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At Promotional Items, we turn simple tape measures into memorable promotional tools. A tape measure is a fantastically useful item, needed for dozens of household applications. With a nice, flat area on the side, the tape measure is a practical promotional item, useable across a range of industries. Whether people are measuring floor space, carpet size, furniture size, calculating areas to be painted or paved, your customers need a tape measure if they are to know how which of your products they can buy.

What is a Branded Tape Measure?

A tape measure is a way of measuring length, distance or circumference. It consists at a minimum of a long, thin strip of non-stretchable material, divided into units of length. More advanced models also include a retraction method which coils the tape when you have finished with it by retracting it into a compact housing. This housing is where we will place your logo, ensuring brand visibility whenever your customer measures something.

What is the Turnaround Time on Custom Branded Tape Measures?

Wherever you are in Australia, Promotional Items can get you your promotional tape measures in two weeks or less. How do we do this? We stock our tape measures locally, print in Australia and freight via dependable, experienced couriers. We deliver across Australia, right to your door. All states and territories – WA | SA | NT | QLD | NSW | VIC | TAS | ACT.

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  1. Promotional Light Bulb Tape Measure
    Promotional Light Bulb Tape Measure
    From $ 4.62
    Amazing customised marketing merchandise. Learn More
  2. Printed LED Torch and Tape Measure
    Printed LED Torch and Tape Measure
    From $ 5.20
    Colour match with your logo Learn More
  3. 7.62 Meter Tape Measure
    7.62 Meter Tape Measure
    From $ 8.51
    Get fantastic marketing exposure with this neat product. Learn More
  4. Branded Tape Measures - 2metres
    Branded Tape Measures - 2metres
    From $ 4.45
    Bulk promotional tape measures ideal for gifting Learn More
  5. 5Meter Tape Brandable Tape Measures
    5Meter Tape Brandable Tape Measures
    From $ 6.92
    Promotional tape measures for handy giveaway during company events Learn More
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How is a Tape Measure Branded?

There are a few options for branding tape measures, but the most popular ones are: attaching a printed sticker to, or directly printing on the side of the unit. Either option ensures that your logo is reproduced in an attractive and durable way, so it is really down to which method best suits your logo.

Who can use Customised Tape Measure in Their Promotions?

Because they are so very useful, branded tape measures make excellent advertising giveaways or promotional sales across most industries. They are perhaps most useful to businesses in the following sectors:

  • Furniture
  • Removals
  • Hardware and DIY
  • Automotive
  • Sewing, knitting or crafting
  • Garden design/landscaping
  • Hobby
  • Storage

How to use Tape Measures as a Promotional item

There are a huge number of situations in which tape measures are essential. And yet, there is an almost as huge range of situations in which customers forget to bring one to your shop or showroom. An inexpensive tape measure, either given away or sold for low cost, helps your customers decide that they want to buy your goods.

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