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Because Promo Planet is Australian owned and operated, we understand the importance of access to quality promotional sunscreens for events Down Under. Whether you're marketing for an event or just boosting awareness within your organisation, custom sunscreens and lip balms are popular products no matter the season. Sunscreen and lip care items are perfect for distributing at your next outdoor event. Recipients will see your logo every time they go to reapply their sun lotion or to moisturise their lips. This allows for excellent branding exposure, and it provides your recipients with products they will appreciate and use regularly.

SPF 50+ Custom Sun Cream Options

We take the health and well-being of your recipients seriously, which is why Promo Planet stocks an extensive range of SPF 50+ and SPF 30+ sunscreens. We recommend you go with the highest SPF options available to ensure your audience gets the best protection possible. Lip balms don't come with SPF protection per standard, but we can add natural zinc to some styles free of charge, so your soothing lip treatment also keeps the sun at bay.

We Print Your Logo Design on Sunblock and Lip Gloss

Our print team has over a decade of experience handling custom printing on promotional care products such as sunblock and lip gloss. We offer standard single colour printing on the pack of these products, or if you have a more vibrant design, we can provide full-colour wrap printing. Liven up your next Australian marketing event by handing out these fantastic high-quality sunscreens and lip balms.

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  1. Vanilla Lip Balm Sticks With My Logo
    Vanilla Lip Balm Sticks With My Logo
    From $ 1.46

    Best-selling gift ideas

    Learn More
  2. Imprinted White Lipbalm & Lanyard
    Lipbalm on a Lanyard
    From $ 1.63

    Branded lipbalm and lanyard set.

    Learn More
  3. Imprinted Lipbalms
    Imprinted Lipbalms
    From $ 2.64
    Fabulous colours Learn More
  4. Budget Promo Lip Balm Cubes
    Budget Promo Lip Balm Cubes
    From $ 1.92

    Excellent client gifts

    Learn More
  5. Logo Decorated Lip Balm Mirrors
    Logo Decorated Lip Balm Mirrors
    From $ 1.88

    Distribute in bulk

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  6. Watermelon ChapSticks
    Watermelon ChapSticks
    From $ 2.94
    Definitely will attract a lot of positive attention. Learn More
  7. Coco flavoured Lip Balm
    Coco flavoured Lip Balm
    From $ 2.94
    Get fantastic marketing exposure with this neat product. Learn More
  8. Lip balm Mint Flavour
    Lip balm Mint Flavour
    From $ 2.94
    Amazing low price. Check it out. Learn More
  9. Vanilla ChapSticks
    Vanilla ChapSticks
    From $ 2.94
    Kids and adults will love this. Learn More
  10. Key West Lime Lip Balm
    Key West Lime Lip Balm
    From $ 2.94
    Amazing product for the low price. Learn More
  11. Tropical Tangerine Lip Balm
    Tropical Tangerine Lip Balm
    From $ 2.94
    Stocked right here in Australia for fast turnaround. Learn More
  12. Natural Beeswax Lip Balm
    Natural Beeswax Lip Balm
    From $ 3.07
    Ask about the different colours available in this product. Learn More
  13. Sunscreen & Moisturizer Tube
    Sunscreen & Moisturizer Tube
    From $ 3.54
    Ask for a free mock up Learn More
  14. 30+ Printed Sunscreen Sachets
    30+ Printed Sunscreen Sachets
    From $ 2.13
    A very convenient way to carry sun screen around, you should always have one in your purse. Learn More
  15. Logo Printed Sunscreen Carabiner
    Logo Printed Sunscreen Carabiner
    From $ 4.53
    Keep your skin safe Learn More
  16. Personalised Logo Lipbalms
    Personalised Logo Lipbalms
    From $ 2.79
    Budget promotional lipbalms bulk order Learn More
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What is Promotional Sunscreen?

Promotional Sunscreen is a product that absorbs or reflects ultraviolet radiation from the sun. Sunscreen is applied directly to the skin usually as a cream, lotion, gel, or even spray. In recent years science has shown that the use of sunscreen can help slow the development of wrinkles on the skin, but more than that it is proven to help protect against sunburn - one of the major factors in the development of skin cancer. Promo Planet's sunscreen range comes custom decorated with your logo design but is also approved for sale in Australia so you can confidently use them as part of a promotional event, marketing function, or giveaway.

What is Promotional Lip Balm?

Promotional Lip Balm is a soothing wax-like treatment that you apply directly to sore or cracked lips. Lip balms can also be used to moisturise lips before they get to a cracked or dry stage. We provide lip balms in compact, easy-to-carry tubes and containers so that your recipients can carry them at all times. When you give out custom lip balm, you're providing your client with a lovely personal treat while also enjoying excellent branding exposure. We make our large range of lip glosses and balms from natural soothing materials that make excellent tonics for chapped Aussie lips. Hand them out at your next sports day or health event, and your recipients will love them!

Why Use Branded Sunscreens and Balms?

Branded sunscreens and lip balms make excellent promotional gifts because they are cheap in price, but provide high-quality personal care to your recipients. Particularly in Australia, sunscreen and lip balms help protect users from harsh sunlight and the risk of skin damage. Because the sun block and lip glosses we stock are compact in size, they can be handed out easily at events, stored in handbags or pockets for daily use, or simply provided to your staff when they're on the move. Logo decoration is quick and easy, so if you want to get your brand noticed as part of a marketing campaign, sunscreens and lip balms are a great option.

Where to Use These Logo Emblazoned Balms and Creams?

Our clients purchase logo decorated sunscreens and lip balms for all sorts of important events. These include:

  • Outdoor sports matches
  • Visits to the beach
  • Industry trade shows
  • Corporate picnics and team-building
  • Marketing events
  • Promotional giveaways
  • Beauty and health functions
  • and much more!
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