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We supply a wide range of cheap, promotional business shirts delivered Australia wide for an affordable price, customised with your brand’s logo or design. In any corporate situation, impressions indisputably have a lasting impact – therefore, we offer our fantastic range of custom-branded business apparel to help you make a resounding impression on your clients. Stylish and trendy, yet highly professional, these personalised business uniforms combine the perfect blend of fashion and formal wear, by using quality materials to create a line of promotional apparel ideal for generating a highly credible brand identity and gaining positive recognition amongst the wider community. With the excellent variety of colours, sizes and designs featured in our catalogue, it’s easy to select the customised business wear you need to suit your budget and marketing requirements.

Quality Brand Printing onto Personalised Shirts

We make sure that your customised design or graphics genuinely stand out from the competition when we use the latest printing techniques and technologies to imprint or embroider your brand’s logo onto promotional apparel of your choice. Whether you choose from our stylish Chambray range, professionally-branded Checked Long-sleeve shirts, or the Urban customised shirt variety, you know you’re getting affordable yet high-quality promotional apparel that is certain to impress your clients and emphasise your brand’s message whatever the situation, whenever the time.

The team at Promotional Items remain the undeniable experts when it comes to printing your custom brand onto this amazing line of promotional business shirts, and as always, we guarantee the quality of our work so you can be confident to receive superior, well-branded clothes whenever you order from us.

Order in Bulk to Enjoy Fast Delivery Australia Wide

We stock our promotional business clothing locally and brand them here in Australia so that you can expect professional service, a rapid turnaround time and quick delivery to all states and territories. Give our friendly staff a call today to find an affordable deal on our amazing custom-branded range of corporate wear for your next event or campaign, and have them promptly delivered to your location wherever you are in Australia.

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  1. Woven Corporate Branded Shirts
    Woven Corporate Branded Shirts
    From $ 28.56
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  2. Short Sleeve Corporate Shirts
    Short Sleeve Corporate Shirts
    From $ 29.80
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  3. Long Sleeve STG Shirts
    Long Sleeve STG Shirts
    From $ 31.58
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  4. Long Sleeve Corporate Shirts
    Long Sleeve Corporate Shirts
    From $ 31.52
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  5. Pins Personalised Shirts
    Pins Personalised Shirts
    From $ 35.28
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  6. Bio Pin Stripe Shirt Long Sleeve Ladies
    Bio Pin Stripe Shirt Long Sleeve Ladies
    From $ 35.28

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  7. LeMans Cotton Shirt
    LeMans Cotton Shirt
    From $ 39.14
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  8. Ep Embroidered Work Shirts
    Ep Embroidered Work Shirts
    From $ 39.64
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  9. Ep Embroidered Ladies Work Shirts
    Ep Embroidered Ladies Work Shirts
    From $ 39.64
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How Can Customised Uniforms Help Your Brand?

Most brand strategies discount the importance of promotional corporate clothing, regardless of their field or industry. Our branded business wear is the perfect solution to develop a brand identity in the highly-competitive commercial industry and to boost your brand’s professional image to new heights. Brand identity is combining all the visual components of a business and forming it into a highly advantageous image, which reflects the value the company tries to convey to its customers. Your unique logo or design that we print onto these promotional business shirts act as a significant, visible form of brand identity that is arguably one of the most important aspects to shape your image, build valued brand loyalty, and shine apart from your competition.

As well as this, strengthen your staff’s morale, determination and pride while encouraging professional behaviour in the workplace, to create a proficient and specialized environment which benefits both employees and customers alike. With the clean lines, polished look and comfortable nature of these well-tailored, custom-printed clothing items, your staff and colleagues can look sharp and spotless in the office or elsewhere for the entire day.

What Are Promotional Business Shirts Made From?

Depending on the customised business wear you order, our shirts are spun from only the highest quality polyester, 100% natural cotton, or a polyester-cotton blend which combines the advantages of both materials. As well as allowing our branded business shirts to be durable and long-lasting in rain or shine, these specially-chosen fabrics make this apparel inexpensive to make, so you know you will be purchasing an affordable product that will impress your customers no matter what, and help your brand gain exposure and entice potential customers to your company time and time again.

Where to Use Customised Business Apparel

Whether you require promotional business shirts just for your everyday office needs or require some for everyone in your company, we’ve got you covered. Our competitive rates and superior quality mean that you don’t have to think twice when you order from us, and you can confidently utilise this branded business wear wherever and whenever the situation demands it. Tailored, comfortable and stylish, our customised apparel can be worn to tradeshows, speeches, business conferences, seminars – practically any formal or semi-formal event where you want to promote your brand and gain recognition through professionalism and an irrefutable brand image. Contact our friendly staff today to order these amazing promotional business shirts today!

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