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Select from Promotional Items' extensive range of affordable, high-quality promotional tote bags for your promotional event. Whatever business you're in, it's hard to go wrong with a tote bag. Whether you're a retailer, wholesaler, an exhibitor at a trade show, school, library or charity organisation, promotional tote bags are one of the simplest ways to show off your logo without breaking the bank. Tote bags are items that enjoy regular use with consumers as they are easy to carry and can boast unique designs. In this way, your logo will enjoy constant exposure for the lifetime of the bag. Tote bags come in a wide range of colours, so you are sure to find the right backdrop to harmonise or contrast with your organisation's logo. Tote bags are lightweight and affordable, but long-lasting and will survive many a trip to the supermarket.

Custom Shoulder Bags Printed with Logos

Tote bags have a large area, onto which we will print your logo, slogan or other branding material. Single colour and multicoloured printing options are available. Branded tote bags work just as well as vendor giveaways as they do as retail shopping bags. For a great bonus, put a full-colour flyer, catalogue, product schedule, or other advertising material inside them before handing them out. We use quality decoration methods including screen printing and direct digital printing to ensure your design looks fantastic.

Quick Delivery Available Australia Wide

Because Promotional Items is a locally run Australian business, we can provide fast local delivery for all Aussie orders. Our standard turnaround time for promotional products branded with your logo is two weeks from your artwork approval and invoice payment. If you have an urgent deadline, let us know, and we'll work towards it. We deliver directly to your regional or metro location including to places like Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Hobart, Darwin, Canberra, and Perth. Contact our team today to find out more about exact delivery costs and times to your address.

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  1. Accent Personalised Tote Bag
    Accent Personalised Tote Bag
    From $ 10.16
    Tote bag for marketing events. Learn More
  2. Fold Up Tote Promotional Bags
    Fold Up Tote Promotional Bags
    From $ 8.70
    Amazing Convenience Learn More
  3. Shopper Custom Jute Bags
    Shopper Custom Jute Bags
    From $ 6.50
    Customised jute tote bag for conference, exhibition or other company events Learn More
  4. Recycled PET Promotional Bags
    Recycled PET Promotional Bags
    From $ 6.99
    Promo bags bulk purchase. Discounted bags at premium quality Learn More
  5. Boat Tote Brandable Bags
    Boat Tote Brandable Bags
    From $ 11.60
    Branded bag perfect for outdoor events Learn More
  6. Promotional Jute Bags
    Promotional Jute Bags
    From $ 8.38
    Low cost brandable jute bag eco friendly and bulk purchase Learn More
  7. Recycled PET Carrier Bag
    Recycled PET Carrier Bag
    From $ 8.67
    Recycled and eco friendly bag wholesale order Learn More
  8. Chalk Stripe Tote Bag
    Chalk Stripe Tote Bag
    From $ 12.28
    Great beach accessory Learn More
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Items 73-89 of 89

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What are Promotional Tote Bags?

Promotional tote bags are carried bags with parallel handles that are popular for use in supermarkets, at trade shows, or any event where people need to be able to carry multiple items around comfortably. Another great thing about tote or shoulder bags is that they have a huge branding area, allowing our print team to make your design large and eye-catching on the side of the units. Our most popular toe bags are made of non-woven materials which make them durable and perfect for any occasion.

Personalised Emblazoned Tote bags in Range of Materials

  • Non-Woven Material -- made from polyester fibres bonded together without weaving.
  • Bamboo -- woven from processed bamboo fibres.
  • Jute -- a tough material made from plant fibres.
  • PET Plastics -- a surprisingly eco-friendly material from recycled plastic containers.

The difference in materials does add a significantly different visual element to your bag and also how your brand name logo will look on the bag. Contact your account manager for a free visual mockup to see how your logo will look on your preferred material.

Why Use Custom Shoulder Bags?

Custom shoulder bags are perfect to use in almost any situation where you or your recipients need to carry about several items at once. Because our range of tote bags are made from sturdy material these bags last a long time and will carry your brand to a wide audience every time recipients use them. Bags are a cheap option for campaigns on a budget too, making them perfect for strict budgets. Finally, because bags are useful items that can be functional in a variety of situations, this means your recipients will tend to use them often and get your logo out in the open and noticed! Check out our assortment of stylish promotional tote bags today.

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