Promotional Sticky Notes

We sell promotional sticky notes, custom-branded with your company logo or message. As Australia's number 1 supplier of wholesale promotional products in bulk, Promo Planet offers the best deals and lowest prices on sticky notes, perfect for office use, educational settings, and marketing campaigns. These sticky notes are key for note-taking and brand visibility, merging practicality with cost-effective promotion.

Handy & Versatile

Sticky notes are the ultimate tool for scribbling down notes, reminders or leaving messages. They stick anywhere and come off clean, making them essential in any office or study space. Plus, with custom designs, they're a fun way to keep your brand in plain sight!

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  1. Custom Bookmark Ruler and tabs
    Custom Bookmark Ruler and tabs
    From $ 1.22
    Brand your logo onto this product for amazing brand exposure. Learn More
  2. Circle Bookmark Ruler with Noteflags
    Circle Bookmark Ruler with Noteflags
    From $ 1.22
    Ask us for a free virtual mock up of this product with your logo. Learn More
  3. House Bookmark Ruler with Noteflags
    House Bookmark Ruler with Noteflags
    From $ 1.22
    Great quality at an everyday low price. Learn More
  4. Car Bookmark Ruler with Noteflags
    Car Bookmark Ruler with Noteflags
    From $ 1.22
    Always a great choice when you need a promotional item that will brand your logo clearly. Learn More
  5. Personalised Sticky Notes 5x7.5cm
    Personalised Sticky Notes 5x7.5cm
    From $ 0.84

    Mini personalised sticky notes.

    Learn More
  6. Printed Sticky Notes 7x7.5cm
    Printed Sticky Notes 7x7.5cm
    From $ 1.11

    Sticky notes with your logo. Simple & effective promotional marketing.

    Learn More
  7. Promotional Sticky Notes 10x7cm
    Promotional Sticky Notes 10x7cm
    From $ 1.09
    Printed sticky notes in a very practical and economical size. If you want one that Learn More
  8. Printed Sticky Notes 7.5x7.5cm
    Printed Sticky Notes 7.5x7.5cm
    From $ 1.05
    The most popular printed post it notes personalised with your branding. Learn More
  9. Custom Sticky Notes 10x7.5cm
    Custom Sticky Notes 10x7.5cm
    From $ 1.09
    The 2nd most popular style of promotional sticky note. Made in Australia Learn More
  10. Sticky Notes 10x10cm
    Sticky Notes 10x10cm
    From $ 1.30
    Perfect square shaped sticky notes amazing value and Australian made Learn More
  11. Promotional Sticky Notes 15x7cm
    Promotional Sticky Notes 15x7cm
    From $ 1.33
    Large rectangle printable stickynotes. Your choice of landscape or portrait orientation Learn More
  12. Sticky Notes 15x10cm
    Sticky Notes 15x10cm
    From $ 2.18
    Landscaped promotional sticky notes allow for your branded logos to be printed to suit your graphic orientation Learn More
  13. Custom Sticky Notes 12.5x7.5cm
    Custom Sticky Notes 12.5x7.5cm
    From $ 1.71
    Custom Extra long sticky notes for busy people. Bigger area means bigger branding area for your event or company logo. Learn More
  14. Sticky Notes 10x15cm
    Sticky Notes 10x15cm
    From $ 1.71
    Portrait brandable sticky notes are excellent to allow your graphic to be printed the way you designed it. Learn More
  15. Branded Sticky Notes 20x7.5cm
    Branded Sticky Notes 20x7.5cm
    From $ 1.75
    A branded sticky pad this size is more of a jotter than a mere pad. Supurb for not just writing but also drawing pictures too! Learn More
  16. Promotional Sticky Notes 15x7.5cm
    Promotional Sticky Notes 15x7.5cm
    From $ 1.78
    A very practical promotional sticky note at a size which is neither too big nor too small. Learn More
  17. Customised Notepad Flag Set
    Customised Notepad Flag Set
    From $ 2.55
    Unbeatable value for money. This item should be high on your list. Learn More
  18. Sticky Notes 20x10cm
    Sticky Notes 20x10cm
    From $ 2.14
    Customised stickynote or jotter this size is perfect for both uses Learn More
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Branding Methods

We use the following methods to customise our products in bulk quantities:

-Screen Printing (perfect for up to 4 spot-coloured prints)

-Digital Printing  (the option to use for full-coloured digital prints)

-Pad Printing (print up to three colours)

Why Choose Promotio Planet?

Boasting more than 18 years in the business, we stand as the leading provider of custom-branded promotional items, earning the trust of clients with our commitment to competitive pricing, exceptional value, outstanding customer service, and extensive product selection.

-Carbon Neutral

-ISO9001 Quality Management Certified

-Australian Owned

-4.95 Star Reviews

-Trusted yearly by over 4,500 Australian organisations

Get Your Brand Noticed with Custom Sticky Notes

Boost your brand's presence with our promotional products, great for trade shows, corporate events, or conferences. These cards combine practicality with style, offering a visible platform for your brand's message.

Kickstart your path to a memorable brand impact with our elite custom-printed sticky notes, serving all of Australia, including major cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, and Brisbane, as well as regions like Canberra, Hobart, the Gold Coast, Adelaide, and Darwin.

Reach out to our sales team now to explore your options and learn how we customise any product to suit your needs.

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