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Here at Promotional Items, we are proud to provide promotional notepads and notebooks for Australian businesses and personnel. While personal computing has gone from strength to strength, the humble notepad will never become obsolete. Simple, lightweight, effective, secure and recyclable; promotional notebooks have it all. They're perfect for seminars, conferences, meetings and lectures as well as dozens of other home and office uses. Make a shopping list, sketch a new design, add up your weekly budget or organise your day's appointments. A notepad is the ideal multifunctional device -- and you never even need to recharge it!

Personalised Notebooks Make Great Promotional Gifts

Promotional Items prints your logo on our range of stylish and appealing notebooks. Because notepads are so widely used by people in all walks of life and feature a large printable area, they make great promotional items. Give out branded notepads to staff members at meetings or to attendees at your conference. Having your logo branded on one of our high-quality notepads means that you will provide your recipient with a quality branded product utilised long after your event has finished. 

Customised Notepads For Conferences

Personalise these notepads not just with your logo, but also with your event details or corporate contact information to make your product memorable. We have all sorts of notebooks in a variety of shapes and sizes ready to be emblazoned with your logo. For a quote, please contact one of our friendly sales team members.

Printed Notepads Delivered Fast

We print and deliver notebooks with a two-week turnaround to Australian locations -- faster in some areas. Ask our sales staff for details! Notepads are compact and lightweight, so freight charges are usually low.

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  1. Air Vent Pad and Pen
    Air Vent Pad and Pen
    From $ 1.90
    Great quality at an everyday low price. Learn More
  2. Messini Pad and Pen Set
    Messini Pad and Pen Set
    From $ 2.47
    Definitely will attract a lot of positive attention. Learn More
  3. House Brandable Notepads
    House Brandable Notepads
    From $ 1.63

    Amazing value for money. Buy in bulk and save.

    Learn More
  4. Expo Jotters and Pen
    Expo Jotters and Pen
    From $ 2.10

    Find out more about this item.

    Learn More
  5. Premium Stone Paper Notebooks
    Premium Stone Paper Notebooks
    From $ 2.05
    Low price. Check this one out now. Learn More
  6. Printed Spiral Notepads
    Printed Spiral Notepads
    From $ 2.82
    Conference notepads giveaways for company trade show Learn More
  7. Promotional Eco Notebook & Pen
    Promotional Eco Notebook & Pen
    From $ 2.76
    Made from recycled materials Learn More
  8. Printed Notebooks and File
    Printed Notebooks and File
    From $ 1.94
    A branded gift that we are sure your recipient will love. Learn More
  9. Aria Write Enviro Notebook
    Aria Write Enviro Notebook
    From $ 2.90
    Amazing low price. Check it out. Learn More
  10. PVC Custom Branded Notebook
    PVC Custom Branded Notebook
    From $ 2.47
    Customised notebooks with ruled lines Learn More
  11. Mid sized Promotional Jotters
    Mid sized Promotional Jotters
    From $ 2.46
    Find out more about this item. Learn More
  12. Eco Nivi Custom Notebooks
    Eco Nivi Custom Notebooks
    From $ 2.46
    Brand your logo onto this product for amazing brand exposure. Learn More
  13. Countryside Notebook A5
    Countryside Notebook A5
    From $ 2.53
    Fast delivery on Australian orders Learn More
  14. Notepad and Tabs with Pen
    Notepad and Tabs with Pen
    From $ 2.86
    Brand your logo onto this product for amazing brand exposure. Learn More
  15. Lecture Book and Flags
    Lecture Book and Flags
    From $ 2.66
    Low price. Check this one out now. Learn More
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What is a Promotional Notepad?

A promotional notepad is traditionally a small, compact book with ruled paper for writing on while on the move. Notepads and notebooks are lightweight and easy to carry so you can jot down important business or personal notes no matter where you are. Because notepads have sizable cover space, this makes them ideal for hosting corporate or personalised branding.

Advantages of Using a Branded Notepad?

  • You can carry them in a pocket or bag easily for quick access.
  • They are functional and sought after - everyone needs to take notes or write down ideas.
  • They offer an appealing space for your custom promotional decoration.
  • Hand them out at a conference or expo to encourage immediate use.

How To Use a Personalised Notebook?

Once you receive a personalised notebook, you can begin using it straight away by opening the cover to reveal the interior paper pages. Using a pen, pencil, or marker write down your important notes from a meeting, jot down a phone number at a conference, or simply fill it with your thoughts and ideas. When you've finished writing, close the cover again and store the notebook in a bag or pocket for easy access the next time you need it.

Why Use a Custom Notebook?

Although we live in an age of fast technology, a custom notebook is still a popular promotional product as it can be used more quickly than typing on a smartphone and recipients can carry them in a bag or on their person for fast access. Notebooks are especially popular with offices and corporate functions as they ensure everyone can take down important details with ease.

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