing is a very popular option for branding a simple logo in a small number of colours. We also offer embroidery, which is eye catching and long lasting. Colour sublimation printing is also available for full colour designs.

How Quickly Can Promo Planet Brand and Deliver Promotional Aprons?

As soon as you have approved the final artwork, we get to work. We stock our aprons locally and brand them right here in Australia. Then, our experienced couriers ship your aprons right to your door. Standard delivery to any address in Australia is in two business weeks of confirmation of order. As our sales staff about rush orders.

Who can use Custom Emblazoned Aprons as Uniform Accessories?

Aprons printed with a business logo are extremely popular in the hospitality industry, and are used by restaurants, hotels, bars, pubs, clubs, cafes, brasseries, cooking schools, resorts and caterers. Not only do printed aprons make your brand visible, they make your employees look professional and foster staff cohesion.

What sort of Staff Members Wear Customised Aprons?

Customised aprons are worn by chefs, chef apprentices, waitstaff, bar staff, kitchenhands, sandwichhands, saladhands, butchers, sommeliers, counter staff and baristas.

Who can use Cheap Printed Aprons as Promotional Items?

Branded aprons make effective premium giveaways or promotional sales items across a range of businesses in the retail sector. Kitchenware, homewares, barbeque and outdoor, providores, and kitchen appliance sellers will all find that branded aprons are great promotional items.

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