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Are you located in Fortitude Valley and needing a promotional item vendor who replies to your emails and phone calls and that you can rely on? Well look no further. Not only are we Australia's most reliable vendor but we are also an award winner with a range of promotional items that are genuinely unique. If you are sick of the same boring type of items and you want your customer to be genuinely excited by a promotional gift with your logo then this is the website for you.

Free Services we offer to Fortitude Valley

If you are located in Fortitude Valley then we have the following freebies and goodies just for you. You see we like to offer different discounts and specials to each region within Australia. Some of the specials we have for you include:

- Free brainstorming session to come up with ideas for you!
- Samples for free... up to $20 (please let us know you are from Fortitude Valley when you enquire. Delivery charges do apply)
- Catalogues for Free
- Handling of products for free
- Discount on freight

This is amongst other freebies that we offer to Fortitude Valley customers. When you make your enquiry we would be able to elaborate more on what other freebies that we can offer to you.

Intranet Integration and Tender Outsourcing

Are you currently in an existing tender agreement? or perhaps you have multiple offices and locations. Then you may be interested in finding more about our Intranet integration and tender outsourcing arragnement. So what exactly is it? Well with an agreement as a sole supplier we can integrate our products with your intranet site. Alternatively we are able to set up a dedicated website just for you so that your team members from across Australia can order merchandise. This can benefit you in many ways including:

1) Money saving - with a sole supply agreeement you would expect to pay less than any other corporate in Australia for each unit of product
2) Cost Management - as all purchasing is centralised you get to see how much money your company is paying each month and you can adjust your expenditure up or down as you see fit
3) Centralised invoicing - Back office hours can add up especially if you have muliple invoices and vendors around. Save your back office staff to focus on other more important areas and have one tallied invoice each month
4) Quicker Access to new products - Get all the cool merchandise that have just been released before anyone else

With so many advantages you may be thinking that it is time consuming and difficult to set up. Nothing could be further from the truth. Just contact us and we would be able to tell you a bit more about our intranet integration and tender outsourcing arrangements.

Not For Profit Discounts for Fortitude Valley

If you are a charity then you must check out our range and make an enquiry with us? Why? Well other than having some of the coolest ideas around at the best prices we also supply discounts and donations. Every 3 months we sit and discuss what we can offer to charities around a cup of coffee in our office. If your organisation is a charity or if your event is for a charity then we can assist with:
1) Money cash donations
2) Additional product for free
3) Product donations

So check us out to see how we can help your event.

Really Unique Custom Promotional Products

Here are some examples of some products that may surprise you that can be used as promotional items.

christmas paint kitsbadminton setstube squeezercompendium for ipad

Ask us for some ideas for your next event today. Our team will be glad to help!

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