Luxury Promotional Items

Luxury, luxurious, elegant, state of world design, desirable.
What other words come into your mind?  How would you define LUXURY?  Is It the feel, is it the look, or is it the price that determines a product to be a luxury item?   Is it a desire for something that’s not essential?

A diamond is a girl’s friend, a necessity which some may try to convince.  Often the male opposition will argue its a luxury item that’s not really not that necessary.  The lady may then say nor is that hundred thousand dollar sports car!

Whatever the definition, when it comes to promotional products with class, we have all different grades of cut!

Luxury items without the price tag

If your business has a healthy budget for printed items, with a desire to go for premium products without breaking the bank.  Here are some suggestions:
Faux Leather Products                 Embossed Journals               Maxwell  Williams Cups               Leather Bags                iphone Speakers                Fibreglass Umbrellas                 Parker Pens
Additional print positions and or colours can also make a simple promotional product become a luxury.  For instance a simple sports cap, customised with embroidery at the front, a change of colour to the peak, perhaps branded also on the back. Change the velcor to metal buckles.  This normally low cost item will appear extravgent and tasteful.

Absolute Premium Products

If state of the art is in your definition, then custom made products from scratch is a good consideration for you.  Not only will you be in control of the design, product colour and size.  Your business would be the first to show off the product.   However, with custom created products, there a minimum quantities.  Some do start on the high end, but products such as Flash Drives custom created can start at a low 100units.
For stocked luxury promotional items, then the following could be considered:

Italian leather compendiums                 Waterman Pens              Champagne Flutes                  Custom Watches               Leather  Travelgoods                 Wine Sets                   Premium Flash Drives

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