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Purchase bulk promotional sunscreens custom printed with your logo design. Give away branded sunscreen to let your recipients enjoy the outdoors as much as possible. Our customisable sunscreens are available in sachets/tubes, with carabiners, or in different SPF levels. We also keep our stock here in Australia, so rest assured that you will receive your bulk decorated sunscreens on time.

We Customise Sunscreens in Bulk

Innovative logo-promotion techniques are used by the Australian company Promotional Items to increase brand recognition. Our sunscreens can be personalised with a pad print or screen print of your logo or graphic. Your promotional sun creams will seem incredibly professional when these high-end branding alternatives are used.

Yes, We Offer Delivery Throughout Australia

We deliver to all Australian states and territories, even the most rural ones. The majority of orders are finished in two weeks or less. Promotional Items does, however, accept orders with short deadlines. If you need help, please contact our customer service department.

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  1. Pocket Sunscreens
    Pocket Sunscreens
    From $ 5.28

    Stocked and ready for branding

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  2. Logo Printed Sunscreen Carabiner
    Logo Printed Sunscreen Carabiner
    From $ 4.53
    Keep your skin safe Learn More
  3. Sunscreen & Moisturizer Tube
    Sunscreen & Moisturizer Tube
    From $ 3.54

    Ask for a free mock up

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  4. Sunscreen Tubes Custom Branded 25ml
    Sunscreen Tubes Custom Branded 25ml
    From $ 5.02

    Essential gift item for Aussie climate.

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  5. Sunscreen Tubes Custom Branded 50ml
    Sunscreen Tubes Custom Branded 50ml
    From $ 5.36

    Get ready for your summer promotion.

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  6. Carabiner Large Sunscreens
    Carabiner Large Sunscreens
    From $ 7.48

    Branded sunscreen corporate order in bulk

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  7. Carabiner Mini Sunscreens
    Carabiner Mini Sunscreens
    From $ 5.34

    Sunscreen bulk order at low cost

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  8. 30+ Sun Custom Lotion Tubes 60ml
    30+ Sun Custom Lotion Tubes 60ml
    From $ 6.08

    This sunscreen is ideal for everyday use and it comes in a brandable tube that is just right for your logo

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  9. 30+ Printed Sunscreen Sachets
    30+ Printed Sunscreen Sachets
    From $ 2.13

    A very convenient way to carry sun screen around, you should always have one in your purse.

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  10. 70ml SPF30 Sunscreen
    70ml SPF30 Sunscreen
    From $ 7.38

    Fun and economical.

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  11. Promotional Sunscreen Tube 30SPF+
    Promotional Sunscreen Tube 30SPF+
    From $ 6.26

    30 SPF+ sunscreen is the most common bulk order promotional sunscreen.

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  12. Promotional Sunscreen Tube 50SPF+
    Promotional Sunscreen Tube 50SPF+
    From $ 6.26

    50 SPF+ Sunscreen will give you extra protection against the sun.

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  13. Custom Printed Sunscreen Tube SPF50+
    Custom Printed Sunscreen Tube SPF50+
    From $ 4.92

    Extra strong sunscreen that come in very affordable price.

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  14. Branded Sunscreen Bottle on Carabiner 60ml
    Branded Sunscreen Bottle on Carabiner 60ml
    From $ 6.88

    Branded sunscreen bottles that can clip any where of your bag.

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What is a Sunscreen?

Sunscreen is used to shield the skin from the sun's damaging rays. It has active components that absorb ultraviolet (UV) light from the sun, preventing it from penetrating deeper layers of skin or reflecting the radiation. Sunscreen protects against the sun while reducing the risk of skin cancer and premature ageing.

Logo Branded Sunscreens as Custom Gifts

Who needs to wear sunscreen? The obvious answer is everyone! Consequently, you can give your promotional sunblocks as gifts or freebies without identifying a particular market. For example, give away branded sunscreens to all attendees at summer festivals, sporting events, and other mass outdoor activities to ensure everyone is protected from the sun. In addition, our personalised sunblocks are perfect for use as promotional giveaways for hotels, travel agencies, beach resorts, and medical facilities.

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