Services and Promotional Products to Geraldton

Is your organisation based in Geraldton? Would you require promotional products for your organisation but want to really stand out from the crowd? This is where we can help. Promoplanet is an award winning promotional item agency. We have ideas and products that will bring a smile to your clients faces. We differ in providing products that are genuinely desirable and combine that with everyday low prices you simply do not need to look anywhere else.

Extra Services We Offer To Geraldton Businesses

We can be your fuss free product supplier to your organisation because we simply believe in making your life as easy as possible. We can also offer additional services too either for free or for a low fee to make your event even smoother and easier. Some of the services we offer include:
- Mulitple location delivery. We can split your delivery into multiple locations by packing and re-packing products safely to different locations. Simply let us know the addresses and the quantity splits required

- Offsite storage: Buying products in bulk will give you discounts. Which is why many of our customers choose to order a little over on what they require. If you would like to order more products and are stuck for space this is where we can help. Using our storage warehouse in Queensland or NSW we can store your products for when you are ready to use them. This will depend on the space available at the time of enquiry though, so please let us know if you need us to help you store some products temporarily for you.

- Vendor referrals. We have worked with many businesses and organisations in the past within Geraldton, and have built up some good relationships. If you need a particular service or product supplier such as legal advice or any other type of service please let us know and we can help you build working connections with other businesses within the Geraldton area. 

Additional Discounts Supplied To Geraldton

We try our best to support businesses around Australia. For Geraldton based businesses we have the following discounts and offers to you, just to make your purchasing experience with us that little bit sweeter.

1) Free Catalogues

2) Free Samples to the cost of $16

3) Free artwork creations of products with your logo

4) Discount Freight Costs 5) Free gift with every purchase

When you are making an enquiry with us, or if you would like a quote please remember to tell us that you are from Geraldton to access these freebies and special offers. 

Tips & Product Ideas

We love products, and we really enjoy coming up with ideas and recommendations for you. Each new passing week we can access to new products, so if you would like to save some time get one of our team members to come up with some great gifting ideas for you. Some of the newer products that we have in our range include these fun products:

 drink jarcompendiumspadlock usborange juicestyluscable tidy


Delivery Turnaround time to Geraldton

Turnaround time to Geraldton is generally next day for orders once the product is completed from production. For bulkier products road freight will be required. For road freight deliveries this may take up to 5 days upon completion of the product. To obtain a precise day of delivery please ask our friendly team when you make an enquiry with us.

Delivery Costs to Geraldton

The cost of freight to Geraldton is $22.00 minimum charge followed by $2.10 for each kilogram extra. We normally do offer discounts on freight to you so when you make your enquiry please remember to let us know that you are from Geraldton.

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