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Promotional stickers and bookmarks are some of the cheapest, most effective marketing products you can buy. Here at Promotional Items, we are Australia's most trusted supplier of custom printed bookmarks and stickers. We stock exclusive bookmarks; pad printed or digitally printed with your graphics and designs. We also supply a range of quality stickers and bookmarks made from premium quality paper for high-end promotional events. Order with the team at Promotional Items and enjoy vibrantly printed products for your next event or corporate function.

Buy in Bulk and Save

All our stickers and bookmarks are supplied directly to you from our factory. We sell all our products in large bulk volumes so that you will pay less for your purchase of promotional stickers or promotional bookmarks. Simply provide us with your logo or design for branding, and we'll provide an artwork proof for your approval. Once you're happy with the look, we invoice you and production begins upon payment. The larger the quantity ordered, the lower the price we can provide to you.

Fast Delivery for All Australian Orders

Promotional Items is Australian owned and operated, which is why we can provide great quality products for speedy two week turnaround times across the nation. We print all our products either in Australia or for large, bulk orders our Taiwan-based warehouse. Therefore if you need products at a low price, or with a fast turnaround time, Promotional Items always has you covered.

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  1. Glossy Stickers
    Glossy Stickers
    From $ 0.21
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  2. Printed Bumper Stickers 5x21cm
    Printed Bumper Stickers 5x21cm
    From $ 0.44
    Best value in class. Learn More
  3. Matt Stickers 9x5cm with Spot UV
    Matt Stickers 9x5cm with Spot UV
    From $ 0.21

    Printed in High Quality

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  4. Square Glossy Stickers 7.5cm
    Square Glossy Stickers 7.5cm
    From $ 0.27
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  5. Vinyl Sticker Squares 7.5cm
    Vinyl Sticker Squares 7.5cm
    From $ 0.45
    Amazing product for the low price. Learn More
  6. Vinyl Bumper Stickers Small
    Vinyl Bumper Stickers Small
    From $ 0.76
    Ask about the different colours available in this product. Learn More
  7. Vinyl Bumper Stickers Big
    Vinyl Bumper Stickers Big
    From $ 1.09
    Look no further if you need a quality product at a low price. Learn More
  8. Laminated Bookmarks
    Laminated Bookmarks
    From $ 1.25
    Fun and economical. Learn More
  9. Large Printed Bumper Sticker 7.5x21cm
    Large Printed Bumper Sticker 7.5x21cm
    From $ 0.57
    Make these memorable bt branding your logo. Learn More
  10. White Bookmark Magnifier
    White Bookmark Magnifier
    From $ 1.29
    You will love this product Learn More
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What are Customised Stickers?

Stickers are a great, fun way of getting your message out there. A sticker is just a piece of printed paper, usually glossy, that has a glue backing so that it can adhere to a variety of different surfaces. Customised promotional stickers are simply stickers designed to promote a product, service or organisation. People often attach stickers to car bumpers, bicycles, schoolbags, luggage, motorcycles, desks and phones, but really they can be stuck anywhere you like. Kids are especially fond of stickers, but few people are too old to enjoy these fun items.

What are Promotional Bookmarks?

Bookmarks are slim rectangles of thin cardboard. These help readers to keep their place in a book in between reading without dog-earing the pages or damaging the spine. Promotional bookmarks are simply bookmarks that have been imprinted with the logo, slogan or other branded artwork of a particular organisation.

Who Uses Promotional Stickers and Bookmarks?

Promotional stickers are beloved of people of all ages. Smaller stickers are used for decorating luggage, furniture and schoolbooks. Bumper stickers are larger stickers, designed to adhere to car bumpers, allowing your customers or supporters to show off their approval of your organisation and its message. Promotional bookmarks are not always seen so widely, but they tend to see a lot of use, helping to keep your organisation in the mind of their owners.

What Organisations Can Benefit from Customised Stickers and Bookmarks?

Small in size but big on brand-boosting, stickers and bookmarks make fantastic goody bag fillers and are an excellent choice when you need a cheap product that hits the mark. With an extremely low unit-price, these items are also lightweight and pack flat, helping to keep freight costs low. These items are popular with schools, universities, big and small businesses, community organisations, major expos, and government institutes. Put them in a show bag, hand them out to attendees, stick them to other promotional items, or include tucked into programmes - the uses are endless!

What Stickers and Bookmarks Promotional Items Provide?

We are experts in helping you print your promotional bookmarks and stickers and delivering them to your door – anywhere in Australia. We can print your bookmarks or stickers in anything from a simple two-colour design to full colour photographic printing. We provide several sizes of sticker, in a variety of grades of paper depending on whether you intend a short-term promotion or whether you want your stickers to last. Our bookmarks are also available in a range of styles with a variety of printing options.

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