Promotional Items Australia Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy applies in addition to your legal rights as an Australian consumer. Please take a moment to read over this information to be fully aware of your privacy in relation to Promotional Items Australia.

Your Privacy is Important to Us

Information on Data Collected on this Website

By using this website, data may be collected in relation to:

  • Your navigation behaviour throughout this website
  • Subscriptions
  • Information collected when a purchase order is made inclusive of name and contact information.
  • Meta information inclusive of IP Address may also be collected via our website server.

What Do You Us This Data For?

  • To enable your experience on our website to be tailored to your needs.
  • Information used to enhance our website.
  • Information to enhance our customer service
  • Information used to send information (with your consent) to your email or telephone regarding your purchase order or requested information.

What Don't Your Use This Data For?

  • Data will be shared or onsold to any 3rd party (although meta information collated via the website server may be stored)
  • Where needed information will be released to comply with Australian law officials.
  • Other 3rd parties involved in supplying services to enable us to operate our website and to provide you with information will have access to relevant information.

Website Cookies

Cookies are utilised on this website (if allowed on your internet browser settings) to capture information.

Visitor Consent

By utilising this website, you consent to our privacy policy.

What Measures Do We Use to Protect Your Information?

Our servers will not store critical details inclusive of Credit Cards and other financial information. We regularly utilise modern technologies and security updates to our website to ensure your information remains secure. We take the privacy of our clients seriously, if you're unsure of anything related to the usage of your details please contact our team.

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