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We supply a wide range of durable, promotional laptop bags all over Australia, personalised with your brand’s unique logo or design. Ranging from our affordable Basic Computer Bag to our top-of-the-line Chalkers Large Laptop Bag, our fantastic assortment of customised computer bags has the product you require to cater to your personal budget and marketing needs. As more and more consumers shift to portable computing systems, such as laptops, netbooks and tablets, the demand for high-quality, sturdy laptop bags has risen by a huge percentage over the last five years. When you order from our extensive variety of personalised bags, you can distribute these items with confidence, knowing that you are providing your valued customers and staff with an item that is highly beneficial to them, while effectively marketing your brand to your audience. With such a large selection of promotional bags in our catalogue, it’s never been easier to select the product you need to suit your current situation, no matter what product or service you provide.

Customised Bags Personalised with Your Branding

The team at Promotional Items are the acknowledged experts in Australia for printing, engraving or embroidering your custom logo onto any promotional laptop bag of your choice. From our professional corporate branded laptop bag to our heavy-duty Advent customised computer bag, whichever personalised bag you choose, you can be certain to efficiently promote your organisation, build resilient brand loyalty and impress your current clients, potential customers and staff whatever their age or gender. We use the latest in printing techniques and technologies to decorate these appealing promotional bags with your custom logo, and ensure that your unique design stands out and makes a lasting impression on your target audience.  

Fast Delivery for Bulk Order

We stock our promotional laptop bags locally and brand them with your custom logo here in Australia, so you can always expect professional service, a rapid turnaround time, and quick delivery to all states and territories. Give our friendly staff a call today and find an affordable deal on these high-quality customised computer bags for your next marketing campaign, and have them promptly delivered to your location wherever you are in Australia.


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  1. Tablet Carry Bags
    Tablet Carry Bags
    From $ 10.24

    Buy in bulk

    Learn More
  2. Custom Branded CD Holders
    Custom Branded CD Holders
    From $ 7.66
    Safely keep and transport your CD's and DVD's Learn More
  3. Basic Promotional Conference Bag
    Basic Promotional Conference Bag
    From $ 13.36
    Daily use corporate essential Learn More
  4. Wilde Custom Branded Tech Backpacks
    Wilde Custom Branded Tech Backpacks
    From $ 27.45

    Yes, we customise these

    Learn More
  5. Deluxe Promotional Laptop Backpacks
    Deluxe Promotional Laptop Backpacks
    From $ 26.41

    Quality corporate gifts

    Learn More
  6. Basic Logo Branded Computer Bag
    Basic Logo Branded Computer Bag
    From $ 24.60
    Custom computer bag is fantastic corporate gift to all employees. Learn More
  7. Eagle Promotional Laptop Backpacks
    Eagle Promotional Laptop Backpacks
    From $ 28.55

    Perfect client gifts

    Learn More
  8. Sleek Customised Laptop Bag
    Sleek Customised Laptop Bag
    From $ 25.76
    Lowest Australian price guaranteed Learn More
  9. Basic Computer Bag
    Basic Computer Bag
    From $ 27.34
    Keep your laptop handy Learn More
  10. Flaps Branded Computer Bags
    Flaps Branded Computer Bags
    From $ 33.09
    Exclusive branded computer bags. Maximum logo exposure Learn More
  11. Logo Decorated Laptop Bag
    Logo Decorated Laptop Bag
    From $ 31.40
    Computer carry bag perfection Learn More
    From $ 32.77
    Water Proof Learn More
  13. Sunto Computer Printed Bags
    Sunto Computer Printed Bags
    From $ 37.24
    Water Resistant Learn More
  14. Nobbies Custom Laptop Bags
    Nobbies Custom Laptop Bags
    From $ 37.29
    Extremely Durable Learn More
  15. Custom Seminar Bags
    Custom Seminar Bags
    From $ 38.65
    Classy Bag Learn More
  16. Branded Ladies Laptop Bag
    Branded Ladies Laptop Bag
    From $ 48.85
    Printed laptop bag bulk order Learn More
  17. Swiss Peak Voyager Laptop Bags
    Swiss Peak Voyager Laptop Bags
    From $ 55.08

    Great choice of bags

    Learn More
  18. Advent Branded Computer Bags
    Advent Branded Computer Bags
    From $ 48.94
    Great Value Learn More
  19. Office Basic Computer Backpack
    Office Basic Computer Backpack
    From $ 49.24
    Carry your laptop on your back Learn More
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What Are Promotional Computer Bags Made From?

Depending on the custom-branded bag you order, our imprinted bags are made from high-quality polyester, durable nylon and top-class microfiber, which gives our promotional items that unique feel that you’ve come to expect from any premium product. Because we use only superior materials sourced from reputable suppliers, and the highest quality printing inks to decorate your logo, you can be confident that our personalised laptop bags are manufactured to the highest standard possible to give you a high-class, durable finish that will last for years to come. Confidently distribute these products to your target audience, knowing that they will sincerely appreciate you for providing them with a valuable, functional product that represents the quality your brand stands for.

Advantages of Promotional Bags for Laptops

Laptops and tablets are undoubtedly some of the greatest technological achievements of this century, allowing people to complete work and access a range of applications on the move. However, as they become more advanced and powerful, they also become smaller and more fragile. These portable devices are prone to cracks and chinks which can reduce the aesthetics of these devices – a promotional laptop bag is a convenient, practical solution to help your customers and staff transport their personal devices to and from their destination, while always keeping them protected from damage. With the premium materials and high manufacturing standards used to produce these branded laptop bags, you can be confident to gain positive exposure and brand recognition for your company wherever you decide to use this product. As well as this, the large, flat surface of these bags provide ample room for your logo to really glow and stand out from competitors, making this the perfect option for any kind of promotion you have in mind.

Where Can I Use Branded Laptop Bags?

When decorated with your custom graphics or artwork, our wide range of superb promotional computer bags can be used in multiple ways as a high-quality incentive, or as a gift to staff and colleagues. These products are perfect for university or high school students, office workers or anyone who owns a personal laptop or tablet, and wants to avoid wrecking their expensive device and losing imperative data. Reward your potential customers for showing interest in your brand by distributing these customised, practical bags as corporate gifts, or gifting them at job fairs, business expos, conferences and seminars, and help your company gain exposure to possible clients. Alternatively, give these as complimentary gifts of appreciation or friendship to family, friends and colleagues to provide them with a functional product that they will cherish for years. With these imprinted laptop bags, the promotional possibilities are virtually endless.


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