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We put your logo onto stylish backpacks. Backpacks make fantastic custom promotional products for recipients of all ages and backgrounds. One of the most versatile and handy ways to get your belongings about, backpacks are not just for school kids anymore. Because they leave your hands free, backpacks are popular in all walks of life. They're great for carrying books, tools and equipment, papers and notes, computers, sporting equipment or just a lunchbox. Their hands-free nature makes them great for cyclists and motorcyclists, people who need to carry heavy equipment a long way or just those who need to negotiate public transport.

Decorated Branded Backpacks

We will print or embroider your logo onto one of our range of backpacks. Backpacks are the great do-anything and go-anywhere bag so why not let your students, clients or staff take your logo with them wherever they go? Our range of backpacks made of the highest quality materials and all feature large blank areas ready to be branded with your logo for marketing use.

We Delivery Backpacks in Bulk Australia Wide

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  1. Fold Up Backsacks With Event Printing
    Fold Up Backsacks With Event Printing
    From $ 3.39

    Perfect for events

    Learn More
  2. Alberta Custom Drawstring Backpack
    Alberta Custom Drawstring Backpack
    From $ 3.39

    Durable and stylish

    Learn More
  3. Tough Promotional Drawstring Bag
    Tough Promotional Drawstring Bag
    From $ 3.78
    Students love these Learn More
  4. Outback Drawstring Cinch Backpack
    Outback Drawstring Cinch Backpack
    From $ 3.99
    Huge storage capacity Learn More
  5. Personalised Sports Back Sacks
    Personalised Sports Back Sacks
    From $ 2.74
    Buy in bulk and save. Get your logo branded onto this bag today! Learn More
  6. Alpha Custom Drawstring Backpack
    Alpha Custom Drawstring Backpack
    From $ 4.62
    A classic style Learn More
  7. Event Printed School Bag
    Event Printed School Bag
    From $ 3.43
    Great gift option Learn More
  8. All Over Printed Backsacks
    All Over Printed Backsacks
    From $ 6.31

    Cheap and cheerful

    Learn More
  9. Gambier Drawstring Cinch Backpack
    Gambier Drawstring Cinch Backpack
    From $ 6.20
    Personalize your branding Learn More
  10. Drawstring Outdoor Backpack
    Drawstring Outdoor Backpack
    From $ 6.56
    Very convenient Learn More
  11. Designer Custom Satchel Bags
    Designer Custom Satchel Bags
    From $ 7.60
    Business essential Learn More
  12. Cooler Drawstring backpacks
    Cooler Drawstring backpacks
    From $ 6.56
    Double function cooler bag and backpacks. Amazing promo item for longlasting use! Learn More
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Items 1-24 of 75

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Budget and High-End Printed Backpacks

We have a huge range of backpacks available for branding with your logo, from low-cost drawstring packs to high-end waterproof backpacks suitable for corporate gifts.

  • Sports Backpacks
  • School Backpacks
  • University Backpacks
  • Corporate Backpacks
  • Cheap Backpacks
  • Waterproof Backpacks
  • and more. 

Customised Backpacks for Business

Promotional backpacks are a great way to get your brand out there and seen. Schools, colleges and universities will find they make great giveaways or even low-cost sales items. They also make great additions to staff uniforms for companies involved in deliveries, repair call-outs, or door-to-door sales -- check out our customised satchel range, too. Branded backpacks also make memorable and useful giveaways.

What is a Personalised Backpack?

A promotional backpack is a bag that is looped around the shoulders of a person. The bag allows items and contents to be carried around on the back of a person. A promotional backpack has a graphic or logo, personalised onto the front of the backpack. Our backpacks are personalised with your branding using, screen printing, embroidery or full-colour printing. The branding on the personalised backpack enables passers-by to see your logo, making a backpack perfect for marketing and brand awareness purposes. Our range of backpacks features a large empty blank space to allow you to custom brand your graphics.

Advantages of a Backpack

The advantage of a backpack is that it allows a wearer to carry a bag without the need for hands. This offers amazing convenience for commuters, bicycle riders or anyone that values convenience. Backpacks are also a stylish option to satchels and briefcases.

How To Wear a Backpack

A backpack typically has two long loops. To wear a backpack, hold the top of the bag in one hand. Using the other hand, loop your entire arm through the strap and onto your shoulder. Now that one side of the backpack is on your back, you can now use your other arm to loop through to the other strap. You will now have the backpack straps perfectly resting on your shoulders and the backpack resting against your back.

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