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Our range of promotional kitchenware items are products used in food creation and service that we customise with your unique logo design. Knives, bowls, corkscrews, utensils and more – we brand them all with your logo and deliver them to your door, anywhere in Australia. All of these stylish, quality kitchen and household products will be printed with your logo when you order them in bulk from Promotional Items.

Branding Your Logo on Quality Kitchen Items

Send us your logo or other branded artwork in a vectorised EPS, vectorised PDF or hi-res JPEG format and we will print it onto the quality kitchen item of your choice. We use the latest in digital technology to show you what the finished product will look like before production begins. Then we use high-quality printing technology to ensure that the finished item meets your specifications.

Fast Delivery to Australian Locations

It doesn’t matter what state or territory you are in – our experienced couriers will deliver your kitchenware directly to your door. We offer the fast standard turnaround time of two weeks from your finalisation of artwork to delivery – ready for your next promotion.

Marketing Campaign Ideas for Custom Kitchen Goods

These household products make great gifts and marketing treats for a variety of events. Check out some suggestions below:

  • Cheese Platter and Cutting Boards make excellent prizes as well as premium business gifts
  • Spoons and Timers are perfect budget options for promotional goods in show bags
  • Bowls and Clocks make fine tip-on gifts and marketing incentives for large organisations
  • Bottle openers are a favourite at weddings, birthdays, and product launches
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  1. Printable Ice Scraper
    Printable Ice Scraper
    From $ 1.32
    Ask for a free mock up Learn More
  2. Tube Squeezer
    Tube Squeezer
    From $ 1.50
    Supurb quality printable merchandise at a low price. Learn More
  3. Eco Multi Tool Camping Utensil
    Multi Tool Eco Camping Utensil
    From $ 1.59

    Eco friendly promotional products

    Learn More
  4. Branded Gifts Sewing Kit
    Branded Gifts Sewing Kit
    From $ 1.53
    Handy sewing kit branded with your logo. Learn More
  5. Household Item Sealer and Clip
    Household Item Sealer and Clip
    From $ 1.84
    Find out more about this useful custom item. Learn More
  6. Lunchables Bamboo Sandwich Boxes
    Lunchables Bamboo Sandwich Boxes
    From $ 2.75

    Sustainable promotional items

    Learn More
  7. Sand Timer 5 Minutes
    Sand Timer 5 Minutes
    From $ 2.49
    Fun little promotional gift printed with your logo. Learn More
  8. Promotional Branded Ice Cream Scoop
    Promotional Branded Ice Cream Scoop
    From $ 2.97
    Everyone needs one right? Get your logo on this gift. Learn More
  9. Roma Pizza Cutter
    Roma Pizza Cutter
    From $ 2.95
    Awesome branded product that your recipients will love. Learn More
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What is Branded Bulk Kitchenware?

Cooking is more popular than ever – sometimes it seems like you can’t turn on the television without seeing yet another cooking show. Customised printed kitchen- and barware is a means of taking advantage of this trend by putting your logo onto attractive, quality items for use in the kitchen and bar. With a range of possibilities from cheap giveaways to high-end corporate gifts, kitchenware is a great way to keep your brand where people will see it.

What Kinds of Products Do We Brand at Promotional Items?

Promotional Items sources and brands an extremely diverse range of custom emblazoned items for the kitchen, bar and sideboard. Bar items include bottle openers and corkscrews, which can be engraved or pad-printed with your logo. For the kitchen we have a range of printable utensils, and also items such as tea-towels and knife bags. More concerned with presentation than preparation?

We offer quality service boards and bowls. Promotional Items prints, engraves or embroiders all of these items, right here in Australia, and ships it directly to your door, all in the fast turnaround time of two weeks. Whether you need a simple item with one-colour print, or premium goods in several colours, we can provide the items you need.

Where Is Custom Kitchenware and Barware Used?

Anywhere that people cook, drink or eat! Kitchenware is one class of item that people never seem to get enough of. It is something constantly in use, and it’s always good to have a spare or two of frequently used items. Because of this frequent use, printed kitchen items help keep brands visible, and utilises the positive connotations that come with cooking.

Who Should Use Printed Kitchen Goods for Promotions?

Many organisations use printed kitchen items in their promotions, but they tend to be most popular amongst businesses in the food and beverage industry. Corkscrews and bottle openers are an old favourite for promoting bottle shops, hotels and wineries, while grocers and catering supply shops are fond of branded cooking utensils.

But it doesn’t stop there – providores, chef training colleges, catering companies, food magazines, and homeware stores will all find uses for kitchenware bearing their brand. Non-profit organisations find branded kitchen items can make popular fund-raising sales items, and souvenir tea towels and teaspoons are still a big-selling item at tourist destinations.

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