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We supply an extensive range of high-quality, small-to-medium sized promotional umbrellas and ponchos Australia-wide for an affordable price, personalised with your brand’s unique logo or design. With Australia’s unpredictable weather, unforeseen showers and scorching heat surprising us at the most inconvenient of times, having a small umbrella by your side can save you from a lot of worry and distress (not to mention colds and sunburn).

When you provide your customers with a compact promotional umbrella, you are not only aiding them to avoid situations such as these, but also boosting the exposure of your company’s message and increasing brand recognition amongst clients and potential customers by a significant margin. Quite unsurprisingly, with their huge canopies and sturdy construction, our customised umbrellas have proven to be one of the most popular promotional items in our catalogues time and time again, with their generous branding space, amazing functionality, incredible versatility and most importantly, their stylish, attention grabbing features which are certain to impress and attract your target audience to your brand.

With such a large variety of cheap, handy personalised umbrellas in our catalogue, it’s never been easier to select the product you require to suit your marketing needs and budget, no matter what product or service you provide.

Australian Orders Receive Quick Delivery

We stock our small promotional umbrellas locally and brand them with your custom logo here in Australia, so you can expect professional service, a rapid turnaround time, and fast delivery to all states and territories. Contact our friendly staff today to find an affordable deal on these appealing customised umbrellas for your next corporate event or marketing campaign, and have them promptly delivered to your location wherever you are in Australia.

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  1. Ponchos Branded for Events
    Ponchos Branded for Events
    From $ 6.09
    Essential for outdoor Events Learn More
  2. Wine Black Customised Fold Up Umbrella
    Customised Fold Up Umbrella
    From $ 11.10
    Value for money compact umbrella features unichrome steel 3 section shaft Learn More
  3. Budget Mid Sized Umbrella
    Budget Mid Sized Umbrella
    From $ 12.28
    Budget Mid Sized umbrella is the ideal promotional item for a large-scale marketing campaign Learn More
  4. Customised Opener Umbrellas
    Customised Opener Umbrellas
    From $ 15.07

    Best price guarantee

    Learn More
  5. Printable Manual Umbrella
    Printable Manual Umbrella
    From $ 14.54
    A compact promotional umbrella for the ladies. Learn More
  6.  Custom Logo Compact Umbrella
    Custom Logo Compact Umbrella
    From $ 14.83
    Compact automatic umbrella for the men. Learn More
  7. Personalised Compact Umbrella
    Personalised Compact Umbrella
    From $ 18.08
    Unisex automatic opening super mini umbrellas with a unichrome steel Learn More
  8. Personalised Logo Umbrella
    Personalised Logo Umbrella
    From $ 18.37
    Perfect compact umbrella for all Learn More
  9. Business Corporate Umbrella
    Business Corporate Umbrella
    From $ 19.14
    Folding umbella featuring a 5-section aluminium shaft, flat silver plastic handle and wrist strap Learn More
  10. Promotional Mini Umbrella
    Promotional Mini Umbrella
    From $ 17.37
    Unisex manual opening super mini umbrella Learn More
  11.  Aluminum Compact Umbrella
    Aluminum Compact Umbrella
    From $ 24.24

    For your next tradeshow, consider handing out this Aluminium Compact Manual Umbrella.

    Learn More
  12. Black Compact Pongee Promo Umbrella
    Compact Pongee Promo Umbrella
    From $ 24.68
    The ultra Compact Pongee Umbrella is a perfect addition to your company?s corporate giveaways. Learn More
  13. Light Compact Branded Umbrellas
    Light Compact Branded Umbrellas
    From $ 25.04
    Promotional umbrella to generate awareness for your company Learn More
  14. Printable Compact Umbrella
    Printable Compact Umbrella
    From $ 25.92
    Functionality and quality are factors which should be considered when choosing a corporate giveaway Learn More
  15. Twin Canopy Premium Golf Umbrella
    Twin Canopy Premium Golf Umbrella
    From $ 31.00
    Golf size, twin canopy, automatic opening folding umbrella Learn More
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20 Items

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Quality Personalised Umbrellas Logo Branded

The team at Promotional Items are the acknowledged experts in Australia for printing your custom logo or graphics onto the portable custom-branded umbrella of your choice. Whether you choose the fold-up printed umbrella, branded compact umbrella or the premium twin-canopy umbrella, we will supply the imprinted item you need at competitive rates, to help you effectively promote your brand and appeal to your target audience. Because we use the latest in printing techniques and technologies to emblazon your personalised graphics or logo onto each panel of these promotional umbrellas, you can be confident that you will remain a cut above the competition. To top it all off, we guarantee the quality of all our items, so you can be certain that you will receive superior customised umbrellas every time you order from us.

What Are Promotional Umbrellas Made From?

Depending on the custom-branded umbrellas you order, these items are made from uni-chrome steel, long-lasting aluminium, sturdy wood (or a combination of these constituents) and superior nylon taffeta with an acrylic coating, to result in that premium finish and build quality you have come to expect from any high-grade item. We utilise only the lightest, finest metals and fabrics, derived from sustainable and highly reputable suppliers, and assemble these branded umbrellas to the highest standard to ensure that you receive the best product possible for the money. Because the canopies of our promotional umbrellas are constructed using nylon taffeta, and supported by high-quality metal-coated ribs and tips that are resistant to corrosion and rust, you know that this is a high-end branded product made to last for years on end.

How Can You Use Small Customised Umbrellas?

When you purchase our personalised umbrellas, you will not only gain positive exposure for your brand, but spread trust and loyalty amongst your valued customers. There is nothing quite like giving your recipients a useful, practical item, and seeing the joy on their faces knowing that you’ve really helped them and your brand. Distribute these appealing, promotional umbrellas at corporate functions such as business conferences, seminars, tradeshows or meetings, or give your recipients a reason to smile at social gatherings like local festivals, fairs, parties, or literally any event you aspire to effectively promote your brand. Perfect for younger children, yet more than ideal for adults, wherever you decide to distribute these small branded umbrellas, you know that your brand and recipients alike will stand apart from the crowd when you gift them with these delightful promotional items. Effectively reward your valued clients and entice potential clients effortlessly with these fashionable yet sturdy promotional umbrellas, that are certain to easily capture the attention of onlookers for years on end. Give us a call today, and we can arrange an unbeatable deal on these fantastic personalised items, with rapid delivery so you can be ready at a moment’s notice to attract, impress and gratify at your next marketing event or campaign.

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