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Household tools and flashlights make excellent promotional items due to their practicality and versatility. When you give a client, team member, or visitor a handy torch or mini toolset you're providing them with a vital item they'll be able to use in the home, office or on the move. Our range of tools includes multi-tool kits, key sorters, screwdriver sets, pliers, keyrings, and more. Our flashlights range from large hand-held devices through to miniature key lights you can carry with you in your pocket. Each tool and torch come individually branded with your custom logo so you can utilise your stylish new products as great value promotional items.

Logo Branding on Bulk Devices and Flashlights

The team at Promotional Items have decades of combined experience when it comes to customising flashlights and household devices in bulk with logo designs. Depending on the product we will either print your unique artwork or laser engrave it. You can be confident in the results with either method as our team of professional decorators works locally to produce work we know you'll like as much as we do. Hand out your finished promotional products at university orientations, school festivals, corporate trade shows, business expos, or anywhere you feel like boosting your marketing presence.

We Provide Fast Delivery Australia Wide

We are proud to offer a fast two-week standard turnaround time for all our locally stocked products. If you require your promotional torches or tools faster simply let our sales team know, and they'll ensure we work towards your deadline. Regardless of your location in Australia, we can deliver your bulk branded merchandise direct to you. We service NSW, VIC, QLD, TAS, SA, WA, NT, and ACT. Call now to speak to our friendly sales professionals for more information.

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  1. Folding Book light Reader
    Folding Book light Reader
    From $ 4.18
    Best value promotional product in its class. Learn More
  2. Logo Branded Aluminium Torch
    Logo Branded Aluminium Torch
    From $ 3.79
    Unbeatable value for money. This item should be high on your list. Learn More
  3. Pocket Mini Flashlights
    Pocket Mini Flashlights
    From $ 4.71
    Your recipients will love this promotional item. Learn More
  4. Promotional Pen light Torch
    Promotional Pen light Torch
    From $ 5.10
    Kids and adults will love this. Learn More
  5. Wind Up Event Flashlights
    Wind Up Event Flashlights
    From $ 5.12
    Ask us for a free virtual mock up of this product with your logo. Learn More
  6. Environmental Friendly Flashlight
    Environmental Friendly Flashlight
    From $ 5.13
    Battery Saving item Learn More
  7. Power LED Triple Torch
    Power LED Triple Torch
    From $ 6.61
    Combine your bulk orders and save money. Learn More
  8. LED Flashlight and Strap
    LED Flashlight and Strap
    From $ 6.60
    Ask about getting this product made in your colour. Learn More
  9. Silver Tube Flashlights
    Silver Tube Flashlights
    From $ 5.31
    Buy this product with your logo in bulk to save money. Learn More
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Items 25-48 of 118

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What are Promotional Torches?

A promotional torch or flashlight is a portable electric lighting device. Torches can vary in size from small light-up keychains to large spotlights for hand carrying. Their function is to illuminate dark areas such as at night or when working in a poorly-lit location. Our promotional torches come in a variety of sizes, styles, and colours. We decorate each with your artwork so that you can use them to promote your business or organisation.

What are Branded Tools?

The Promotional Items range of branded tools includes devices such as portable screwdrivers, multi-tool sets (including things like scissors and pliers), and household items such as key holders. Each promotional tool performs useful functions that are handy in a home or office setting. As with our promotional torches, there are a variety of different tools available with size and style variations to meet a number of requirements. Use custom branded tools for marketing or simply as gift items to friends, co-workers, or staff.

Why Use Personalised Flashlights and Tools?

The personalised flashlights and tools available from Promotional Items make excellent marketing items or corporate gifts. We have various affordable options for each product and various styles to fit your branding requirements. We've had clients hand out tools and torches and the following functions in the past:

  • Trade shows
  • University O-weeks
  • Community fundraisers
  • Business lunches and meetings
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Tip-on gifts for clients
  • And more!
Flashlights and tools branded in bulk with your design make excellent promotional items for those looking to stand out from the crowd, or to simply gift a functional item that will be viewed and used frequently.
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