Promotional Beanies

Promotional aprons are vital for professionals like chefs, baristas, and retail workers, protecting uniforms from spills and serving as excellent promotional tools due to their broad branding space. Promo Planet specialises in decorating workwear, ensuring high-quality aprons that showcase your logo or design, perfect for anyone in food service or retail environments.

Cosy & Customisable

Beanies are warm, knitted hats that fit snugly on the head, providing comfort and insulation against cold weather. Ideal for outdoor activities or casual wear, they can be customized with logos or designs, making them not only a practical accessory for warmth but also a stylish option for brand promotion.

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  1. Striped Custom Beanies
    Striped Custom Beanies
    From $ 6.69

    Winter Essential

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  2. Basic Branded Fleecy Beanie
    Basic Branded Fleecy Beanie
    From $ 6.99

    Classic beanie for warm season

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  3. Promotional Acrylic Beanie
    Promotional Acrylic Beanie
    From $ 9.09

    Most popular acrylic beanie

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  4. Logo Branded Polar Beanie
    Logo Branded Polar Beanie
    From $ 8.20

    100% polar fleece one sized beanie

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  5. Corporate Branded Beanie
    Corporate Branded Beanie
    From $ 8.80

    Perfect for winter or colder season

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  6. Embroidered Acrylic Beanies
    Embroidered Acrylic Beanies
    From $ 7.40

    Classic style acrylic beanie for daily wear

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  7. Knitted Acrylic Branded Beanies
    Knitted Acrylic Branded Beanies
    From $ 7.20

    100% acrylic stripe beanie

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  8. Cable Knit Fleecy Custom Beanies
    Cable Knit Fleecy Custom Beanies
    From $ 7.80

    Branded beanie for bulk purchase

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  9. Fleecy Embroidered Beanies
    Fleecy Embroidered Beanies
    From $ 18.14

    Winter essential

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  10. Full Colour Printed Beanies
    Full Colour Printed Beanies
    From $ 12.60

    Stunning finish

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  11. Personalised Knitted Beanies Bulk
    Personalised Knitted Beanies Bulk
    From $ 4.52

    Great winter gifts

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  12. Sports Beanies With Logo Emblem
    Sports Beanies With Logo Emblem
    From $ 8.14

    Expertly branded

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  13. Logo Decorated Cable Knit Beanies
    Logo Decorated Cable Knit Beanies
    From $ 6.81

    Boost your uniforms

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  14. Heather Beanies With Logo Branding
    Heather Beanies With Logo Branding
    From $ 5.45

    We add your logo

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Branding Methods 

Our beanies come with unique custom branding to suit your promotional requirements. We use the following methods to customise our products in bulk quantities:

-Screen Printing (perfect for up to 4 spot-coloured prints)
-Digital Printing  (the option to use for full-coloured digital prints)
-Embroidery (using thread to re-create logos)

Why Choose Promo Planet?

Boasting more than 18 years in the business, we stand as the leading provider of custom-branded promotional beanies, earning the trust of clients with our commitment to competitive pricing, exceptional value, outstanding customer service, and extensive product selection.

-Carbon Neutral
-ISO9001 Quality Management Certified
-Australian Owned
-4.95 Star Reviews
-Trusted yearly by over 4,500 Australian organisations

Stay Visible with Custom Beanies

Boost your brand visibility with custom-printed beanies. Ideal for conferences, client gifts, or team accessories, our custom beanies are a practical and fashionable choice for displaying your brand.

Begin your journey to making an impactful brand statement with our top-tier custom-printed beanies. Offering services across Australia, including Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Canberra, Hobart, Gold Coast, Adelaide, and Darwin.

Reach out to our sales team now to explore your options and learn how we can tailor printed beanies to suit your branding needs.

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