Tradeshow & Expo Giveaways

If you have been in the business for a while now, you know tradeshows and expos are a HUGE deal. These industry events are participated by all kinds of companies, big or small, start-up or established. The reason for their popularity probably lies in the fact that they are the perfect place where businesses can scope out their competitors and see what they got and how they compare.
Participation in these expos and trade events is also crucial for any business because they also create the opportunity to create brand awareness among potential customers. Most businesses forget that these events are also attended by plenty of consumers, many of whom would be easily impressed with the right tradeshow and expo giveaways.

Consider the following statistics based on research conducted by the Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR)
•    70% of tradeshow attendees plan on buying one or even more products
•    An average of 76% of attendees ask for a quote with 26% signing purchase orders
•    72% of attendees revealed that expos or tradeshows influence their decision to buy
•    87% percent of attendees pass the information gathered from the show with at least 64% of this group telling 6 or more people
•    It will be 22% cheaper to contact a potential customer at the tradeshow as compared to traditional sales calls

If you are not usually keen on participating in these tradeshows, the above numbers should be enough to convince you that they are worth your time and investment.  How to Make the Right Impression

You do not need to make a scene or even do an elaborate booth display to attract attention or interest. You will actually be surprised at how certain promo products can create a lasting impression. Here are some of our client favourites:

•    Printed Mugs
•    Promotional Metal Key Ring
•    Custom Post It Notes
•    Personalised USBs
•    Branded Stress Balls

More Tradeshow and Expo Success Tips
In addition to maximizing brand exposure by handing out promotional products, tradeshows and expos are also the perfect venue to create a personal relationship with potential customers or make them want to visit you again. You can do any of the following:

•    Offer gift certificates or discount coupons for future products
•    Hand out raffle prizes for attendees who visited your booth
•    Send out invites before the tradeshow with promises of a special prize redeemable at your booth

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