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If your company is located in Bowen Hills and you are looking for promotional items with a difference then you have come to the right website. We are an award winning promotional product agency located in Australia. With a huge range and some truly unique products you can be assured that you will find the gift for you staff or for your customer that you are looking for. Our prices are also kept low everyday too. Check out our range and remember to ask us for a quote. We often give out additional discounts and specials too.

Unique Custom Branded Gifts Delivered to Bowen Hills

We have a huge assortment of products for you to choose from. If it was something generic you were after such as a promotional pen, or perhaps a round blue stressball then these are the products that you will typically always be in stock and at very low prices too! Simpe and easy. However if you were looking for something that little bit special then you have definitely come to the right place. Some of the more innovative products that we have recently launched include:

promotional toy party pop toyoven mittscompendium folder

These are but a small range of the type of products that we think will really appeal to your customers. We have gifts for those special once off occassions for those select few special people as well as mass hand out products to ensure that your brand name really gets out there! For ideas simply ask our friendly team.

Delivery Time to Bowen Hills

The actual time taken to deliver products to Bowen Hills is generally the next day. In some instances it may take up to 3 days. For the production of the product itself please allow for up to 1-2 weeks for branding production of your promotional product. If you need the items for a specific date which is sooner just let us know and we can work towards your date. Alternatively if your event is further into the future we can delay production and dispatch later to save you from needing to store the item.

Other Services

It is not merely promotional items that we do best. Yes, we are extremely low in cost and very efficient in what we do in order to make your purchasing experience as easy and streamlined as possible. However we also tag on other value add services which we welcome you to use as well in order to make your life easier.

- Temporary storage of promotional items. If space is an issue then ask us about having your products stored in our warehouse for you. It is free if you choose to purchase with us. Availability does vary from week to week though depending on how much space we have so please ask in advance

- Design work and artwork redraws. For pad printing and screen printing on the majority of our products we require your artwork to be supplied in an EPS or PDF format saved with editable outlines. If you only have a jpeg or perhaps only the logo available on your website we can still help. For a low fee we can redraw your logo into a PDF with outlines. We then send you back the file so that you can reuse the logo with us or with any other vendor. Our designer can also create original work as well. So if you need a new logo or perhaps a brand new business card design just send us your requirements along with any images that you would like your designed to be themed around.

- Business Matching. We have been supplying products to businesses around Australia and in and around Queensland for so long that we have built up a huge database of vendors for all types of products and services. If you need a certain product or service that we cannot supply please ask us and we would be able to help direct you to someone that may assist.

Extra Discounts for Bowen Hills Customers

We offer a range of different discounts and offers to each location and suburb within Queensland. For organisations located within Bowen Hills we can supply you with the following:

1) Free samples to the value of $16. We do charge delivery at cost price though just to prevent people from abusing the system.
2) Free mock up designs. Sometimes it is hard to picture what a product will look like with your logo. This is why we offer up to 2 free designs of the product personalised with your logo.
3) Catalogues - just ask us and we will send you some for free
4) Brainstorm ideas. Ask us to come up with the perfect gift for you

These are some of the offers we provide to Bowen Hills businesses. Please get in touch with us if you are planning your next event or marketing iniative and we would be glad to offer our services to you.

Sponsorships and Special Discounts

Are you a not for profit working out of Bowen Hills? Then you might like to find out about our community sponsorship program. Each quarter (every 3 months) we sit together and collect all the requests we get to pick and choose a worthy cause to donate to. Typically we can assist by providing either: cash assistance / supply of product or deep discounts on our range of merchandise. To participate simply contact us and tell us about your charity and we would be glad to consider your request.

It is with no surprise that a lot of our products end up as fund raising merchandise. Using products to raise awareness as well as money is a great idea as not only does it provide the donor a free little gift but it also acts as a reminder to them and to their friends about your charity which will only benefit you from a brand name exposure point of view. Using products to raise money is not neccessarily for larger charitable foundations but even viable for small local charities too. Ask us about how we can help.

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