Promotional Cooler Bags

Get your logo, custom printed onto a cooler bag, personalised with your graphics or logos. Our cooler bags are perfect for use all year round, to help keep your contents insulated and at the temperature that you need.

Brand Your Logo on Cooler Bags

The team at Promotional Items are experts when it comes to branding onto cooler bags in Australia. Our bags all feature a large blank area that is personalised with your logo using either:

  • Pad Printing (for spot position prints)
  • Screen Printing (for larger print areas)
  • Direct Digital Full-Colour print (for photo quality branding of your logo)
  • Embroidery for the decoration of your logo using thread.

All our branding is done in-house, using the state of the art branding equipment, to ensure your logo looks great.

Cooler Bags Emblazoned with your Logo Fast

As all our chiller bags are stocked locally and branded in-house, we can provide you with a speedy turnaround time for all purchase orders of cooler bags. The turnaround time is five working days plus delivery to any Australian location of your choice.

Big Range of Personalised Chiller Bags

We carry an extensive range of cooler bags in a variety of sizes, colours as well as insulation thicknesses. We also cater for all budgets and have cheap promotional cooler bags, as well as personalised premium chiller bag options too.

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  1. Bulk Branded Cooler Bags Colourful
    Bulk Branded Cooler Bags Colourful
    From $ 5.70

    We add your logo

    Learn More
  2. Nayeli Waterproof Cooler Bags
    Nayeli Waterproof Cooler Bags
    From $ 7.76

    Promotional items with your logo

    Learn More
  3. Tall Cooler Bags
    Tall Cooler Bags
    From $ 11.83
    Hip & Stylish Learn More
  4. Arctic 20L Insulated Cooler Bags
    Arctic 20L Insulated Cooler Bags
    From $ 16.32

    Perfect for giveaways

    Learn More
  5. Folding Cooler Shop Bags
    Folding Cooler Shop Bags
    From $ 12.94
    Printed cooler bag with custom branded logo Learn More
  6. Sporty Promo Coolers
    Sporty Promo Coolers
    From $ 16.38
    Discounted cooler bags for bulk purchase Learn More
  7. Picnicers 2 person Custom Cooler bag
    Picnicers 2 person Custom Cooler bag
    From $ 13.17
    Exclusive cooler bag corporate giveaway bulk buy Learn More
  8. Marceille PE Insulated Cooler Bags
    Marceille PE Insulated Cooler Bags
    From $ 19.23

    High-quality personalised bags

    Learn More
  9. The Roo Custom Cooler bags
    The Roo Custom Cooler bags
    From $ 13.45
    Budget cooler bag screen printed bulk purchase Learn More
  10. Compartment Cooler Lunch Bag
    Compartment Cooler Lunch Bag
    From $ 17.13
    Keep your meal hot Learn More
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Quality Insulation for Hot or Cold Contents

Our cooler bags are insulated to enable temperature for contents to be maintained. Cold items will be kept more chilled for longer, and hot items will be kept at a warmer temperature for longer. All our chiller bags feature insulation through the use of, foam and PVC lining.

Tips on Using Our Chiller Bags

When using our chiller bags, consider using having a hot or cold pack, pre-packaged into the compartment before you place your items. This will enable the contents to be kept at your desired temperature for a longer amount of time.

Suggested Uses for Custom Printed Insulated Bags

We carry insulated bags in all sorts of shapes and sizes to cater for almost any occasion.

Smaller Lunch Coolers

Small Coolers, are perfect for daily use to carry lunch packs. Students and workers will love the size of these bags. Use them to keep lunches hot or cold.

Medium Sized Printed Coolers

Medium cooler bags are an ideal size for daily use as a larger lunch bag, or as a bag for grocery shopping. They are large enough to be used as picnic bags. If you were considering a promotional chiller bag, the medium sized bags would be your ideal option.

Large Sized Personalised Chiller Bags

The larger sized chiller bags are the best alternative for large picnics as well as a bag for product promotion distribution. For example, if you are handing out food sampling to the general public, a large sized chiller bag would be ideal.

What is a Chiller Bag?

A chiller bag is a special type of bag that is made to ensure the contents are kept at either a cold or hot temperature environment. A cooler bag can achieve this by insulating the temperature within the bag away from the temperature outside of the bag. Modern uses for chiller bags include drinks, meat, meals, fruit, vegetables and other food items. Other chiller bags uses include using them for photography equipment as well as medical equipment too.

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