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We put your message on promotional chocolates. Chocolates are among our most popular option when it comes to delicious treats for a marketing event. Not only are chocolates a tasty confectionery option, but we are also able to customise them in unique ways to suit your promotional requirements. Chocolates are popular amongst people of all walks of life -- men and women, young and old, customers, clients or suppliers, who doesn't like a nice chocky now and then?

Possibilities for Advancing your Brand with Chocolates

We offer a whole range of ways that your organisation can get its message out -- chocolate style. These include:

  • Chocolate in custom branded packaging
  • Chocolate printed directly with an edible design
  • Chocolate featuring your design carved in a highlight chocolate colour (white/milk, dark/milk, white/dark)

Personalised Chocolates for Promotions

Tasty and memorable, our promotional chocolates will be a hit at your next event. Use them at your next conference, open day or trade show - just ensure you don't leave them in direct sunlight as they will melt. We're in Australia after all! If the temperature is an issue at your event or in your workplace, we suggest custom printed Smarties as the candy outer keeps the chocolate from melting. If it's too hot even for that, perhaps our jelly beans will make a suitable replacement.

Branded Chocolates Delivered

Wherever you are in Australia, we will deliver your branded chocolates right to your door. And with our fast 2-week standard turnaround, your chockies will be ready in plenty of time for yoru next big giveaway. Call us now for a quote.

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  1. Custom Branded Smarties
    Custom Branded Smarties
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    Authentic Nestle Smarties branded with your logo!

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