Buy Personalised Clothing for Babies and Toddlers

We supply high-quality babies’ custom-branded clothing delivered Australia wide for an affordable price, imprinted with your company’s unique logo or design. Perfect for a business that directly or indirectly caters to babies and toddlers, our promotional clothing for infants will elegantly display your custom brand while being cute and comfortable for the little ones.

Use this fantastic opportunity to fill the niche for promotional baby clothing, reward clients who are involved in the baby industry, child care or medical roles, or offer these amazing products as exquisite gifts for baby showers or birthdays. However you decide to use these adorable custom-printed toddler clothing, you can be confident to augment your brand’s reputation and increase positive recognition amongst the community, no matter what product or service you provide.

Australia Wide Fast Delivery in Bulk 

We stock our infants’ promotional clothing locally and brand them here in Australia, so you can always expect professional service, consistently rapid turnaround times and quick delivery to all states and territories. Give our friendly staff a call today to find an affordable deal on our amazing custom-branded clothing range for your store or campaign, and have them promptly delivered to your location wherever you are in Australia.

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  1. Promotional Rabbit Ear Hat
    Promotional Rabbit Ear Hat
    From $ 8.92
    This extra little ear will make your love one looks even cuter. Learn More
  2. Promotional Baby Hat
    Promotional Baby Hat
    From $ 9.04
    This embroidered hat will give your love one extra warmth in Winter. Learn More
  3. Promotional Baby Bib
    Promotional Baby Bib
    From $ 9.04
    A quality bib to stop expose your baby to harmful chemicals. Learn More
  4. Promotional Bigger Size Bib
    Promotional Bigger Size Bib
    From $ 10.23
    With this bib, you will have a hassle free feeding time with your baby. Learn More
  5. Promotional Babies Short Sleeve T Shirts
    Promotional Babies Short Sleeve T Shirts
    From $ 13.90
    No matter how fast your baby grows, we will always have t shirt that can fit your baby. Learn More
  6. Branded Babies Pants
    Branded Babies Pants
    From $ 12.24
    Made from quality cotton give no harm to your baby. Learn More
  7. Printed Babies Hooded Blanket
    Printed Babies Hooded Blanket
    From $ 14.62
    A nice warm printable blanket that will keep your love one warm all the time. Learn More
  8. Printed Babies Long Sleeve T-shirts
    Printed Babies Long Sleeve T-shirts
    From $ 15.93
    This branded shirt is very comfortable to wear and free from harmful chemicals. Learn More
  9. Custom Babies Singlet
    Custom Babies Singlet
    From $ 15.58
    These promotional Baby singlet is fantastic to wear in different weather. Learn More
  10. Custom Kids Raglan T Shirts
    Custom Kids Raglan T Shirts
    From $ 16.05
    Two tone t shirts that are made from organic cotton. Learn More
  11. Branded Babies Short Sleeve Romper
    Branded Babies Short Sleeve Romper
    From $ 18.85
    These rompers will be wildly love by babies across different age. Learn More
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Quality Printed Infant Promotional Clothing

We use the latest in printing techniques and technologies to emblazon your unique, custom graphics onto the personalised baby clothing of your choice, and ensure that your brand’s logo stylishly stands out while not being too over-the-top. Select where you want your design printed on the item, for a truly customised piece of clothing, and gain exposure for your brand through our high-quality inks and materials which will display your trademark in a great light. While we recommend visual subtlety in branding to achieve a minimalistic yet charming appearance, we can accommodate to any design ideas you may have.

The team at Promotional Items remain the acknowledged experts in Australia when it comes to printing your logo or graphics onto this range of delightful promotional baby clothing, and as always, we guarantee the quality of our work so you can be confident to receive superior, decorated infants’ clothing whenever you order from us.

Babies’ Custom-Branded Clothing Quality Woven

All of the babies’ promotional apparel in our catalogue are woven with 100% combed organic cotton, which is created by specially amending cotton fibres before they are spun into yarn. Using complex treatment processes, this textile is cleared of any impurities or contamination before being softened, creating a premium fabric which is both silky to the touch and visually appealing.

Additionally, the combed cotton used in this range of clothing is organically enhanced and made without using chemical fertilisers and pesticides, ensuring that there are absolutely no allergenic or toxic remnants in the completed product, unlike regularly grown and manufactured cotton. This makes our custom-printed clothing perfect for keeping babies’ sensitive skin hygienic, as well as keeping them comfortable and looking adorable for long periods of time.

How to Use Customised Baby Clothing

Whether your involved with a business that deals with babies and toddlers, or want to reward someone in the medical or childcare business, our custom-printed clothing can help you make a real statement without the unnecessary extravagance of a flashy campaign. Ideal for online and physical retail stores, childcare centres, newborn and infant photographers, or brands wanting to fill the niche for promotional baby clothing, this range of apparel is high-quality, affordable, and most importantly, can inject confidence into your business, transforming it into a reputable and highly marketable brand name. To take advantage of this unique marketing tool, give our friendly staff a ring to receive an unbeatable deal you won’t find elsewhere.

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