Best Promotional Items for Product Launches

Don't fall behind the rest of your industry. New product launches offer an opportunity to maximise your visibility in the market, which is why it's important to launch them in style and with a variety of promotional products to help attendees celebrate the event.


The Secret to Successful Product Launches

Any business would agree that a successful product launch requires three things: Positioning, Planning and Promoting.

  • Positioning – This is when you think of things which convince customers to buy. You need to position your product in such a way that it is clear what your message is and what benefits consumers will enjoy by making a purchase. This is developed from an understanding of what the market needs.
  • Planning – This involves setting your product launch goals. Whether it is selling as many as 100,000 products in 30 days or having 1000 customers sign up, it is important you know how to reach these figures. Make sure you have prepared the right tools and devised the right strategy to make these goals a reality. Keep in mind that you should also set realistic goals as this will help you come up with focused efforts which will lead to better results.
  • Promoting – Once you have positioned your product launch and made the necessary plans to meet your goals, the last step involves promoting --- not only the product launch but also the actual product. This is where practical marketing techniques come in. Strategies such as handing out promotional products exclusive for your product launch can go a long, long way. Your sales team need to think of promo items that are related to the product, will catch consumer attention and at the same time, are useful enough to be used every day so that you get to enjoy the exposure you need to make your product popular.

Top Promotional Merchandise for Product Launches

We've been working along side happy customers and businesses over the years on product launches, trade expo and conferences and we offer our very best recommendations and what's new in promotional products based on our client's needs including budget, corporate colours, theme and branding.  We aim to help make our customer event successful and well as the lead up being as stress-free as possible by offering our quality customer service expertise.  Among our best sellers they include:

Microfibre Cloths              Branded Confectionery            Promotional Fans and Clappers            Custom Button Badges

Microfibre cloths       Confectionery Giveaway                        Promotional Fans                       Custom Button Badges

Polos and Tees                 Printed Flags                Printed Tote Bags                     Promotional Pens

 navy polos           car flags     printed tote bags          new pens for promo launch

With the many choices available, you will surely enjoy finding the right product launch giveaways. We also have friendly sales representatives who are on standby and ready to offer their expertise and knowledge of promotional products so that you can come up with your own unique personalised items. Contact our team today for more information.

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