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Alexandria is home to mid and large sized corporates who use the location as an ideal location for a head office or for storage of products. There is even a lot of light manufacturing that occurs in Alexandria. It is for this reason that we service the Alexandria area with special deals and offers as we know that it is an area that is a key driver of much New South Wales economy. Delivery Times to Alexandria Being a metro location the delivery times for products after they have been branded with your corporate logo would be either same day or next day delivery. This means we can offer businesses in Alexandria super fast delivery services. To find out how soon you can obtain your branded gifts just contact us today. Delivery Costs to Alexandria For products that are arriving from our local NSW warehouse the cost is $8.00 per carton. For other products which need to be sourced interstate then this will cost a touch higher. For a proper run down of pricing our sales team is always on hand to help. Showroom Invitation to Alexandria Businesses Alexandria is approximately 15 minutes by car to our office. To get to us we recommend either by car, taxi or bus. We do urge you to make an appointment prior to visiting to ensure that a team member is free to assist you. When you do call up let us know what type of product you would like to see and we can ensure that those items are unpacked and ready for you to view. alexandria showroom Other Services we Offer to Alexandria Businesses Other than merely just profits we also assist with the following to help your organisation along: 1) Locating vendors for other goods and services (we have a huge database of vendors that supply other services from legal to accounting which we can supply names for you) 2) Graphic design services 3) Free mock ups of products with your logo (up to 3 for free 4) Free samples up to $15 5) Free catalogues Branded Gift Ideas Personalised products typically are split between gifting ideas for staff and corporate gift ideas for customers (this may include promotional items at conferences and expos given as freebies). Here are some o Staff Gift Ideas - Backpacks | Satchel bags - Stationery goodie bag including: pens, rulers, erasers, highlighters - Milestone gifts (luxury pens, desktop gifts) - Compendiums - Glassware gift sets - Printed Sunglasses Client Gift Ideas - Corporate umbrellas - Mobile phone accessories - Luxury Clocks - Luxury Pens - High capacity flashdrives Not for Profit and Fund Raising Merchandise We want to involve ourselves in your community as much as possible. This is why we always try our best to give back when and where we can. If you are doing a fund raising drive or simply need products for whatever reason and you are a not for profit company then we strongly urge you to browse our website and to contact us. Why? well if we know that you are a not for profit company we will offer you special one off discounts to support your cause. We try to support as many charities as we can and typically offer discounts between $100 to $1000. So for not for profits operating in Alexandria please do not wait any more and get in contact with us.

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