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Promotional USB Flashdrives

Promotional USB Flash Drives are some of the most popular custom technology products available today. USB flash drives are an essential feature in the modern Australian workplace and Promotional Items is proud to boast an extensive range of USB options. Have USBs custom branded with your logo to feature in promotional marketing campaigns, tradeshow events or simply to distribute data among your staff. Our team specialises in creating affordable, top quality custom printed flash drives and USB sticks emblazoned with your company logo. We have an extensive array of flash drives, all of which can be printed or engraved with details such as your corporate logos, phone numbers and website URL.

Fast Delivery and Great Australian Value

Our promotional flash drives are the best value in Australia and available to purchase wholly online. Promotional Items is located in Australia which means we can deliver our USB products quickly to your regional or metro location in two weeks or less. With such a huge range of custom printed flash drives available online, we’re sure that you’ll find the style to suit your budget and needs at Promotional Items.

A-Grade USB Memory Chips and Sizes

All Promotional Items' custom USBs and flash memory sticks a produced using Grade A memory chips we source from companies such as Toshiba, Samsung, and Sandisk. Choose flash drives in a range of memory sizes, including

  • 1GB
  • 2GB
  • 4GB
  • 8GB
  • 16GB
  • 32GB
  • 64GB
  • 128GB... and more!
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  1. Exeter Custom Flashdrives
    Exeter Custom Flashdrives
    From $ 9.33
    Be on top of your game with these Lovely Exeter Custom Flashdrives. Loaded with features and with data retention warranty, these USBs are practical marketing tools. Learn More
  2. Ripon Branded USB Sticks
    Ripon Branded USB Sticks
    From $ 9.33
    Take it easy during expos and tradeshows especially with these Ripon Branded USB Sticks as your promotional merchandise. Boost brand awareness and enjoy 14/7 exposure with these handy flashdrives. Learn More
  3. Shockproof Custom Flashdrives
    Shockproof Custom Flashdrives
    From $ 9.07
    Lowest prices everyday Learn More
  4. Full Colour Printed USB Cards
    Full Colour Printed USB Cards
    From $ 10.50
    Photo Quality Full Colour Print Learn More
  5. Sullivan Eco-Friendly Flashdrives
    Sullivan Eco-Friendly Flashdrives
    From $ 9.18
    Cheap prices guaranteed Learn More
  6. Super Slim Credit Card USB Memoy
    Super Slim Credit Card USB Memoy
    From $ 9.60
    Reliable Memory Chip Learn More
  7. Metal Twist Bulk Promo Flashdrives
    Metal Twist Bulk Promo Flashdrives
    From $ 9.73
    Colour options galore Learn More
  8. Bottle Opener Key Flashdrives
    Bottle Opener Key Flashdrives
    From $ 10.20

    Value for Money Option

    Learn More
  9. Metal Credit Card Flash Drives
    Metal Credit Card Flash Drives
    From $ 10.04
    Delivery Australia wide Learn More
  10. Promotional Turturro Corporate Flashdrives
    Promotional Turturro Corporate Flashdrives
    From $ 10.28
    Personalise with your logo Learn More
  11. Promotional Light Up USB Memory
    Promotional Light Up USB Memory
    From $ 11.80
    Fast Delivery Learn More
  12. Mini Logo Emblazoned Card Flashdrives
    Mini Logo Emblazoned Card Flashdrives
    From $ 11.93
    Super Stunning Price Learn More
  13. Bendy Man Personalised USB Hub
    Bendy Man Personalised USB Hub
    From $ 13.48
    Awesome branded gift Learn More
  14. USB Pens With Logo Designed Tips
    USB Pens With Logo Designed Tips
    From $ 12.90
    Personalise with your logo Learn More
  15. Promotional Pen Flash Memory
    Promotional Pen Flash Memory
    From $ 13.50
    Stunning low price Learn More
  16. 4 gb Custom USB Stick & Pouch
    4 gb Custom USB Stick & Pouch
    From $ 13.33
    Great value portable USB stick with carry pouch. Learn More
  17. Type C Flashdrives With Printing
    Type C Flashdrives With Printing
    From $ 16.33
    Custom Print your logo Learn More
  18. Stainless Steel Chastain USBs
    Stainless Steel Chastain USBs
    From $ 15.46
    Quick Shipping Learn More
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What is a Branded USB Memory Key?

A branded USB memory key, USB stick or flash drive is a small external data storage device featuring flash memory that links to a USB interface. These devices are an affordable, high-quality way to distribute data in bulk or to use as a personal storage device. Branded USB memory keys can come in a variety of custom case styles, from the cheap and popular swivel units to a luxury metal gold bar or custom plastic shape USBs. Promotional Items' extensive range of custom USB memory keys have large areas for branding and look fantastic once decorated with your logo using print or laser engraving.

Why use a Promotional USB Flash Drive?

Because promotional flash drives have a USB connector element, they plug into a computer, laptop, phone, or external drive with a USB port. This functionality means they are the perfect way to distribute your corporate message or promotional data files, as they are functional for anyone in any situation.

When you give someone a promotional USB flash drive with your custom design, they are likely to use it to access files you include on the drive, but also use them to store their data in the future. This easy accessibility means your recipient will see your logo every time they use the USB to save/edit files, making the drives a cost effective bulk corporate gift.

Where to Use a Personalised Flash Drive?

Personalised flash drives are perfect for a variety of uses, including

  • Office distribution - hand out data or provide a USB your staff can use easily in your business with a logo branded on it.
  • Tradeshows or expos - reach out to new customers or industry representatives by providing your important promo data on a printed USB.
  • Home or school - transfer files easily or take data to classes, USBs look excellent with school or personal printing on them.

Advantages of Promotional Thumb Drives

Using a promotional thumb drive or USB stick means you can keep important data on hand easily, without having to transport large hard drives or laptops around with you. Simply plug your thumb drive into a USB port and access your files on the go.

Promotional USB sticks are quality products people are keen to use because they are highly functional and not strictly a one-use item. When you brand your logo onto a thumb drive, you're ensuring the recipient, and their peers see your logo whenever they access the drive. This ease of visibility means you enjoy great brand exposure while your recipients are happy to have such a handy, simple device with them when they need it.

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