Promotional Beanies Printed with your Logo

Buy bulk promotional beanies custom printed with your design or logo. Promotional Items offers a wide range of beanies available in different materials such as acrylic, cotton, wool, and polar fleece. Our personalised beanies are great promotional items as a company uniform accessory, a freebie for customers, a winter holiday gift or a trade fair handout. Online pricing is listed in Australian dollars and includes GST.

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  1. Striped Custom Beanies
    Striped Custom Beanies
    From $ 6.69

    Winter Essential

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  2. Basic Branded Fleecy Beanie
    Basic Branded Fleecy Beanie
    From $ 6.99

    Classic beanie for warm season

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  3. Promotional Acrylic Beanie
    Promotional Acrylic Beanie
    From $ 9.09

    Most popular acrylic beanie

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  4. Logo Branded Polar Beanie
    Logo Branded Polar Beanie
    From $ 8.20

    100% polar fleece one sized beanie

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  5. Corporate Branded Beanie
    Corporate Branded Beanie
    From $ 8.80

    Perfect for winter or colder season

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  6. Embroidered Acrylic Beanies
    Embroidered Acrylic Beanies
    From $ 7.40

    Classic style acrylic beanie for daily wear

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  7. Knitted Acrylic Branded Beanies
    Knitted Acrylic Branded Beanies
    From $ 7.20

    100% acrylic stripe beanie

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  8. Cable Knit Fleecy Custom Beanies
    Cable Knit Fleecy Custom Beanies
    From $ 7.80

    Branded beanie for bulk purchase

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  9. Fleecy Embroidered Beanies
    Fleecy Embroidered Beanies
    From $ 18.14

    Winter essential

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  10. Full Colour Printed Beanies
    Full Colour Printed Beanies
    From $ 12.60

    Stunning finish

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  11. Personalised Knitted Beanies Bulk
    Personalised Knitted Beanies Bulk
    From $ 4.52

    Great winter gifts

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  12. Sports Beanies With Logo Emblem
    Sports Beanies With Logo Emblem
    From $ 8.14

    Expertly branded

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  13. Logo Decorated Cable Knit Beanies
    Logo Decorated Cable Knit Beanies
    From $ 6.81

    Boost your uniforms

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  14. Heather Beanies With Logo Branding
    Heather Beanies With Logo Branding
    From $ 5.45

    We add your logo

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16 Items

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We Pad Print and Stitch Beanies

Promotional Items, an Australian company, made a significant investment in the most advanced branding technology to guarantee that your brand is recognised as widely as possible. We use the following methods to print your company's logo on our beanies:

Pad printing: A cost-effective way to mass-produce branded beanies, pad printing allows you to print your logo or artwork in up to three (3) spot colours.

Embroidery: A method of stitching your name, logo, or artwork right onto the fabric.

Yes, We Deliver Australia-Wide

With our usual two-week turnaround, Promotional Items is confident that we can meet any of our customers' deadlines. It doesn't matter where you live in Australia; we'll ship to you! This also means that we accept orders with tight deadlines. Just reach out to our friendly customer service to assist you.

What is a Beanie?

Beanies are typically used in the winter to keep the wearer's head warm from the cold. However, it has become a must-have accessory in any season because of the influence of celebrities who wear it to enhance their style. In addition, custom-branded beanies make great freebies for schools and universities, winter sports events, or trade shows. The specified branding area on our promotional beanies is large enough to display your company's logo or marketing message.

Beanies as Custom Gifts

Keep your recipients snug during chilly months by gifting them branded beanies. Give these as gifts to your employees, especially those who work outside regularly, so they can stay warm. Show your support to your local sports team by providing them with a bunch of customised beanies. Don't pass up the opportunity to give this free to students at schools and universities since beanies with logos also appeal to the younger target market. Imagine the exposure your brand will receive when people wear beanies with your logo outdoors, where others may see them.

How to Care for Branded Beanies

Here are some pointers on how to care for branded beanies. Look at the care tag to ensure your beanie is safe for the washer. If the beanie is washing machine safe, put the beanie inside a pillowcase or laundry bag. Spin it on a moderate cycle while using a mild detergent and cool/warm water. Don't tumble dry beanies. It would be best if you hung up the hat to air dry.

FAQ on Beanies

Do you supply beanies with custom printing?

Yes, we sell custom branded beanies.

What is the minimum number of custom beanies I can order?

A minimum purchase quantity of 25 beanies is required per order.
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