World's Coolest Promotional Items

Cool yet practical?  Weird but wonderful.  That’s right, promotional products can be classified as cool.  In fact there are many products available in our industry that is cool, weird,  strange, yet effective as a marketing tool.  Any why is it effective? Because its soo cool people just want to see it, have it and facebook or tweet the about it!  Here are what we think are the

Top 5 Cool Promotional Items

1. Drencher Squirt Gun
Got an outdoor event, water related, kids related?  This cool water squirt gun may be the one to chill everyone out!   Just pull the trigger!

coolest promo items

2.  Spaghetti Yo Yos
Not your ordinary yo yo.  This one has got spaghetti hairs. Colorful and balls of fun  with rubber hairs/strands.

promotional yo yos

3.  Popper Guy
Need a good laugh?  Need to express emotions?  Press or squeeze the Popper Man down and he will spring up about 5 feet in the air. The head is made from soft foam and comes in 4 different facial expressions. Can be launched off almost any surface, even your palm.

cool promo products

4. Handsfree Sets
Mobile phones started of being big as a brick.  Then they just got smaller.  Now it seems big is in again!.   So why not traditional handsets.   Make a  statement with your next phone call!  Available in Australia and from us.
printable phone handset

5.  Cool Wrist Watch with USB
Comes in funky colours, this silicon wrist watch will enable you to carry your flash drive with you all the time.  This durable silicone USB watch has built-in TF card slot, LED display shows the time, date, total capacity and remaining memory capacity.  Charge up the internal battery with USB port.  Available in Australia and from us!
cool promotional watches

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