Promotional Products East Brisbane

Are you located in East Brisbane and need promotional items in a hurry? Well you have come to the right place. If you are new at sourcing custom branded gifts or perhaps you are on the look out because your supplier simply lets you down when it comes to pricing or sourcing a unique product then we are the people for you. You see we specialize in value for money products and items with a difference.

Special Offers Just for Your Organisation Located in East Brisbane

For businesses located in East Brisbane, we have special offers just for you and nobody else. We like to tailor our offering by region, so for all you beautiful organisations in East Brisbane you are entitled to the following:
- Free samples to the value of $19 (delivery costs to apply though)
- Free graphic design artwork mock up (up to 3 different mock ups)
- Catalogues mailed out to you for free
- Ideas and product brainstorming
- Discount on all deliveries and freight

This is a small sample of the types of discounts we give out. To find out more about what we can supply to you simply ask us via e-mail and telephone.

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Charities and Sponsorship Packages

Are you a charity or a not for profit organisation located in Brisbane? If so then you are in luck. You see each quarter (every 3 onths) we sit down and go through all the requests we receie and we provide sponsorships and donations. What are the type of donations we offer? Well we have been known in the past to offer:
1) Once off donations in cash
2) Once off free product delivery
3) Additional units of product for free

When you make an enquiry with us just let us know if you are from a charity organisation or if you are involved in an event that is for the community and we will try our best to help out.

Delivery Turnaround Times to East Brisbane

The turnaround time for producing products branded with your logo is about 1.5 - 2 weeks. For larger indent orders this may take up to 12 weeks. Delivery by itself is typically up to 2 days from our Melbourne or Sydney Warehouse. To be sure if you would like to obtain a specific turnaround date just email us and we would be able to assist.

Buy In Bulk to Save Money

When you purchase from us you will be glad to know that we are the bulk buy specialists. We are able to consolidate your order to ensure that you get the very best price because all the overheads incurred in branding your logo is returned back to you in the form of savings. We then further provide you with a once off discount which means that you will never ever pay a cent more!

Other Services

Other than being simply handing over boxes of promotional goods we also provide a range of other services that we would welcome you to use in order to make your event all that much smoother. Here is a small list of other services we offer:

- Designing using our Graphic designer as well as our industrial designer. We can help you bring to life any creations that are currently sitting in your head. This service is not limited to ideas realted to promotional products from our catalogue but also to any logo design or advertising designs that you may need.

- Packaging and re-packaging. Why waste valuable time and space packing items. Did you know that you can send us all the items and leaflets that you would like packed in a certain way by us? Simply contact us ahead of time with your requirements and we would be able to provide you with a quote. Once you are happy with the quote send us the material you need packed or let us know when you are placing your order and we can do all the packaging for you.

- Split location delivery. If your products are going to more than one location simply emal us the details and we can do all the sorting and deliveries for you. We only charge cost price and we have a huge delivery freight account with all the major courier providers. This means that chances are you would be saving money compared to if you were to do it yourself.

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