Wedding Stationery For Sale

What is the single event we love doing merchandise for the most? It has to be weddings. There is nothing more special than sharing the moment with the people that matter the most. This is why it is no surprise that we supply branded gifts to weddings at least once every week or so. With branded gifts for weddings people have typically opted for memento products that also are useful as well. This means that stationery have always been quite popular. Having a memento gift for your guests is simply a nice way to keep the memory of the occassion alive.

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Ideas for Wedding Stationery

Over the years we were at first surprised to begin doing work for weddings. Nowadays we are totally thrilled to have the opportunity to be involved even in a small way. Some of the ideas that we know work well at weddings include products such as:

Ceremonial Pens

Now we are not talking about regular plain plastic pens, which frankly speaking are not only boring but totally inappropriate. We are talking about quality writing pieces that are meant and intended to be kept for many many years. If your budget can stretch we have brand name pens from Parker, Sheaffer, Cross and Lamy that are simply perfect for weddings. If your budget is smaller or realistically you have a large guest list then we have a range of unbranded pens which are still exactly the same in quality but minus the brand name which can be personalised with your wedding date and your wedding details

Bonbonerie Pack

More often than not weddings give out bonbonerie's which does not merely consist of one item but an assortment of little treats. Therefore a small chocolate and a small piece of stationery for the adults and for the children are extremely common. Add in a little keyring and have all the items personalised with your wedding date is a very nice touch. Think of it as a goodie showbag but with meaning

Quirky Stationery Items

Some stationery products that are immediately obvious for weddings may make perfect sense if you consider them carefully. Some out of the box ideas include:

  • Post It packs (you can print your photos and dates)
  • Paper clips in heart shapes
  • Desktop photo frames
  • Photo mugs which can double up as pen cups
  • Flash memory drives with your photos and videos

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Other Non Stationery Products

For more ideas umbrellas, engraved wine glasses have been extremely popular. Using branded products for your wedding is gaining more and more popularity over the years because of the amont of customisation available to you. Why go for generic items when you can personalise them in an extremely classy way. If you are stuck for ideas simply give us a call and we would be glad to assist with some great ideas for your special day.

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