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We brand toffees with your organisational artwork. Toffees are a traditional sweet treat popular at business lunches, promotional events and school functions. With their rich taste, they're a flavour for more mature tastes than mints, and are more conducive to conversation than lollipops. Toffees are a perfect little treat -- they are served in small portions so as not to ruin your appetite and they go nicely with a cup of tea or coffee.

Customised Toffees for Business

With your slogan or proprietary artwork on them, toffees are a wonderful way to associate your brand with sweetness and sophistication. Use them as a fundraising product or as a small gift for your visiting clients. We supply delicious toffees in bulk with packaging tailored to feature your logo or slogan design. For very large orders, there is also the option of classy custom printed wrappers.

Branded Toffees Supplied Australia Wide

Here at Promotional Items, we are dedicated to providing Australian organisations with tasty confectionery featuring custom branding. We use techniques such as digital and pad printing to put your unique design on toffee packaging.  Just be careful not to let your toffees get too hot after they arrive, in the Aussie climate they've been known to melt in summer! We deliver toffees all over Australia including to Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne, Hobart, Darwin and Perth.

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  1. Half Litre Branded Container of Toffees
    Half Litre Branded Container of Toffees
    From $ 9.06
    For a product that is unique and functional we rekon this one is hard to beat. Learn More
  2. Custom Toffees in Cocktail Shaker
    Custom Toffees in Cocktail Shaker
    From $ 10.64
    Always a great choice when you need a promotional item that will brand your logo clearly. Learn More
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