Gold Coast Services & Promotional Products

Are you located on the Gold Coast and need promotional products for your next event? Then you have come to the right place. We have a huge range of products fully priced online. We are an award winning promotional item agency that knows the value of being unique and providing not just low prices but an entire value proposition that will make your life easier. For Gold Coast businesses that have an event for:
- Exhibitions and expo's
- Orientiation days for colleges
- Marketing Freebie giveaways
- Client Gifting
We would be able to assist with some truly original ideas and some great memorable merchandise that will keep your brand ahead.

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Special Offers Just for Gold Coast Businesses

We get a lot of support from organisations within the Gold Coast. Which is why we always do our best to go that extra mile to ensure that Gold Coast organisations get well looked after. Some of the special offers we provide include:
- $17 worth of free samples to companies within Gold Coast
- Free catalogues
- Free Idea compilation from one of our consultants
- Discount freight

It is just our small way to ensure that you get looked after right.

Special Offers for Gold Coast Not For Profits

If you are a not for profit organisation or if you simply have an event that you would like to hold as a charity then we would love to hear from you. We can provide your event or fund raiser with merchandise as well as cash donations. Simply email us or phone us with what your details and event and we can not only help you promote your event but we can also help connect you to potential corporate sponsors too. If you are browing our website and see some products you were interested in obtaining a quote simply contact us and inform us that you are doing your research for a not for profit.

Promotional Merchandise Value Add Offer

Selling promotional merchandise at great value low prices is not simply just what we do. We realise that events big or small require planning and a lot of work. With that in mind we help to take a load off your to-do list by providing services like:
- Warehousing storage: If your event is not until a while away or you simply have run out of space at your location you can store your products in our facility temporarily for free. We have a warehouse in Queensland that can securely store your product. This service does vary depending on the amount of storage available at any given point in time of course. This is excellent for when you need to deliver product in batches at different times or if you merely need to order a larger quantity to obtain bulk discounts.

- Designing services: Graphic designs are very important for the success of any marketing campaign. We can help you with your design work for either branding on our products or for any other marketing activity you undertake. Our designers are smart savy professionals who knows what works best. Why don't you pick our minds to see how we can help your branding work for you. We can provide simple jpeg redraws for your logo through to complex designs created from scratch.

- Packing and unpacking services: One of the most daunting tasks with any bulk purchase orders is of course compiling and sorting through the products so that everything is perfect to go for your event. This is where we can help. Just let us know the full details of your requirements such as address locations for split delivery orders, or how you would like your order to be unpacked and sorted. We handle the rest. There is a small fee involved to cover the cost. Please enquire.

Delivery Times and Cost to the Gold Coast

Gold Coast being a metro area only requires a next day delivery for most products once they are finished and packed up from the warehouse. For products that are stored locally in our Queensland warehouse this can even be same day delivery. For products that arrive interstate from NSW or VIC the cost for freight is $22.00 minimum charge followed by $1.10 per each kilogram. Local deliveries are merely $9.00 per carton. When enquring about products or asking for a quote a friendly team member will be able to provide you a precise cost for delivery.

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