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We supply an extensive range of high-quality promotional scarves and accessories delivered Australia wide, imprinted with your brand’s personalised logo or design. As we all know, clothing accessories such as scarves, gloves, sunglasses and beanies can make a plain, boring outfit stand out from the crowd, and can really add some colour and vitality to anyone’s look.

Give your recipients a vibrant, practical item that they can associate your brand with, and add some individuality to their style with these fashionable promotional accessories that are terrific for absolutely anyone, regardless of their age or gender. With our amazing catalogue of customised clothing accessories, we have the ideal branded item to suit your personal marketing needs and budget, no matter what product or service you provide.

Australian Bulk Orders Receive Fast Delivery

We stock our promotional accessories locally and brand them here in Australia so that you can expect professional service, a rapid turnaround time and quick delivery for bulk items to all states and territories. Give our friendly staff a call today, who will be happy to help you find an affordable deal on our fantastic customised wearables for your next marketing campaign, and have them promptly delivered to your location wherever you are in Australia.

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  1. Wayfarer Logo Branded Sunnies
    Wayfarer Logo Branded Sunnies
    From $ 3.76
    Classy sunnies printed with your logo. Learn More
  2. Corporate Cufflinks Logo Branded
    Corporate Cufflinks Logo Branded
    From $ 6.18

    Ideal business gifts

    Learn More
  3. Rigger Gloves 12Pack
    Rigger Gloves 12Pack
    From $ 8.94
    Tough and versatile Learn More
  4. Striped Custom Scarves
    Striped Custom Scarves
    From $ 11.13
    Amazing Style Learn More
  5. 3 Pack Ankle Socks
    3 Pack Ankle Socks
    From $ 10.51
    Comfort where it counts Learn More
  6. Acrylic Work Socks
    Acrylic Work Socks
    From $ 11.36
    Comfort where it counts Learn More
  7. Outdoor Socks
    Outdoor Socks
    From $ 11.71
    Comfort where it counts Learn More
  8. 3 Pack Work Socks
    3 Pack Work Socks
    From $ 12.64
    Comfort where it counts Learn More
  9. Fingerless Gloves
    Fingerless Gloves
    From $ 13.42
    Get a grip Learn More
  10. Engraved Cufflinks
    Engraved Cufflinks
    From $ 15.03
    Get your personalised cufflinks today in bulk for custom printing Learn More
  11. Mechanics Glove
    Mechanics Glove
    From $ 16.08
    Superior hand protection Learn More
  12. Fleecy Imprinted Scarves
    Fleecy Imprinted Scarves
    From $ 23.18
    Very warm Learn More
  13. Bogut Lambswool Blend Scarf
    Bogut Lambswool Blend Scarf
    From $ 21.33
    Your staff will love them Learn More
  14. Single Full Colour Printed Scarf
    Single Full Colour Printed Scarf
    From $ 21.87
    Stunning finish Learn More
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19 Items

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Brand Printing onto Quality Promotional Accessories

Stylish, trendy, and highly convenient, our wide variety of custom-branded clothing accessories come with ample branding space and a creative range of colours and designs, and were specially selected to make sure that your company’s brand is not only highly marketable to any socio-economic group, but packs a distinct flair that you won’t find elsewhere. We use the latest in printing techniques and technologies to emblazon your unique, customised graphics or artwork onto the promotional clothing accessory of your choice, ensuring that your brand receives maximum positive exposure to your target audience.

Made from hard-wearing, authentic materials such as cotton, polyester, nylon, acrylic and wool, these superior branded accessories are woven to perfection, and are perfect to wear in both social and corporate situations. The team at Promotional Items remains the acknowledged experts in Australia when it comes to printing your custom brand onto these superb promotional clothing accessories, and as always, we guarantee the quality of our work so you can be confident to receive high-quality, well-branded products whenever you order from us.

Why Use Promotional Accessories for Clothing?

Small, easy to carry items such as our customised clothing accessories can be very powerful tools in your marketing arsenal. Comprising of inexpensive yet high-quality gloves, socks and sunglasses, these branded wearables strike the perfect combination of portability, comfort, and style, characteristics which prove to be quite irresistible to today’s consumers.

Along with their premium fabrics and vibrant colours, you can be confident that these fantastic promotional products will make a highly convincing, professional impact on your clients, potential customers and staff, and help your brand gain an excellent reputation and recognition amongst the wider community. Help your recipients complement their personal style, and make them think of your brand whenever they wear these comfortable fashion accessories.

With numerous, original branding options available to you such as full-colour printing and applying contrasting colours to your selected item, we produce eye-catching, vivid designs featuring your brand’s personal logo or graphics. Contact our friendly staff to learn more about how you can emphasise your brand on these amazing, custom-branded clothing accessories.

How Can Customised Fashion Accessories Be Used?

When we print or embroider your custom logo onto these excellent promotional accessories, they can be used for many purposes in a wide variety of situations. Whichever industry your brand is based in, these custom-branded wearables can be distributed at corporate events such as business conferences, seminars, expos and job fairs, or social gatherings such as local festivals, fairs, birthday parties, reunions, or virtually any other situation you can think of.

Because of their versatility and small size, these products can be effortlessly transported to the location of your choice, or easily stored without taking up too much space, making them convenient and adaptable during complicated circumstances. Our customised accessories also make excellent uniform elements, or exciting promotional souvenirs for your gift shop or online store to give your brand a distinct personality and panache that will be well-received and relished by your recipients. 

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