Promotional Products & Services to Ipswich

Is your business in Ipswich? Are you looking for a reliable promotional item vendor? If so Promoplanet is the right place for you. Not only do we merely hand over boxes but we also provide you with a range of value add services to ensure that you not only pay less each and everytime but that you have a complete marketing solution to help you shine in the eyes of your staff and customers.

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Promotional Merchandise Delivery to Ipswich

Ipswich is such a central location that one of our warehouses is literally just hours away from Ipswich. This means that you get fast next day delivery after the product is completed. In some instances we can even provide same day delivery services. For products that are located in our VIC or NSW warehouse the delivery time is similarly as quick being a next day delivery.

Delivery Costs to Ipswich

The cost of delivery for products to Ipswich which are done locally through our QLD warehouse is $8.00 per carton. For interstate deliveries the cost is $22.00 followed by $1.00 per extra kilogram. When you enquire with us we would be able to provide a precise cost as well as apply a small discount which we normally do for Ipswich businesses.


Special offers to Ipswich Organisations

We provide businesses within Ipswich special offers and discounts as our way of supporting local organisations. Some of the things we offer include:

- Free samples to the value of $15 to organisations
- Free catalogues
- 1 Mock up drawing for free
- Precise order track and trace for deliveries and production

Sponsorship for Events in Ipswich

Each quarter we collect submissions and proposals for sponsorships and donations from various organisations from Ipswich. We then select one (or a few) where we think we may be able to provide assistance with. So if you are a charity operating in Ipswich or if you merely are holding a charity event like a fun run please get in contact with us to see if we can sponsor your event via cash donations or with a supply of merchandise.

Tips and Ideas for Items That Work

Get tips and ideas for free from us by enquiring. As a general guide though, we found that the following products have tended to be quite a bit of a hit with various events within Ipswich.

Fund Raising Ideas

Branded products with your logo that are perceived to be higher in value always work well such as:
- Metal Ball Point Pens
- Golf Umbrellas
- Frisbees
- Bags
- Chocolates & Lollies
- Thermal keep cups

Exhibition Gifting Ideas

At exhibitions or conferences it is all about getting attention quickly. These products we think will work well
- Stress Toys
- Yoyos
- Smartphone related promotional products
- post it notes (low cost bag filler)

Corporate Gift Ideas

Functional quality products are the best type of corporate gift ideas. We think these items would be ideal:
- Compendiums
- Promotional USB flashdrives
- Ties & Scarves
- Corporate Branded umbrellas
- Personalised clocks and branded calculators

Other Services Provided To Ipswich

If you are in need of graphic design services in general or specifically for any of our products this is something we can assist with. Simply ask us to create something for you, or brief us with what type of design you require and the purpose. Clients regularly send us photos and websites to request for artwork creation in a similar feel to what they like so please be welcome to do the same.

If you are stuck for space and would like us to temporarily store products on your behalf you are welcome to use our warehousing space. This may come in handy for example if you wish to ordr larger amounts of merchandise to take advantage of bulk buying discounts but do not have immediate use for all the products yet. Just ask us when you make your enquiry.


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