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We supply a wide range of long-lasting promotional clothing, ideal for the hospitality industry, personalised with your brand’s unique logo or design. The hospitality business is a very competitive and economic-hungry one, in which every promotional advantage counts in making or breaking a business. With this in mind, we offer our extensive and cost-effective range of promotional workwear specifically designed for the needs of the high-pressure hospitality trade. Our large variety of custom-branded clothing for work comes in a creative range of different styles, designs and colours, so that you can easily select the apparel you need to have your staff looking good, being comfortable, and positively projecting your brand in the kitchen and the dining floor. With such a diverse array of personalised workwear in our catalogue, it’s never been easier to choose the custom-branded clothing you require to suit your personal marketing needs and budget.

Quality Printing for Custom-Branded Uniforms

We use the latest printing techniques and technologies to decorate your unique, custom graphics or artwork onto the promotional workwear of your choice, and ensure that your brand’s logo has ample room to shine and stand out when it matters the most. We use various printing techniques to emblazon your personalised design onto these quality garments, ranging from a discrete custom patch to a substantial, full-colour printed image. Effortlessly pick the style that suits your area of work or industry so your staff are comfortable and well-dressed in their field of action, and impress clients at the same time. When you provide us with your custom graphics, we will transform simple t-shirts, pants or hats into significant symbols that represent the quality that your brand provides to its customers.

The team at Promotional Items remain the acknowledged experts in Australia when it comes to printing your custom brand onto these amazing line of promotional uniforms, and as always, we guarantee the quality of our work so you can be confident to receive the best quality customised workwear when you order from us.

Bulk Orders Get Fast Delivery In Australia

We stock our hospitality-based promotional clothing locally and brand them right here in Australia, so you can expect professional service, a rapid turnaround time and quick delivery to all states and territories. Contact our friendly staff today to find an affordable deal on our affordable custom-branded workwear for your next event or campaign, and have them promptly delivered to your location wherever you are in Australia. 

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  1. Bow Tie
    Bow Tie
    From $ 6.21
    Served to perfection Learn More
  2. Chefs Custom Scarf
    Chefs Custom Scarf
    From $ 5.79
    Garnish to finish Learn More
  3. Food Preperation Hats
    Food Preperation Hats
    From $ 8.79
    Prepared right Learn More
  4. Chefs Custom Caps
    Chefs Custom Caps
    From $ 9.21
    Garnish to finish Learn More
  5. Ladies Chef Polo Shirts
    Ladies Chef Polo Shirts
    From $ 16.08
    From prep to service Learn More
  6. Chef Polo Shirts
    Chef Polo Shirts
    From $ 17.80
    From prep to service Learn More
  7. Food Preperation Tunics Short
    Food Preperation Tunics Short
    From $ 22.52
    Prepared right Learn More
  8. Chefs Velco Hat
    Chefs Velco Hat
    From $ 24.24
    Top it off Learn More
  9. Chefs Button
    Chefs Button
    From $ 24.66
    Garnish to finish Learn More
  10. Ladies Hospitality Shirts
    Ladies Hospitality Shirts
    From $ 25.44
    Service with a smile Learn More
  11. Hosptiality Shirts Long
    Hosptiality Shirts Long
    From $ 28.88
    Service with a smile Learn More
  12. Food Preperation Tunics Long
    Food Preperation Tunics Long
    From $ 26.37
    Prepared right Learn More
  13. Bow Tie 5 Pack
    Bow Tie 5 Pack
    From $ 31.53
    Served to perfection Learn More
  14. Striped Chef Pants
    Striped Chef Pants
    From $ 28.87
    Prime cuts Learn More
  15. Waiters Vest
    Waiters Vest
    From $ 28.87
    Served to perfection Learn More
  16. Elastic Catering Pants
    Elastic Catering Pants
    From $ 30.58
    Prime cuts Learn More
  17. Chefs Embroidered Jackets Short
    Chefs Embroidered Jackets Short
    From $ 33.24
    All the right ingredients Learn More
  18. Elastic Cargo Pants
    Elastic Cargo Pants
    From $ 33.24
    Comfortable, reliable and convenient Learn More
  19. Custom Branded Dust Coat
    Custom Branded Dust Coat
    From $ 33.24
    Prepared right Learn More
  20. Chefs Embroidered Jackets Long
    Chefs Embroidered Jackets Long
    From $ 34.96
    All the right ingredients Learn More
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20 Items

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Promotional Workwear Quality Manufactured

Depending on the promotional apparel you order, our custom clothing is stitched with a special blend of the highest quality cotton and polyester, allowing our industry-grade uniforms to be inexpensive to make, as well as durable and long-lasting in rain or shine. We and pride ourselves in using excellent, superior materials for all our products, and offer diverse printing options for our entire range. Create public awareness and generate that special “buzz” that every brand wants when people talk about their business, and efficiently promote your personalised message to your current clients as well as leaving a great impression on new audiences.

Where Can Personalised Hospitality Gear Be Used?

Because we stock a large assortment of promotional workwear, including Waiter’s Vests, Catering Pants, Chef’s Hats and Jackets and general hospitality uniforms for most industries, you can easily find the perfect customised clothing unique to your line of business, whether it be a restaurant, bar, café, hotel or brasserie, for all occupations. Our personalised workwear not only provides your employees and staff with a comfortable, high-quality uniform, but helps you promote the importance of health and hygiene, and spread your brand’s message to everyone who visits your business, effectively increasing your brand recognition and reputation amongst the wider community. Give our friendly staff a call today and find an amazing deal on these fantastic, promotional items!

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