Fridge Temperature Magnet

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Fridge magnets are trendy and fun. Every home has at least a dozen stuck onto their fridge. If you are advertising your company, service or brand on a fridge magnet, you can get extra mileage by adding a useful and neat looking thermal strip. Your clients will be keen to check the temperature before setting off for the day and your company logo will be right there for all to see. Our thermal strip is a dark rectangle that runs vertically downwards and attaches to your magnet via an adhesive strip on the back.

Custom Printed Thermometers For Sale

This magnet has large bold numerals that display the temperature in a range of 16 degrees Centigrade to 32 degrees Centigrade. The numbers ascend in increments of two degrees. Look at the strip and the highlighted number is the temperature, simple and easy, even the kids can use it. Call us for all your branding requirements, we are experts. We also supply samples at cost plus delivery.

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This product is supplied for bulk orders only and is available for delivery within Australia only. We offer a standard delivery time of two weeks, but faster delivery times can be arranged upon request. Please note that our prices include GST of 10 percent.

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