Promotional Products for Real Estate Agents

Looking to buy a home, sell a home, rent a home?  Who do you call?
Looking to rent retail shops, office spaces, warehouses or to even buy commercial property, who you do search for?  More often than not, we look towards our local realtor in search for that next dream home.

Real estate agents are no foreigners when it comes to advertising and promoting themselves.  For years we’ve been receiving calendar magnets that are free giveaways dropped into our letter boxes.  Those free calendars then become a permanent member stuck to our fridges and are often the first thing we see  when we reach to open the fridge door for the milk  and cheese, to check out when’s the next public holiday and school holidays.

There are more ways to utilise promotional items and we believe we offer a diverse range of promotional items highly suitable to the real estate industry.

Promotional Gifts for Corporate Clients

As the cost of commercial space is high, not many are able to own and use their own premises.  More often you’d encounter long term clients who have been renting the same office space for the past 5-10 years. This is the same for owners of the property. A corporate gift as a token of appreciation at the end of the year to build relationships is always appreciated and well received.  Some suggestions include:

Custom branded Glassware         Branded Golf Balls           Premium Golf Umbrellas          Brand Desktop Accessories            Embossed Journals           Leather folders

Real Estate promotional items

For the everyday self promotions, these promotional items are great for open house inspections, meeting with prospective clients, mail outs, or general office use.

Foldable Vases          Custom printed computer cloths          Branded Pens             Promotional Notepads              Custom Flash Drives         Printed Balloons           

The above items can be low cost and great for when you need to be ordering in higher volumes.  Hint: To help save a little bit extra, reduce the number of coloured prints.  As a giveaway item, the receiver takes particular notice as to whom it is from and the product itself.  A single colour print can equally look effective and often appeals as the message appears simple.

Promotional Items for Sponsorships

Sponsoring the local community event or sports club?  Here are some great promotional ideas to get the steam rolling:

Promotional stress footy          Branded Disposable Cups          Branded Sports Bottles          Custom Branded Water              Promotional Tshirts            Promotional Caps             Promotional iphone speakers          Promotional Mints

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