Promotional Merchandise for Schools and Universities

Universities and Schools in Australia are one of our biggest supporters for promotional merchandise. There are over 9000 schools (government & non government) and close to 40 universities across Australia. With this in mind, we have a wide range of promotional items that are perfectly suited with education in mind or for students of all ages. 

Promotional Items helps brings Uniformity

Like schools uniforms, branded stationery and custom branded merchandise may help make a school look unified and presentable. It helps enforces a culture that a school might wish to pass onto their students and teachers.   Some suggested items include:

Branded Bucket Hats         Custom made School Jerseys         Custom Branded Library Bags        Branded Backpacks             Printed Rulers        Printed Pens and Pencils        Custom Badges


Promo Items for School Fund raising

Our government assist our schools with funding each budget however schools and universities all need to raise funds themselves from time to time for those extra things that do get left out. Using branded promotional merchandise to coincide with an event eg sports carnival is a good away to expose the school's branding and at the same time resell to the community to raise funds.  Some suggested fund raising merchandise include:

Promotional Frisbees             Branded Highlighters               Branded Pencil Sets                Branded Yo Yos                 Custom Flash Drives

Free Giveaways

Open days and orientations days are a good time to hand out nice free items to new students.  All students like to play around with new gadgets and toys and especially when its for free.  Whilst a promo item may not be the key factor in choosing a school.  It surely doesn’t hurt to promote yourself at these times.   Promo items such as branded school diaries and USB flash drives are a great way to hand out to student with all your key information about courses and timetables.

Order Promotional Merchandise in Bulk

With the number of students entering attending schools and universities.  Its always best to order items in bulk.  This way you’d save on the per unit cost.  Go for one or two style of promotional items and order the high volumes if you budget can stretch.  This way you’d get more from the funds available and minimise on the set up costs.


Sun Safe Promotional Items and Environment Friendly Products

Teaching your students sun safe is important in Australia.  We have many suitable promotional items that can help reinforce this message. Environment Friendly Products
We are a national that is very environmentally friendly conscience.  Our schools help reinforce the message to the kids about recycling and being environmentally friendly.  We can assist by offering products that have an option to use recycled paper instead of normal paper.  Here are some suggestions.

Printed Recycled Paper Notebooks           Printed Sticky Notes             Branded Sunscreens           Custom Printed Visors            Promotional Caps

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