Buy Promotional Phone Holders and Branded Styluses

We supply a wide range of high-quality promotional phone holders, and branded styluses delivered Australia wide, personalised with your company’s unique logo or graphics. Mobile phones are unquestionably one of the most utilised tools we possess, making our important business and personal activities accessible at any instant from almost anywhere in the world. Therefore, we offer our fantastic range of affordable custom-branded phone stands and personalised styluses to give your customers a convenient place to access their smartphones at any time and provide a versatile tool that will help them jot down that crucial note or idea. Whether you prefer our innovative Coby Smartphone Chair, colourful Mondial Stylus Pens or handy promotional phone charger, we stock the customised accessory or stylus you need for your next campaign to make a highly convincing yet professional impact on your clients and potential customers, and to help your brand gain an excellent reputation and recognition amongst the wider community. With our amazing catalogue of imprinted phone holders and promotional styluses, we have the product you require to suit your personal marketing needs and budget, no matter what product or service you provide.

Quality Brand Printing onto Personalised Phone Accessories

We use the latest in printing techniques and technologies to emblazon your unique, customised graphics or artwork onto the promotional phone holder or stylus of your choice, and ensure that your brand’s logo has ample room to shine and attract potential customers to your company. Made from superior, long-lasting plastic, conductive silicone rubber and durable, industry-standard metal, these branded items will last years on end, and give your clients and potential customers a reminder of the quality that your brand stands for every time they use these products.

The team at Promotional Items remain the acknowledged experts in Australia when it comes to printing your custom brand onto this amazing range of promotional phone accessories, and as always, we guarantee the quality of our work so you can be confident to receive a high-quality, imprinted phone holder or stylus whenever you order from us.

Bulk Orders Receive Fast Delivery

We stock our promotional phone cradles and branded styluses locally and brand them here in Australia so that you can expect professional service, a rapid turnaround time and quick delivery for bulk items to all states and territories. Contact our friendly staff today to find an affordable deal on our fantastic custom-branded phone accessories for your next event or campaign, and have them promptly delivered to your location wherever you are in Australia.

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  1. Coby Smart Phone Chair
    Coby Smart Phone Chair
    From $ 3.64
    Branded with your corporate logo these will look great. Learn More
  2. Smart Phone Desk Chair
    Smart Phone Desk Chair
    From $ 2.86
    Find out more about this item. Learn More
  3. Wristband Stylus
    Wristband Stylus
    From $ 3.45
    Very attractive Learn More
  4. Phone Stand and Dual Earphone Splitter
    Phone Stand and Dual Earphone Splitter
    From $ 5.17
    For a quote on this product branded with your logo please contact us. Learn More
  5. Phone Couch
    Smartphone Couch
    From $ 6.04
    Perfect for your office desk. Learn More
  6. Bamboo Pen Cups
    Bamboo Pen Cups
    From $ 6.75
    Find out more about this item. Learn More
  7. Bamboo Branded Phone Chairs
    Bamboo Branded Phone Chairs
    From $ 7.26
    For a product that is unique and functional we rekon this one is hard to beat. Learn More
  8. Promotional Phone Holder
    Promotional Phone Holder
    From $ 9.54
    Fun and Unique Learn More
  9. Melvin Corporate Gift Stylus
    Melvin Corporate Gift Stylus
    From $ 10.16
    Quality and Style in One Learn More
  10. Twisty Stylus Premium Pen
    Twisty Stylus Premium Pen
    From $ 19.95
    Pens Personalised with your logo Learn More
  11. IQ Promotional Phone Chair
    IQ Promotional Phone Chair
    From $ 20.34
    We will brand this stand with your logo Learn More
  12. Precision Premium Branded Stylus Pen
    Precision Premium Branded Stylus Pen
    From $ 23.82
    Great as a Corporate Gift Learn More
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Items 25-39 of 39

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Why Use Promotional Phone Holders?

As smartphones become more and more vital in our everyday lives, there’s no question why our custom-branded phone cradles prove to be such a popular promotional item. We use these devices for almost everything, including checking emails, browsing the internet, watching videos, accessing a myriad of useful applications, and plenty more. With a promotional phone holder, completing all these tasks becomes considerably easier, especially if you’re working on a desk or table.

The durable and firm nature of these amazing personalised phone accessories means that they will hold any modern standard-sized smartphone (3-6 inches) in place, and free up your second hand allowing you to multitask better and work with greater efficiency. With the practical advantages that these items bring to the table, you know that you will be purchasing a cheap yet high-quality promotional product that will impress your clients no matter what, and help your brand gain exposure and entice potential customers to your brand.

Benefits of Customised Styluses

In recent times, we have seen touchscreen styluses make a comeback into the competitive smartphone and tablet market due to their undeniable ability to help individuals accurately draw diagrams, scribble ideas and write down notes quickly, effortlessly, and naturally.

These affordable, high-quality alternatives to the standard pen and paper work by touching or applying pressure to a capacitive screen and causing a response, which is then translated into a precise depiction of whatever the writer or artist is trying to achieve. As adept as our fingers may be at touching icons on a screen, there’s nothing quite like the precision and convenience of a stylus when it comes to drawing illustrations and jotting down that crucial idea.

As well as this, our promotional styluses are more than ideal for people wearing gloves, disabled individuals, people with long nails who are afraid of scratching the screen, and for those who are frustrated from constantly wiping their phone’s screen due to excessive oil or sweat build-up. With the smartphone and tablet industry perfectly set-up for the use of these accessories, there has never been a better time to invest in these practical, versatile implements to really help your brand gain popularity and recognition amongst your target audience.

Where to Use Promotional Phone Accessories?

The enormous popularity of smartphones means that the list of opportunities to distribute this product is virtually endless. Maybe you have a corporate event coming up, such as a tradeshow, expo, business conference or seminar, or perhaps you want to spread your brand’s reputation for quality at a social event such as a local festival, fair, birthday party, wedding or reunion – whatever the situation, you can be certain that these promotional phone holders and branded styluses will consistently and effectively promote your brand to your target audience, and help you build essential relationships with your customers. We know that whenever your recipients use these functional items, they will think of your brand every single time, so give our friendly staff a call today and order from our fantastic range!

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