Promotional Badges and Pass Card Holders

We supply a wide range of high-quality custom badges and pass holders in bulk all over Australia for an affordable price, imprinted with your company’s logo or design. Whenever there’s a big function or event, there’s always a need to be recognised – whether it’s a staff member who needs to be recognised by security, or an employee who needs to be distinguished by your customers. Handy promotional badges and identification card holders are a simple, affordable way to effortlessly help identify an individual’s duty or responsibility to another person.

Whether it’s a customised retracting pass card holder or a personalised button badge of any shape, we will supply the imprinted badge or card pass holder that you need for your business to help you promote your brand and appeal to your clients. We even brand your logo onto club cards for identification to an organisation, society or club. With such a large variety of brandable badges in our catalogue, it’s easy to be spoilt by choice when promoting your company to potential customers.

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Security Badge Holders Imprinted with Your Brand

The Promotional Items team are the undeniable experts in Australia for printing or engraving your custom logo or design onto the badge or security card holder of your choice. The rounded surface and various shapes available on these personalised badges really stand out when you decorate them with your brand’s graphics, helping your logo to be easily appreciated by clients and potential customers alike. We even guarantee all our work, so you can be certain to receive a quality, well-branded promotional badge or identification card holder.

What is a Badge Holder?

A badge holder is a small device that comes with a self retractable reel. At one end, there is a small clip that attaches to a security badge to enable access pass security doors. The pass can be extended and retracted for convenient access through security automatic locking doors.

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  1. Medium Round Button Badge
    Medium Round Button Badge
    From $ 1.32
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  2. Large Rectangle Button Badge
    Large Rectangle Button Badge
    From $ 1.40
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  3. Medium Rectangle Button Badge
    Medium Rectangle Button Badge
    From $ 1.42
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  4. Small Round Button Badge
    Small Round Button Badge
    From $ 1.44
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  5. Oval Button Badge
    Oval Button Badge
    From $ 1.46
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  6. Large Round Button Badge
    Large Round Button Badge
    From $ 1.68
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  7. Round Badge Holders
    Round Badge Holders
    From $ 1.81
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  8. Badge holders with label custom branding
    Badge holders with label custom branding
    From $ 1.33
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  9. Square Pass Card Holders
    Square Pass Card Holders
    From $ 1.96
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  10. Heart Shaped Badge Card Holders
    Heart Shaped Badge Card Holders
    From $ 1.96
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  11. Carabiner Clip Retracting Badge Holder
    Carabiner Clip Retracting Badge Holder
    From $ 2.72
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What are Promotional Pass Card Holders Made From?

Depending on the promotional item you order, our imprinted badges and pass card holders are made from quality, long-lasting tin metal or durable, high-grade plastic to give you that peace of mind. Personalised identification card holders can hold almost any size of pass card, including the standard A6 (10cm×15cm) size or almost any other similar dimension, so that all your clients and potential customers can easily use these branded holders. These are industry proven identification badge holders that are suitable for holding plastic pass cards, as well as inserts of other materials and sizes.

Advantages of a Custom Badge or Pass Card Holder

Whether you need badges with long-term information like the name of your store, or something shorter such as a graphical design or artwork, we’ve got you covered for all your marketing and promotional needs at affordable prices. Help your clients and attract potential customers by gifting them with one of these personalised button badges or pass card holders, so that they always have a handy item to carry their identification with them. Our promotional badges and holders feature a generous amount of branding space, so your graphics or logo will have ample room to shine and get noticed by your target audience.

Where to Use a Promotional Button or Pass Card Holder?

These customised decorated badges or identification card holders can be used in almost any corporate or social situation, whether it be for staff or as promotional giveaways. Show your clients and potential customers that they are valued by distributing these personalised badges and identification card holders as promotional freebies at corporate events, expos and conferences. As well as this, distribute imprinted card holders or customised lanyards to really get noticed. Consider placing these amazing items on the reception desk or waiting area, where your clients can pick a few branded badges up for free, or disperse them across charities, schools, business and government departments, where your audience can really appreciate and make use of these personalised pass card holders or badges.

Quick Delivery for Bulk Orders

We stock our promotional badges locally and brand them here in Australia, allowing for quick turnaround time and fast delivery to all states and territories. Contact our friendly staff today to find an affordable deal on these appealing customised badges and pass card holders for your next corporate event or marketing campaign, and have them promptly delivered to your location wherever you are in Australia.

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