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Did you know that many Australian businesses and organisations actually do not rely on us to supply their promotional merchandise? Instead many of them use us for their daily stationery needs instead. Why? Well they realise that our range of merchandise is of sufficient quality enough to easily replace office stationery items that they will typically purchase at retail prices within a store. There is also one big advantage when buying business stationery from Promoplanet, is that you can double them up as promotional items. So if you have impromptu events where you want to sponsor and distribute your merchandise with your branding then you can have access to product in an instant. Similarly if you have corporate gifts that you think your clients deserve then stationery products may definitely fit the bill

Bulk Orders Business Stationery

Bulk purchase orders typically afford you deep discounts. We have price break points on our website for most of our products and they typically work for quantities starting from 100, 250, 500, 1000 pieces. You will save when you purchase from us. So why order individual pieces of essential daily stationery from retail when we have not only better prices but quite simply a larger range too?

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Tips for Buying Stationery in Large Quantities

Typically we find many of our clients buy a large range of stationery to store on their premise. They will find themselves distributing them at events, kids and clients. However there are a few things to consider when storing promotional items.


Highlighters are best stored for less than 6 months. The ink within highlighters is quite different to ball point pens and they can and will evaporate quickly. This means when it comes to using the product you may find their usable life a lot shorter.

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Pad Printing When Delivering in Australia

-        Many products when branded with your logo utilise a process called pad printing. When you receive products that are pad printed like rulers and plastic pens we recommend you to immediately open the cartons when they are delivered and to take the product out briefly for a day or two before returning to the box. Why? Well in some instances (especially when it is humid) pad printed ink is known to smudge and to transfer onto other surfaces. Taking them out will ensure they dry properly

Pen Refills

-        Our pens use a variety of different ink refills. Some are more popular to find in shops others are a bit harder, whilst some of our other pens are intended for single use only. Consider your needs and requirements and ask us for the styles of pens that have replaceable cartridges


-        Products with batteries. Things like desk clocks and calculators come delivered with batteries that are not in contact to prevent corrosion. This means they can be stored for a good year or two.


-        Office confectionery will typically have a 2 year shelf life for jelly beans and mints. For chocolates we recommend consumption within 6 months. Although not typically considered a stationery product many companies would keep candy within their stationery cupboards.

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