Promotional Products Rockingham

Supplying promotional products that are genuinely unique and appealing are what we specialize in. If you are needing something that is genuinely desirable this will give your brand name additional exposure and some really great positive attention. For businesses that are based in Rockingham we know that we can offer a fuss free tailored product solution that will not only exceed your expectations but will save you money as well.

Rockingham Businesses Get Special Offers

Make sure you let us know that your business is based in Rockingham next time you make an enquiry with us. We offer a set of specials and discounts specifically just for you. Just some of the specials we have include:

1) Free idea brainstorming
2) Samples of product through the post to the value of $19
3) Images of products with your logo (up to 2 for free

We also offer discounted freight as well as a small discount on the total quote for you too. So if you need any merchandise for events that you may holding definitely give us a ring.

Packing and Fullfilment

Organising events can be hard work. Take advantage of having extra hands to help you out by having your products packed for you. So if you need to organise a show bag or if you need to compile a catalogue with your product so that when they arrive with you they are ready to be used just let us know. In some cases we can offer this as a free service. If more labour is required then we charge a low fee.

Orders to multiple locations. If you are sending products to several locations then simply let us know the address of each of the locations as well as the breakdown in numbers that you would like to see. We can then sort out all the boxes and product in our warehouse for you. It is a small service we offer to help out your event.

rockingham promotional products

Bulk Purchases To Save Money

We are a wholesaler essentially. Therefore other than samples of product we cannot supply individual items for sale. What this means for you is that when you buy in bulk from us the price begins to fall dramatically. In the case of bulk orders this may mean orders of the same product or purchase orders across multiple products. Either way we will apply deep one off discounts to your order to ensure that you always get great value.

If buying in bulk may mean you will have too much excess product lying around then ask us about having your products stored at our premise. When you are ready to use them just phone or email us and we can have them shipped to you for the next day. It will save you space and money.

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