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We stock a large variety of plastic promotional keyrings, custom branded with your choice of text, images, graphics or logos. Trust Promotional Items and no-one else for custom printing on keyrings. We supply both the key ring product and the personalization that goes onto the keyring.

Australian Stock & Delivery

We stock key chains in Australia for fast delivery around the country. The standard delivery turnaround time for personalised key rings is seven working days.

Purchasing Process for Printed Key Rings

Buy your imprinted key ring online, or talk to an Australian sales consultant over the phone or via email. We reply immediately during weekdays between 9 - 5 pm.

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  1. Cheap Branded Carabiner Keyrings
    Cheap Branded Carabiner Keyrings
    From $ 0.97
    You will love this product Learn More
  2. 5cm Carabiner Keyrings
    5cm Carabiner Keyrings
    From $ 1.23
    Make these memorable bt branding your logo. Learn More
  3. Detachable Keyrings
    Detachable Keyrings
    From $ 1.30
    Branded with your corporate logo these will look great. Learn More
  4. Business Logo Printed Keyrings
    Business Logo Printed Keyrings
    From $ 1.10
    Buy this product with your logo in bulk to save money. Learn More
  5. Keyring Box Cutters
    Keyring Box Cutters
    From $ 1.50
    Fun and economical. Learn More
  6. Box Cutter Keyrings
    Box Cutter Keyrings
    From $ 0.96
    Buy this product with your logo in bulk to save money. Learn More
  7. 6cm Carabiner Keyrings
    6cm Carabiner Keyrings
    From $ 1.42
    Your recipient will love this promotional item. Learn More
  8. Push Button Keychain
    Push Button Keychain
    From $ 1.46
    Promotional items at a terrific price Learn More
  9. Buckles Keytags
    Buckles Keytags
    From $ 1.46
    Definitely will attract a lot of positive attention. Learn More
  10. Round Ended Acrylic Keytags
    Round Ended Acrylic Keytags
    From $ 1.47
    Get fantastic marketing exposure with this neat product. Learn More
  11. Clear Insert Square Keychain
    Clear Insert Square Keychain
    From $ 1.56
    Amazing low price. Check it out. Learn More
  12. Horse Shaped Keyring
    Horse Shaped Keyring
    From $ 1.59
    Ask about getting this product made in your colour. Learn More
  13. Keyring & Phone Chair with Stylus
    Keyring & Phone Chair with Stylus
    From $ 1.10
    Ideal Promotional Gift Learn More
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How We Imprint Onto Keyrings

We personalise plastic key rings by using the latest print equipment. Specifically, key chains made from plastic are branded using either Pad Printing, digital printing, or dome resin branding.

  • Pad printed plastic keyrings is the most popular way to personalise key rings. The print results always look good, and the process is cheap. The disadvantage with pad printing is that it allows for only up to 4 spot colours.
  • Digitally Printed Keyrings, is a print process that allows a full-colour print onto plastic keyrings.
  • Dome resin branding is becoming more popular as a way to decorate onto keyrings. It involves a full-colour sticker, that is applied directly to the product. This sticker has a raised surface with a transparent dome to protect your graphics.

All branding, done by Promotional Items is guaranteed, so be assured, that you will always receive a quality professionally printed product.

Why Choose Keyrings as a Promotional Product?

Plastic Keyrings are an ideal promotional product because they are cheap and extremely versatile. They are appropriate for use in almost any application. If distributing a freebie gift to a large number of guests is important than key rings need to be on your short-list of products.

How To Use a Keyring

To use a keyring properly, you will need to have a set of keys that have a hole punched onto the end of the key. To use a key ring, simply run your finger along the metal loop of the keyring, identify where the loop begins (or ends) and gently lift the loop. Slide your key, under the loop and continue pushing the key, until it is passed the loop overlap.

What is a Plastic Keyring

A plastic key ring features a plastic body which is attached to a metal ring. The metal ring is used to secure a key. The amazing thing about a keyring is that it can attach several keys at once which makes them extremely convenient and it helps in preventing your keys from getting lost. A keyring would be able to hold up to 10 keys.

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